Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 574

As the capital of Kepler’s Star Domain, Stellar system Keller has stationed a full half of the Star Domain fleet for many years, with a number of up to 5 billion. However…

It’s really hard to say what the actual battle strength is.

Just like now…

In the monitoring station on the rabbi track.

The three staff on duty were boasting and they did not take their important work seriously. Even when the alarm sounded in the entire monitoring station, the three of them did not turn their heads to look in the direction of the console. Even a glance.

After all, they have long been used to this kind of alarm!

Be aware that the empire fleet has an enemy-we identification system, and because of this system, empire battleships cannot attack each other.

Then, here comes the problem.

Can’t attack each other, how do these aristocratic pampered young masters conduct so-called “live ammunition exercises”?

The conclusion is simple, turn off the IFF (identification friend or foe device) and you are done!

So, every time this group of pampered young masters engages in “live ammunition exercises”, they turn off the IFF, and then the orbital monitoring station is full of alarm bells!

In addition, the star system Keller, where the administrative star rabbi is located, is stationed with a full 5 billion empire battleship, and the Weiss galaxy group has already been unified, and there is no foreign enemy at all.

Furthermore, even if all the pirate regiments of the entire Pirate Alliance add up, there is only one billion battleship. They dare not at all, and they don’t have the idea of ​​fighting a rabbi.

Therefore, in their logic, this alarm will simply not sound except because the group of noble Young Masters have started playing “live ammunition exercises” again.

This is why the three people on duty in the monitoring station ignored the alarm.

On average every 2 or 3 days, it will come once every two or three days. After thousands of years, no one will be numb…

However, they don’t know.. .

Today, the aristocratic pampered young masters did not arrange a “live ammunition exercise” to add to the fun.

A full 2.8 billion battleships exited hyperspace and came to a place only 5AU away from the rabbi.

“Report the situation!”

“Leader, the imperial fleet stationed at Keller did not respond, as if… did not find us.”

The deputy reported to Lance with a weird look.

“Nothing happens?”

What’s the situation?

I have a full 28 battleships with me, or a battleship without any records in the Empire database!

Anyone who looks at this will be nervous, and immediately order the garrison fleet to attack and enter the fighting posture, right?

Even if the group of nobles decayed, there would be no response…

Seriously, Lance was a little confused.

“That…leader, I may know why?”

On the side, a staff officer spoke with a hint of embarrassment…

” en? Wien, I remember that you originally served in the rabbi star, right?”

Glanced at the staff officer, Lance remembered that Wien has been in the rabbi all the time. Star served, and came to Sierra Star in response to his call before.

Then, he will indeed know the situation here.

“Yes, I have been serving in the rabbi star before as the leader of the orbital monitoring station, actually…”

Soon, listening to Wien’s narration, Everyone in the entire bridge opened their eyes wide and looked unbelievable.

And after Lance heard this so-called “live ammunition exercise”, his eyes almost burst into flames.

What do these guys think of the lives of imperial soldiers?

But it’s okay. After all, the empire’s soldiers are basically civilians.

Since the other party still doesn’t know that he has arrived, let’s just capture the thief and the king!

“Order Al to lead a 7th grade fleet to the rabbi, disarm all defensive facilities in its orbit, complete orbital space operations on the surface, and take down all the nobles, especially Ossal! “

“Tell him, as long as he runs one, he will roll back and become the big soldier again!”

“Yes, the leader!”

“As for The other fleets immediately formed an encircling formation, encircling the starport group where the fleet is stationed. Any battleship will be destroyed as long as it exits the starport!”

“Yes, the leader!”

The huge fleet immediately took action, and the soldiers split into two directions.

In the orbital space station, the trio on duty was still boasting and fart, and ignored the constant alarm sound.

“I said, you can’t turn off the alarm, don’t you bother me!”

“That’s right, wait a minute, I’ll turn off!”


Speaking, the man got up and returned to the console, ready to turn off the alarm.

Just when I was preparing to operate, I was stunned when I looked at the content displayed on the interface.

“Damn it, what are you doing? Didn’t you forget how to do it?”

“Don’t bother, I’m so annoyed by this alarm, hurry up It’s closed!”

When the other two saw them, they couldn’t help complaining loudly.

But at the next moment, the one who was stunned in front of the console did something unexpected for them!

I saw him pick up a device from the console, and after a few operations, there was a shout, with a sound of panic…

” Enemy attack! Enemy attack!!!”

However, everything is too late!

An attack accurately hit the orbital monitoring station, turning it into the dust of the universe in an instant.

This is not over.

More attacks continue to arrive, destroying all the unprepared defensive platforms, fortresses, etc. in the orbit, one after another, until…

The orbit of the rabbi star On the other side, only the wreckage remained…

On the other side, the starport group of the capital garrisoned fleet was also completely surrounded by the 2.7 billion battleships commanded by Lance.

All battleship guns have been charged and are in a state ready to be launched at any time.

“Notify all the imperial fleets stationed here that you are surrounded.”

“From this moment on, any battleship sailing out of starport or showing resistance will be Destroyed immediately!”

“Don’t resist fearless, surrender immediately!”

Lance’s voice was transmitted to all empire battleships in the form of star broadcasting.


Everyone is confused.

Are we surrounded?

What’s the joke, we have a whole 5 billion battleship here, where did the pirate group hit our idea?

“Find out immediately what happened!”

In one of the largest and most gorgeous starports, James, the commander of Kepler’s Star Domain fleet, yelled angrily Now!

“The report commander has detected that a large number of battleships have surrounded our entire starport group, and its battleship muzzle has been charged and is in a state of being ready for attack.”

“How is it possible, why there is no warning at the orbital monitoring station?”

“The orbital space station has been destroyed. At present, a fleet has surrounded the rabbi star for an orbital airborne!”


James’ head seemed to be hammered severely.

Rabbi Stars are not ordinary administrative stars. They exist as the capital of the entire Kepler Star Domain. Nearly 90% of the high-ranking nobles in Star Domain live here.

If something goes wrong, you will definitely be finished!

“Damn, when did the Pirate League have such a strong battle strength?”

Even at this time, James still thinks that the outer fleet is a pirate fleet.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that the entire pirate alliance would act together.

Also, the size of this fleet is twice as large as I know it!

“Commander, this… does not seem to be a pirate fleet!”

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