Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 581

Rails’ eyes widened and his face was unbelievable!

I’ve said all about his backhands, but why isn’t this guy worried at all?

Could it be that the rabbi star is not their current base camp?

Looks like…I miscalculated?

“Young Master, rabbi star?”

“Don’t worry, Uncle, the half Star Domain fleet, has no threat to rabbi star!”



“Let’s put it this way, let alone half of the Star Domain fleet, that is, the entire Cassano Star Domain’s nine Star Domain fleets are not on board. Use it!”

Lance said confidently.

Sievert was very puzzled, but looking at Lance’s expression, it didn’t seem like nonsense, so she had to believe him.

“Uncle, can you control these three Star Domain fleets?”

“There should be no problem. The situation here has not been passed on, Young Master, you You can take the fleet back some distance, and then I use Raels’ order to let all fleet-level commanders come to the flagship, take them all together and then order the entire fleet to surrender, there should be no resistance! “

Lance nodded.

I believe that as long as there are no deadly nobles tossing there, with the battle strength that I just demonstrated, others It shouldn’t be to resist the surrender order from “Rails”!

“Okay, just do it like this. After the work is over, Lucas, you will come to the Rose with Uncle of Westvert!”

“Yes, the leader!”

The whole operation went smoothly. After Reims ordered the fleet to stop attacking and retreat, West Witt immediately issued orders to all fleet-level commanders in the name of Raels, requesting all of them to fight on the flagship. meeting!

This kind of behavior, if placed on the Rose Fleet or Federation Fleet, is a very strange behavior!

After all, what age is it, when a combat meeting has to gather all the people together?

Isn’t it over if you use the virtual meeting directly?

However, these fleet-class noble commanders did not have any doubts, all of them took the shuttle to fly to the flagship of the conquest fleet as it should be by rights…

Speaking of which, these nobles like this. Their so-called combat meeting is usually a group of people gathered together, even with a buffet, which is completely similar to a party.

Otherwise, the commanders of the other two Star Domain fleets would not be in the flagship with Raels.

And as a result, you don’t need to guess that all the fleet-level noble commanders were wiped out by Xiweit, and they were all locked up.

After dealing with all this, West Witt once again issued an order in the name of Raels, all battleships shut down their weapon systems and engines, and surrendered to the Rose Fleet!

Without those middle-level noble commanders, plus this command came from the commander-in-chief of the entire expedition fleet, the command was carried out very thoroughly!

After all, everyone has seen the enemy’s battle strength just now.

This is going to continue. It is estimated that I should be wiped out before touching the opponent. I simply can’t see the dawn of victory!


It seems to be the only way out!

Just as the Rose Fleet stepped forward and began to deal with the aftermath, Lucas and Lance had already boarded the shuttle to the flagship of the Rose Fleet, the Rose!


Get off the shuttle from the airport of the Rose, and come to the bridge on this way.

Sievert is shocked all the time.

He has been in the military for several decades. His vision is definitely old. In his eyes, this battleship is definitely much more advanced than the imperial battleship. Even the Guard fleet of the Imperial Family is far Incomparable!

Especially, Xiweit also saw mecha in the airport, a combat vehicle he had never seen before, which made him very curious.

Stepping into the bridge of the Rose, looking at the Lance who was smiling at him, Xiweit felt a sense of relief in his heart.

This is the bloodline of Marshal Richard, protected by his family back then!

Now, he has such a powerful strength!

Perhaps, what Lucas said, the idea of ​​reshaping the entire empire and recreating Langton’s glory can really be realized in Lance’s hands.

“Young Master, how did these powerful battleships come from?”

Sievert’s vision is so high. Compared with the empire, these battleships definitely have to leapfrog in technology. Several levels, it is definitely not something that a hidden underground organization like the Peasant faction can create.

Besides being relieved, there is also a hint of worry.

“XWitt Uncle, these battleships are all affiliated with my allies, the Human Federation!”

“Human Federation, allies?”

“Yes, Human Federation is an extremely powerful civilization. Although I don’t know exactly what height they have reached, one thing I can be sure of is that Human Federation is also at least a seventh-level technological civilization!”

“At least level 7 civilization?”

Xiweite was suddenly shocked. What is the concept of level 7 civilization? How could he not know.

Speaking of which, the empire hasn’t even figured out what the seventh-level civilization looks like and how breakthroughs in technology should be.

Therefore, even if you want to advance to the level of civilization, there is no way to start!

But, with such a powerful civilization, why should military aid Lance be required?

Xiweite doesn’t believe in any kind assistance between civilizations!

If there is no benefit, why?

“Don’t worry, Westvert Uncle, take a look at this civilization agreement!”

Lance, who guessed what Westvert was worried about, signed himself with the Federation The agreement was brought out and displayed in front of him.

“Is this Ellor metal?”

“Lancer ore!”

“What! Lancer ore? They just want this?”

“Yes, I don’t know the specific reason, but this kind of ore is very important to the technology of the eighth level civilization!”

“It turned out to be so, no wonder you said that this Federation is also at least level seven Civilization, maybe even an eighth level civilization! But are they serious about their subsidiary civilization agreement?”

Well, whoever it is, the first time they see this agreement, they will ask this question .

Lance nodded with a smile.

“It just so happens, there should be news coming from over there, Xiweit Uncle, let’s listen to it!”

“Leader, communication from the rabbi!”


Lance just finished speaking, and before West Witt could respond, Vielight on the side had already walked over to report.

“Take it over!”

“Yes, the leader!”

As the communication was connected, a silhouette was projected out. It was from Lance The appointed commander of the rabbi star reserve fleet, Villa.

“Leader, a few minutes ago, about 5 billion fleets teleported to the rabbi star through hundreds of Star Sects at the same time!”

“Oh, they really know how to play, this is All the battleship-level Star Sects in the entire Kepler Star Domain were mobilized, right?”

“The whole army is destroyed!”

“Wait, you mean the whole army Destroyed? In just a few minutes, even if hundreds of Star Sects are operating at the same time, it is impossible to send all the battleships over, right?”

“Yes, so Commander Lion directly destroyed all space channels. !”


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