Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 580

Thirty thousand years ago, although the empire was divided into civilians and nobles.

However, the aristocracy is more of a style like the West Witt family, paying attention to virtue, kindness, trustworthiness, humility, integrity and persistence.

Even at that time, many nobles gathered under Richard’s command to fight for the empire together.

Until…After the Imperial Fleet defeated another sixth-level civilization at that time under Richard’s command, and successfully unified the entire galaxy group.

In a peaceful environment without foreign enemies, with the change of generations, the aristocratic class has decayed in this process!

Families like Xiweit that still follow the six rules of nobility, in today’s empire, there are indeed, but they will definitely not exceed the number of hands!

Who Richard is, Xiweit naturally knows. Rather, he knows better than other nobles. After all…

In the most glorious era of the empire Here, West Witt’s ancestor is Richard’s adjutant!

The most important thing is that West Witt’s family has a secret that only every Substitute Patriarch knows.

Back then…

It was the West Witt family who secretly made a move, even sacrificing one of their descendants, and secretly saved Richard’s only great-grandson. Only then did Lance exist now.

If you really want to speak of which, the West Witt family can be regarded as Lance’s benefactor.


“Yes, captain!”

shouting loudly, suddenly resounded inside the bridge, yes Lu Cass responded instinctively.

“Are you sure…the commander of that fleet is the descendant of Marshal Richard?”

“Yes, I am sure of this point. For thousands of years, every generation of leaders has been the descendant of Marshal Richard until today!”

“Well, you guys are doing a good job!”

Sivite smiled, laughed Have a great time.

This makes Lucas puzzled, what happened to the usually unsmiling captain?

“Can I talk to him?”

“Yes, please wait a moment!”

Lucas nodded, took out from the clothes Installed a small communication device and started to operate.

“Sievert, do you bastard want to betray the empire?”

Looking along the voice, Raels is supporting his fat body with his hands. He looked at Xiweit with a look that seemed to be cannibalistic.

The shot of Lucas did not hit him. After all, Lance said that these nobles must be caught alive and then go to public trial!

“Damn Xiweit, we have always suspected whether your family secretly let go of Richard’s descendants back then, but there is no evidence to let your family go until now!”

“But now, it seems that it was indeed the hand of your family secretly that year?”

“Then, who was the child who was found that year was burned to be unrecognizable?”

” p>

Lucas, who was operating a communication device on the side, was about to contact Lance. He was shocked after hearing what Raels said.

Although the core figures in the populist faction all know that someone rescued Richard’s great-grandson back then, they don’t know who it was.

However, stopping now, the benefactor of this commoner faction turned out to be the family of his own captain, the West Witt family?

No, this matter must be told to Lord Lance!

At this time, the communication was connected, and the silhouette of Lance was instantly projected into the bridge.


“Lucas, what happened?”

I glanced at the surrounding environment and saw a crowd of sluggish bridges The commanding crew saw Raels who fell to the ground with a hand supporting his body and two other nobles who were shiver coldly, and even…

They also saw that they were using a relieved look. Looking at his own West Witt.

For a while, Lance couldn’t understand the situation!

“Leader, it’s like this…”

Lucas briefly explained the situation, until finally, when Lucas said what Raels said just now …

Lance’s eyes widened suddenly, and there was a shock in his heart!

Thirty thousand years, after investigating a mystery that has been inconclusive for thirty thousand years, are you going to solve the mystery now?

“Young Master!”

Under everyone’s shocked gaze, Siwit was already on one knee and shouted to Lance.

“Sievert, what is the answer to the question just now?”

Just when Lance was also stunned by shock, Rael’s voice rang again .

“What’s the problem?”

“That’s it, the leader…”

Lucas immediately took the last question Raels asked After saying it again, Lance also looked towards Xiweit.

He also wants to know the answer!

After all, when the aristocracy purged Richard’s descendants and the Rose Fleet, Richard’s only great-grandson was buried in the fire sea civilians.

Of course, they also knew that the real great-grandson of Richard had been secretly sent to the survivors of the Rose Fleet to protect them, until finally these people formed the civilians…


Lance has always wanted to know who it was that replaced the ancestor who was supposed to be buried in Fire Sea to hide from the entire aristocracy.

If the West Witt family is the benefactor of Lance, then the child who was buried in the fire sea is even the benefactor of Lance.

“Xiweite Uncle, I also want to know the answer to this question!”

Lance has changed his name and directly called Xieweite Uncle, with a desire in his eyes.


“That was the Young Master of the West Witt family!”

West Witt sighed.

He didn’t intend to tell this secret originally, but Raels has exposed the matter to this point, plus Lance’s look towards his own eyes.

Sywitt knows that it won’t work if you don’t say it!

And this answer shocked both Lance and Rayles.

“haha, your Sevit family is really okay. You betrayed the aristocracy for that bastard Richard, not to mention, you even got on the bloodline of your own family?”

“You guys are crazy!”

Rails smiled madly.

“Lucas, let him shut up!”

“Yes, the leader!”

After that, Lucas walked towards Raels Going over, ready to gag his mouth.


“Do you think this will win?”

“Or you think the three Star Domain fleets here are just Is it the entire lineup of the local conquest fleet?”


Rails was a little proud.

Fortunately, I hid a killing move. Even if you win this game, you still have to lose on the whole!

“Impossible, I wouldn’t know if there are other fleets!”

Xiweit directly retorted.

“Yes, if other Star Domain fleets are dispatched, you will indeed know, but what about the remaining half of the Star Domain fleet in Kepler’s Star Domain?”

“After all, this kind of defeated soldiers despised me, so…I gave them a task of atonement for the crimes, and by the way, I also bought an insurance for myself!”

” After the war, if I don’t contact them for more than half an hour, the whole army will be dispatched and use Star Sect to directly teleport to the rabbi star and destroy everything!”

“Do you understand now?”

“If you are smart, order your fleet to stop attacking and retreat!”

Rails has a proud face. This insurance that he has planted is really handy. !

“This is it?”

“Lucas, you can seal his mouth, I don’t want to listen to him anymore…”

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