Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 572

In the office, Lance narrates the empire’s history over the past 30,000 years in an eloquent manner.

This is an entire hour. Chris was not impatient, but listened with interest.

Basically, it’s almost the same as I guessed.

Nobles are in power, civilians live like slaves, and there are resistance organizations hidden underground.

“What support do you want? After overthrowing the nobility, what kind of report can be given to the Federation?”

After Lance finished speaking, he stared directly at Krishna After Reese, Chris asked bluntly.

There is no euphemism, and there is no need to play dumb puzzles.

“As long as it can help us overthrow the nobles and re-establish the new order of the empire…”

“We are willing to give priority to the noble civilization, become a subsidiary civilization, and pay tribute every year It’s just the amount of tribute…”

Lance clenched the teeth fiercely and said something he never dared to imagine.

Now he can see that it is impossible to overthrow the rule of the nobility by relying on the current development speed of the populace organization, even if it lasts for tens of thousands of years!

And Lance, the civilization level of the Federation, has also made some guesses. The seventh-level civilization should have not run away, and it may even be the eighth-level civilization!

So, it is not unacceptable for the empire to be a vassal under such a civilization.

Of course, the premise is that this civilization cannot be too dark.

Lance knows how these nobles of the empire treat their subsidiary civilizations, and they are simply regarded as cash machines.

And those affiliated civilizations can barely survive under such squeeze.

If the civilization in front of him is like this, Lance will definitely terminate his plan immediately.

Chris laughed…

Isn’t that good?

Speaking of which, this Weiss galaxy group, Federation really looks down upon it. Except for one galaxy, all of them are dwarf galaxies and have no development value.

If it weren’t for Ai Luo Metal, I guess the Federation would be too lazy to come.

So, if the local civilization is wiped out, and the Federation spends a lot of manpower and material resources to rebuild and mine Ello Metal, it is better to control the local overlord civilization and let it do all this for the Federation. Isn’t it better?

Therefore, Lin Fan explained to Chris before the expedition that for the overlord civilization of the Wes galaxy group, if you can conquer it, you can conquer it. If you can’t consider destroying it, this is the truth.

No, I haven’t made a move yet, someone will come to the door…

Can Chris not laugh?

With a wave of his hand, he called up the virtual operation interface, and after a brief operation, he pushed a document that appeared toward Lance.

“Look, this is our Federation’s affiliated civilization policy. If there is no problem, I think we need to talk about it!”

Looking at the front is already open , And showed the documents in front of him, Lance looked through it carefully.

It’s just that the more I watched, the more shocked Lance’s expression became, and a question that had been asked by countless civilizations flashed directly in his mind.

Are you sure this is a subsidiary civilization?

At this moment, Lance even had the urge to explode, but fortunately he was forced to hold it back.

“Is this true?”

I raised my head and confirmed to Chris with a trembling voice.

“Of course it is true, but this is for a civilization, and you obviously cannot represent this civilization!”

After nodded, Chris said.

As Chris said, the Federation’s subsidiary civilization agreement is an agreement between civilization and civilization, and Lance…

shows that it cannot represent the Langton Empire.

Of course, Federation will not be so rigid. It is also possible to want special cases, but certain conditions will definitely be attached.

“Please make it clear, please!”

Lance naturally understood what Chris meant, otherwise, Chris would not have to show himself this agreement at all, and said that many words.

Since I said, there must be other methods, but I don’t know what the cost is.

“Federation wants the ownership of all the Ellor metal veins in the Weiss galaxy group!”

“At the same time, the Langton Empire will be commissioned by the Federation to mine these veins in the future. The empire will pay for the mining costs in the form of affiliated civilization points!”

Aero Metal?

What is this?

Lance looked dumbfounded.

Looking at Lance, who was a little stunned, Chris manipulated it on the virtual interface and called up the information of Ai Luo Metal and displayed it in front of Lance.

“Lancer Ore?”

When Lance saw the information, he immediately recognized Aero Metal, which was called Lancer Ore in the Langton Empire. s things.

This is something that is found everywhere in the Weiss galaxy group. Because of its hardness far exceeding other materials, it is often used by nobles to build houses and other infrastructure.

Federation actually wants this?

Could it be…what secret existence does this Lancer ore have that we don’t know?

“You don’t need to think too much, if you haven’t reached the eighth level of civilization, Ero Metal is like a stone to you, useless!”

Looking at Lan in thought Chris indifferently said.

This is not his nonsense, but the facts are like this. Although the Federation has just entered the seventh level of civilization, the dark energy technology is a proper eighth level of civilization. Although the Federation is currently It’s just a little bit of fur, but what Chris said is not a problem at all.

Before reaching Level 8 civilization, Ailuo Metal is no different from ordinary stone for a civilization!

Well, there is nothing wrong with this, and Lance has sobered up from his meditation.

Indeed, instead of entangled in the use of this Lancer ore, it is better to seize this opportunity in exchange for the support of the Federation to completely overthrow the imperial nobles!

As for the Lancer ore, no, it is Ailuo Metal. What role does it play? Simply is not something I should consider now.

Anyway, whether this thing is there or not, for the empire, simply has no effect. Since the Federation wants it, it doesn’t matter if you give it all to them!

“Okay, I agree. As long as the Federation can help us overthrow the rule of the nobles, all the Aello metal veins in the Wes galaxy group belong to the Federation, and the new Langton Empire will be banned by legislation. Any imperial citizen digs and uses Ailuo metal privately.”

“Okay, now we can have a good chat, how much support do you need!”

Chris is very satisfied with Lance He clapped his hands and said.


Unconsciously, more than an hour passed again.

Until Lance was re-boarded on the shuttle and left the Adam, there was some disbelief.

I just talked about it just now and it became a major event…

The major event that is destined to be recorded in the annals of the empire!

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