Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 576

In the sky outside the starport group, there are wreckage of the destroyed empire battleship everywhere.

Although most of the fleet did not obey James’ orders to attack, some of the noble loyalists rushed out.

As a result, just look at the wreckage in this void, you can know.

In addition to Lance’s final announcement just now, no one dared to drive out of Starport, which made James full of despair.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to take a stake all on one throw, it’s really…

Looking at him, those subordinates who were previously regarded as untouchables by him are doing it right now. The gun was aimed at himself.

James knows that he is dead! !

I just hope that the members of the Rose Fleet will not implicate his descendants hundreds of generations later because of their ancestors!


The Titan Grade battleship of the Rose (the flagship of the newly-born Rose Fleet), the adjutant Villette in the bridge is reporting the latest situation to Lance.

“The leader, Commander Al has reported that he has completely controlled the rabbi star, and all the nobles including Kepler Star Domain Governor Ossal have been captured and none of them have slipped through the net!”


“At the same time, half of the Star Domain fleet stationed here, except for the individual stubborn battleships that were destroyed by us, have surrendered, and the fleet commander James has also been taken by his own men!”


Is this guy here?

Didn’t the information say that this guy took the fleet to wipe out the pirates?

Langston was taken aback.

This guy is one of the top ones in the Must Kill List in Lance. Because of the previous information that he took the fleet to destroy the pirates, Lance was unfortunately escaped by him. A catastrophe.

But didn’t expect, the intelligence was wrong, is this guy still here?

What a surprise!

“This…Actually, Ossal reports several times a year to go out to suppress bandits…The real reason is that the abnormal consumption in the fleet every year is counted…”

“For example, the live ammunition exercises conducted by the noble Young Masters…”

Seeing Lance’s surprised expression, Vielight explained to the side.

Also, with so many battleships and abnormal personnel depletion every year, Ossar must have a suitable excuse.

It’s definitely not enough to wear out training. You must know how much the nobles love the so-called “live ammunition exercises”. They will come once in almost a few days…

This This kind of loss, if only reported as training loss, no matter how stupid the people above are, they will not be able to pass the level.

Therefore, there must be other names…

So, Ossar has almost become the most diligent governor of the pirates in the nine star domains of the Cassano galaxy. …Almost five times a year, and every time there will be a “bloody battle” with the pirates, the result is naturally…

Although the pirates have been defeated again, their own casualties are not small !

Well, regardless of the actual situation, at least that’s what Osal wrote in his annual report.

As soon as Wilt said that, Lance immediately reacted, and suddenly anger emanated from his body.

This group of damn nobles, don’t even think of a good end.

“There will be a public trial on the rabbi in three days, and be prepared, by then I want everyone on the rabbi to see it!”

“Yes, leader! “


Three days passed quickly.

Because this attack was so sudden, the news of the fall of the rabbi star did not have time to spread.

But after all, the rabbi star exists as the capital of Kepler. There are many to-and-fro people, and it is bound to be impossible to hide this news for too long.

However, for Lance, it doesn’t take too long. Just give him some time to stabilize the rabbi, and recruit a part of civilian soldiers in the surrendered fleet. That’s it.

By then, there will be an entire Star Domain fleet, and I will not be in the slightest!

During these three days, Lance was naturally not idle, but was busy correcting history and re-exposing the history that had been hidden by the nobles for 30,000 years in front of everyone. .

This formidable power is huge!

It wasn’t until this time that the civilians on the rabbi knew that the empire had such a history. It is no wonder that in the history books, the information on the thirty thousand years ago is so unnatural.

After all this is done, it is time for the public trial assembly.

Today, Lance is going to add another fire to push all the people on the rabbi star to the opposite of the nobility!

And this fire… is the truth about the “live ammunition exercise” that has lasted tens of thousands of years in the Kepler Star Domain fleet!

For the civilians living on the rabbi, they do not know the so-called “live ammunition exercise”.

Don’t say it’s them, even most of the soldiers in the fleet don’t know.

After all, nobles will not play these in front of you.

Therefore, until now, most people think that these soldiers died in the war against the pirates, not…

Soon, the public trial conference began. Up!

When a nobleman was brought up, one crime after another was read, and countless evidences were uncovered, the whole rabbi became angry.

Many of the soldiers who died as a result of the so-called “live ammunition exercise” were from the local Rabbis. Now these civilians who are watching the public trial are their relatives!

Dying in the war of pirates, they can accept it, but…

Unexpectedly, the truth is that they died in the entertainment of the nobles to pass the time. This …How should people accept it?

“Kill them! Kill them!!”

The entire planet, tens of billions of people are all angry, one by one looking at the live video with red eyes while loudly Roared.

And Lance, naturally, there is no show mercy, and all the guilty nobles are executed on the spot.

Although nobles account for only a small proportion of the population, there are still tens of millions of nobles on the rabbis.

For a time, the entire rabbi star was slain…

This public trial lasted for a whole month. When this month passed quietly, The Langton Empire finally noticed something was wrong.

For a whole month, all the caravans going to the rabbi star were silent, and no one has arrived in any place, even if it was a spaceship from the rabbi star, whether it was a civilian or In the business world…

This phenomenon finally attracted the attention of the empire’s senior officials, and immediately asked people to investigate what happened to the rabbi star.

However, the result was still the same. All those who went to investigate were gone forever, and no information was returned.

It wasn’t until this time that the empire was determined that something happened to the rabbi star, but I didn’t know what forces did it.

A large cloud of mist instantly shrouded the top of the empire’s high-levels, and until the second month passed, the high-levels who could no longer bear it finally made a choice.

Conquer 3 Star Domain fleets in the Cassano galaxy, totaling 30 billion battleships to the Rabbis!

In the eyes of this group of high-ranking nobles in the empire, a fleet of this size can crush any force in the Weiss galaxy group!

Unfortunately they forgot one thing!

That is, half of the Star Domain fleet is stationed on the rabbi, a full 5 billion battleship.

The forces that can make this 5 billion battleship lose contact without even sending a letter, will it really be the Pirate Alliance or those affiliated civilizations?


This is impossible!

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