Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 579

Inside the bridge of the Rose.

“Leader, no, our attack cannot pass through the chaotic area in front of you!”

Villette shook the head towards Lance.

“I really have a hand. Although there have been scientists who have said this theory, no one has really done it!”

“The idiot of Raels is absolutely Without this courage, who would it be?”

“Could it be…”

Sievert’s hand really surprised Lance!

However, this is not a big problem!

The opposing commander is indeed very courageous, able to use this method to break the game in such a short period of time.

However, when he broke the game, he seemed to have forgotten another question, one that should have been common sense!

Space…not flat!

“Immediately centered on the opponent’s fleet, plan an all-round encirclement net with a radius of 2AU, and then split the fleet into 38 according to the size of the galaxy fleet, and use short-distance hyperspace to navigate to 38 encircled circles. Different angles!”

“Yes, leader!”

Yes, space is not flat!

Although it is said that with spatial attack methods, multi-angle attacks are meaningless.

Therefore, after entering the sixth level of civilization, everyone’s attack methods will gradually change, and the complicated fleet tactics of the past will no longer be used.

But, in this case at the moment.

The multi-angle attack method is obviously useful again!

And Lance’s biggest advantage is that the other party can’t use jump, but he…


At the same time, the Empire conquered the flagship of the fleet.

“It is reported that at the current distance of 1.9AU, the space chaos in front is tending to be flat. It is expected that space attacks will no longer be hindered after one minute!”

One minute?

The self-repair of the space is much faster than expected!

Sivite frowned slightly.

“Order the fleet to implement a second wave strike after one minute, and the attack area will advance 0.1AU forward!”

“Yes, Captain!”

” Xiweit, did a good job, go ahead and wipe out all the bits and pieces in front of me!”

Although I don’t understand Xiweit’s command, his fleet has not been attacked anymore, Rael Si still understood.

Suddenly yelled again, quite as if Siwit was just implementing his own battle plan.

Of course, West Witt did not pay attention, which made Rayles frowned again with dissatisfaction, thinking about how to deal with him after the fight was over.

“The report detects a large number of unknown energy reactions, the number is 3.7 billion!”


Sivite was taken aback for a moment.

3.7 billion unknown energy response?

It shouldn’t be…

It’s wrong, even if it’s because the attack is blocked and you want to make a multi-angle attack, but at the moment of the war, I have already ordered the release of the jump Blocking device.

In other words, now not only is he unable to jump, but the other person cannot jump.

In this case, the opponent is impossible to strike his own fleet in multiple directions in a very short period of time.

But if it’s not a jump, what are these 3.7 billion battleships doing?

Contrary to what Lance thought, West Witt actually understood the shortcomings of his tactic at first.

And even if you know the shortcomings, you still have to do this, and its confidence comes from the transition blocking device.

Under the condition of not being able to jump, it is impossible to disperse the fleet to form a multi-directional blow to oneself to disintegrate the short-term spatial disorder area created by oneself!

Therefore, West Witt

“The report detected that the opponent’s 3.7 billion battleships suddenly disappeared!”

However, the sudden change in the battle was like a face-slapped , Instantly fell on Xiweit’s face!

“Impossible, how did they get rid of the interference blocking the jump?”

“Quickly, immediately take this fleet as the center and scan all situations within a distance of 2AU!”

“The report, at a distance of 2AU from our fleet, there are a total of 37 enemy fleets appearing in each direction. There are 100 million ships!”

Several seconds later, when the bridge command team heard another voice, Xiweit was a little confused…


impossible.. .

How is this possible…

How is it done?

I am full of questions, but there is no answer…

“Captain, the energy fluctuations in space have been detected, and the enemy fleet has begun a new wave of attacks!”

It was just an instant, just like the scene when the war just started, countless space attacks directly acted on all parts of the imperial fleet, and hundreds of billions of battleships were instantly destroyed!

If it’s just one direction, you can still rely on the artificial space disorder to solve it!

It can be attacked from 37 directions at the same time, how should I solve it?


Totally no solution!

“Sivet, what the hell is going on with you, don’t hurry up to figure out a solution, you are a trash!”


Be a horror The scene again appeared before and after the eyes, and Raels also yelled.

However, before West Witt had time to respond, there was a gunshot from the bridge, and Rayles slowly fell in a pool of blood, while the other two Star Domain fleets The commander in chief was shocked.

Everyone looked towards where the staff team was.


When Westvert saw that the person who shot was Lucas, he asked in disbelief.

“Captain, if I don’t tell you about the current situation, you should also be clear. At this time, are you still going to die for this kind of residue?”

“We are Imperial soldiers, Lu Cass!”

Xiweit answered some questions, but the meaning was very clear.

Yes, we are imperial soldiers.

What is the act of shooting the fleet commander?

This is a rebellion!

“Captain, do you know who is the opponent you are fighting with?”

“Why don’t you take a closer look at the opponent’s battleship?”

Lucas said with a slight smile, which makes Siwit feel strange.

Speaking of which, from the transition to the present, it takes only a few minutes.

And during this time, I really didn’t have time to take a closer look at the opponent’s battleship. Is there anything wrong with this?

“Enable the remote observation system to display the screen of the opponent’s battleship!”

“Yes, Captain!”

Soon, the image will be on the ship The inside of the bridge was revealed, and West Witt was stunned again.

It was a battleship that was completely different from the Empire’s battleship, but it was not this that caught West Witt, but…

On the shell of the battleship The emblem of…

“The Rose Fleet?”

“Yes, it is the Rose Fleet, and the commander is the descendant of Marshal Richard, now the leader of the populace faction!”


“Under his leadership, we will reshape the entire empire!”

Everyone in the bridge, you look at me, I look at you, all look confused .

After all, Richard and the Rose Fleet were slowly erased from history by the nobles during these 30,000 years.

However, perhaps ordinary citizens of the Empire don’t know it, but it doesn’t mean that West Witt doesn’t know.

He not only knows, but he also knows very clearly…

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