Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 573

In the agreement reached between Lance and Chris, the Federation will provide a large number of battleships to the civilians.

And this is also the most important part of the entire agreement.

After all, the reason why the populist faction has not succeeded in overthrowing the nobles for 30,000 years is largely because of battleship.

In the Langton Empire, all battleships in the Empire are controlled by the Imperial Family.

To put it simply, usually, you can control the battleship without any problems, but if one day, you want to do something, then as long as the Imperial Family continues with one command, you will no longer be able to control the battleship. Up.

Even, Imperial Family can also remotely control your battleship to turn around and attack your own people!

So, although 99.99% of the people in the entire empire fleet are civilians, they still cannot resist the rule of the nobility.

Of course, you can learn from pirates, often attacking some battleship production bases, and plundering some battleships that are completed but have not had time to install the corresponding control system.

It’s just that, relying on these grabbed battleships alone may be more than enough for you to engage in a pirate business, but if you want to overthrow the rule of the nobility, this amount is not enough.

After all, the fleet in the hands of the imperial nobles is a battleship worth hundreds of billions!

Although in the overall agreement between the two parties, Federation is still the main battle strength, but Federation can only be added in the form of military support.

And this…

It requires the civilians led by Lance to play a major role in it.

However, as far as the power currently held by the populace is concerned, let alone playing a major role, it is very reluctant to just participate in showing a face.

Therefore, Lance needs a fleet, a fleet that is not controlled by the Imperial Family, and the Federation can just provide these battleships!

After all…

Federation has a lot of battleships that have retreated after a lot of updates. No, although these battleships are out of date for the current Federation, they are still in the Langton Empire. It is more powerful than battleship, the main force of the empire.

Of course, the Federation does not provide these battleships in vain, and Lance still needs to pay in terms of costs.

Well, in the future, the mining costs of Ailuo Metal will be used to deduct, until the accounts are paid off, the subsequent mining costs will receive the corresponding Federation affiliated civilization points.

In this way, the Federation eliminated tens of billions of retired interstellar battleships, while Lance gained an important force that could resist or even overthrow the noble fleet. The two sides simply hit it off, so happy.


Three days later.

The originally scheduled mission plan of the Federation affiliated civilized coalition forces…has been suspended.

Instead, countless empires retired the main battleship of the previous generation, which was pulled out again and sent batch by batch to the Sierra star through Super Star Sect.

And Lance, who is in the Sierra star, is not idle either.

You should know that although this time Federation has provided 20 billion battleships equivalent to the sixth level of civilization Peak (according to convention, these battleships have backdoors left by the Federation), but the battleship has , You have to keep up.

The number of people required for this 20 billion battleship is definitely a terrifying number.

According to Lance’s calculations, at the beginning of the formal operation, he could only gather up to the number of people who manipulated 3 billion battleships, and this is almost all the personnel that the civilians have developed so far.

As for other battleships, they can only surrender and recruit more civilians to participate.

Believe that as long as your banner is played out, this should not be difficult, and your fleet will be like a snowball, getting bigger and bigger!

With the passage of time, a large number of civilians from various administrative regions of the empire gradually gathered to Serra Star. Most of them are active and reserve soldiers of the empire. There is no need to start training again. You can get on board and become familiar with battleship.

The most interesting thing is that that many active and reserve soldiers have disappeared, but they did not attract the attention of the top empire…

Although in peacetime, civilians are reduced due to various reasons. It was serious, but this time such a large number disappeared at the same time, and the heart of this noble group was a little too big.

It can also be seen from this that the high level of the entire empire has rotted to what extent.

After three months of preparation, Lance now has a fleet of 2.8 billion battleships!

Don’t look at the 2.8 billion trifling, which is several times more than the combined battleship of all pirate groups in the entire Pirate Federation.

Not to mention, there are still 17.2 billion battleships because there are not enough people idle!

To put it in the past, Lance is absolutely unthinkable.

Now that the time is ripe, Lance has decided to act, and his first goal is…

Kepler Star Domain!


Kepler Star Domain.

Located in the West Galaxy Group, on the third main spiral arm of the Cassano Galaxy, it is one of the nine star domains of the galaxy, and it is also the Star Domain where the Serra star is located!

The core location of Kepler’s Star Domain, the executive star rabbi.

In the Governor’s Mansion where the nouveau riche atmosphere is revealed everywhere, Governor Ossar is drinking afternoon tea leisurely and enjoying the life of the nobility.

“Your Excellency, according to statistics, in the past three months, the number of attritions in our fleet has reached 7 billion, which is really abnormal!”

“What’s wrong Normally, it’s just that those bastards played too much, it’s nothing more than some untouchables, they die, anyway, they are like ants, they will die no matter how they die!”

Looking at your own eyes The secretary who reported respectfully, Ossar looked indifferent, and even showed a way of not to bother me with this kind of thing.

In his opinion, this kind of thing is too normal.

After all, when the nobles under them usually have nothing to do, they like to play various games, and the most popular among the noble Young Masters is the interstellar war game!

Yes, it is the interstellar war game!

Draw a part of the battleship from their respective fleets to conduct “live ammunition exercises” to conduct gambling.

It is precisely because of this that even in peacetime, there are a large number of attritions and damage to battleship training in the Imperial fleet every year.

At this moment, for the secretary’s report, Ossal just thought that the group of guys under his team had played a role.

“These guys don’t know how to be more temperate!”

While complaining, Osal continued to drink afternoon tea without taking this matter seriously.

The secretary had no choice but to say nothing more.

But he knew in his heart that this time was definitely not triggered by the “live ammunition exercises” of the aristocratic Young Master, but that a large group of people really disappeared.

I feel like a major event is about to happen!


In a colorful space, a huge fleet is marching in it, and Lance… is located on one of the Titan Grade ships. Within the battleship.

Lance looked at the magnificent scenery in the hyperspace outside the porthole, and Lance was also emotional.

I didn’t expect that in my lifetime, I could command such a huge and powerful fleet, and use even the empire’s technology to travel in the legendary hyperspace.

Perhaps, the long-cherished wish of the civilians for 30,000 years will be realized in their own hands…

“Boss, we are about to arrive at the star system where the administrative star rabbi is located, Countdown to 30 seconds before exiting hyperspace!”

“Shoot the entire fleet battle alert!”

“Yes, the boss!”

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