Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 569

speaking of which, although there are innumerable civilizations in this universe, as far as the civilizations encountered by the Federation, basically 70% belong to people Type creature.

Of course, at first, scientists at Federation thought this was a coincidence.

However, with more and more civilizations encountered, the proportion of humanoid creatures still maintains such a high proportion.

All this can no longer be prevaricated by coincidence.

Finally, the contact between Lin Hong and Lin Fan revealed that human beings, the Alphat of Ancient Times, are the most perfect in this universe and the only possibility to be promoted to Divine Grade. After the civilized species.

So the talent suddenly realized, it turns out that all this is not a coincidence, but because humanoid creatures are the most suitable species in this universe, and they are the favorite darlings of the universe.

Well, although the specific reason is limited by the civilization level of the Federation, I still don’t know.

However, this recognition has now become the consensus of the Federation scientific community.

Therefore, even if the Langton Empire in front of you is also a humanoid creature and has a high similarity with human appearance, it will not arouse the surprise of the Federation soldiers.

After all, this is too normal. Compared with the Langton Empire, it has a higher similarity to humans, and even civilizations with a similarity of 70 to 80%. There are dozens of civilizations affiliated to the Federation. That’s it.

Of course, they are almost identical to humans, such as angels, elves, and Three-Eyes Race are another matter.

After all, these three tribes can be explained by the branches of the Alphat civilization. They are originally the same species as humans, with only a slight variation.


Part of the First Fleet of the Second Legion of the First Galaxy Cluster of the Federation Expeditionary Force, it has completely surrounded the patrol fleet of Reims at this moment. .

Moreover, all battleship guns are already in the state of being fired. As long as Liang Dong, the commander, gives the order, the 10,000 Langton Empire battleships surrounded by them will be extinct. There is no way to survive.

In the bridge, looking at Lance, who is also wearing military uniform, and listening to the questions he asked, the corner of Liang Dong’s mouth was slightly curved.

“Before answering your questions, I will announce three rules first!”

“First, as long as your cannon is charged, it will be annihilated on the spot!”

“Second, as long as your ministry has any external communication behavior, it will be wiped out on the spot!”

“Third, as long as your ministry has any transition behavior, it will also be wiped out on the spot!”

Langston was dumbfounded.

This is too domineering!

However, how the opponent is domineering, the situation is better than others, even if there is no dissatisfaction, Lance dare not act rashly.

At this moment, he has determined that this is definitely not an imperial fleet or a pirate fleet, it is most likely a fleet from an unknown civilization.

Moreover, this civilization is definitely much stronger than its own empire.

Otherwise, Lance couldn’t understand it at all just because of the means by which he came here.

After all, the Langton Empire where Lance is located is only a sixth-level civilization, and the empire has never encountered a higher civilization outside the department, and hyperspace technology is even more unheard-of.

The most important thing is that Lance has a terrifying guess.

How did the other party know that he is here?

If, this civilization is the civilization that led to the fall of Sierra Star, and the total before and after arriving here will definitely not exceed 2 minutes.

However, in less than 2 minutes, the other party has completed the whole process from discovery to arrival and surrounding him!

Be aware that it is a light-year away from Serra Star, and it is very likely that the other party only took less than two minutes, or even less than one minute, before crossing…

If you are right in your judgment, the other party’s superluminal means is even more advanced than Space Teleportation, right?

Isn’t it…

This is a civilization from an alien group?

“Your Excellency, I can follow your rules for the time being, then, can you also tell me who you are and which civilization are you from?”

In my mind After flashing various assumptions quickly, Lance asked in a deep voice.


“You will know, but not now!”

“As for now, follow us to Sierra Star, it’s still the same sentence Then, don’t violate any of the regulations I said, otherwise you will know the consequences!” After finishing speaking, Liang Dong didn’t care about Lance’s embarrassed expression and cut off the communication directly. .

“Commander, part of the opponent’s battleship is approaching us!”

In the battleship where Lance is, the adjutant reports anxiously while operating the bridge to open An image.

In the screen, from the huge encirclement, tens of thousands of battleships drove out, towards the patrol fleet where Lance was.

“Don’t do anything!”

“Yes, commander, but…”

“There is nothing, I am not afraid of death and in vain Death is two different things!”


Lance naturally also has his own considerations. Obviously, the other party does not really want to kill all of them, so in this Choosing a blind eye to act randomly is no different from sending you to death in vain.

Since this is the case, it is more appropriate to follow the other party’s wishes first, and then look at the specific situation and plan in detail.

Soon, more than 30,000 battleships have arrived at Lance’s patrol fleet and are embedded in the array.

Every two ships are in a group, and they are located on both sides of an imperial battleship, and they have released several emerald green’s powerful towing beams.

Fixed this imperial battleship firmly in the middle.

It didn’t take much time, and a whole 10,000 battleships were processed in the same way.

What are you going to do?

is it possible that drag us to Serra with the traction beam?

The distance of one light-year… plus the drag beam towing, the speed will never exceed the speed of 30,000 kilometers per second.

How to go to Sierra Star like this?

Doesn’t it take several decades?

Lance looked at the scene before him, completely unable to understand what the other party was going to do.

However, in the next moment, the scene in front of him immediately crashed his brain.

In addition to the 20,000 battleships, the remaining 10,000 battleships are placed in a strange array in front of the fleet.

This array looks neither offensive nor defensive, it just forms a huge circle…

“Commander, hyperspace matrix preparation It has been completed and can be activated at any time!”

In the flagship bridge of the First Fleet, the adjutant stood behind Liang Dong and reported.

“Start now!”

“Yes, commander!”

When the order was issued, I saw the ten thousand battleships that circled in a circle. , A strange device was opened on the ship, and the dazzling white radiance kept flashing.

Only three seconds later, as the entire void seemed to pause for a while, a huge blue vortex-like hyperspace window was instantly broken in the circle!


is one of the latest technological achievements of Federation, the hyperspace matrix.

Synchronize with the hyperspace engine of the plural battleship, which can open a larger hyperspace window within a certain period of time.

“This is…”

In the battleship where Lance is located, everyone is petrified at the moment…

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