Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 583

Laswell galaxy.

This is the star system at the outermost periphery of Wilton’s Star Domain, just like Harrington. After a large number of jumps were deployed to block interference, these two places became the Rose Fleet who wanted to enter Welling. The place to pass through!

After all, in the previous several battles, except in the first conquest of the empire, Lance used hyperspace navigation in the face of Hilt’s strange tricks. Never exposed this technology again.

In that battle, thanks to the help of West Witt, all the imperial fleets and nobles were directly captured, so that they had no chance to send any news.

Therefore, even at this moment, the Empire does not know that the Rose Fleet has the technology of hyperspace navigation.

In this case, the empire directly arranged the defense of the entire Wilton Star Domain in accordance with the response of the sixth-level civilization.

Due to the long confrontation between the two sides, after West Witt led his army into Laswell, the defenders did not panic too much.

After all, it has always been at the highest level of preparation.

Moreover, as the gateway to Wilton’s Star Domain, whether it is Laswell or Harrington, the empire has deployed a full 100 billion battleship to garrison!

However, although the number of defenders is more than three times that of the Rose Fleet, the difference in technology and the sharpness of the soldiers quickly fell into a disadvantage.

This is still under the condition that Xiweit and Ayre try their best!

Soon, looking at the defending general who was in a wrong situation, he had to ask the Emperor Star for help…


When the imperial palace saw the room and listened to the military information briefing by the guards, they gasped.

The rebels…really moved to the center of the empire!

Moreover, it’s still so fast!

Originally, in the imagination of the nobles, although the rebels had become large, they did not dare to attack Wilton Star Domain now.

After all, according to intelligence, the current fleet size of the rebels is between 60 and 70 billion, while the empire has already assembled a total of 800 billion battleships here.

According to the original plan, a month later, after all the battleships of the empire are assembled in place, the battle to destroy the rebels will be launched.

But no nobleman could think of…

Before he moved, they would call the door on their own initiative.

Also, when one’s own side has more than ten times the strength of the rebels.

It’s just…it makes no sense!

Obviously, this group of nobles still has not learned the lesson from the previous strategy of constantly adding fuel.

If it hadn’t been for the Great Emperor Langton, he was still a little bit brainy, and he had reacted and issued a fleet summoning order to the entire empire. I am afraid that Wilton Star Domain would have been lost by this group of idiots.

Emperor Langton, who was so disappointed with this group of nobles, directly took back the command of the empire’s fleet and personally commanded the final battle!

“Come over the frontline video!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The guard immediately started to operate on his portable terminal, counting A huge virtual interface suddenly appeared in the audience room.

From the interface of the tactical video alone, it can be seen that the Empire fleet has already shown a decline. If it cannot get reinforcements in time, it will be defeated.

However, although the decline has already occurred, it is after all the scale of a 100 billion battleship, and it will not be eaten up for a while.

After all, even if it is 100 billion pigs for you to kill, you have to kill it until you have a mental breakdown.

According to normal logic, this is indeed the case, but the premise is that there is no such desperate difference in battle strength between the two parties!

Of course, on the battlefield, whether it’s West Witt or Al, they faithfully implemented Lance’s orders and converged the battle strength as much as possible, whether it was firepower or range!

Therefore, this presents an illusion in the eyes of Emperor Langton and the nobles…

Although the enemy is very powerful, although we are at a disadvantage.

However, as long as there are enough reinforcements, these rebels can be annihilated!

“Immediately send out four Legion galaxies, each of which is led by an Imperial Family Guard Fleet, and rush to assist Laswell and Harrington!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

After getting the order, the guard immediately retreated.

Seeing the room, nobles, you look at me, I look at you, but I don’t understand.

There are only 30 billion rebel battleships in Laswell and Harrington, but Your Majesty’s order is the size of four galaxy Legion plus two Imperial Family squadrons, which is a full 4,200 Billion battleship!

Is it too trivial?

Well, these stupid nobles are still sleeping in their same stupid refueling tactics, and they are still unable to wake up.

Landton the Great, who saw this scene, shook the head sighed, thinking that after this matter is over, I must clean up this group of nobles…

Too waste, has lost the value of treatment.

“Come here!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Hearing the call of Emperor Langton, a guard walked in quickly.

“According to my order, send eight Star Domain-class fleets to enlist all battleship-class Star Sects and send them to the eight major Star Domain capitals occupied by the rebels!”

“Tell them, don’t keep your hands, and destroy everything I can see!”


The guard immediately responded and stepped back.

“Your Majesty, destroying the capital of the eight major Star Domains, is this a bit too much?”

“Yes, we only need to defeat the rebellion in Raswell and Harrington Afterwards, the army can easily regain the eight major Star Domains!”

“Your Majesty, please think twice!”

…All the nobles voiced their opposition.

After all, this is the center of the entire empire, eight of the nine Star Domains in the Cassano galaxy, and it is also the capital of the eight Star Domains.

As the nobles of the empire’s cream of the crop, who could not have huge assets on the eight capital administrative stars?

All of them are looking forward to getting back some of their assets after defeating the rebels.

But now what order has Emperor Langton issued?

Destroy everything in the eight capitals?

Is this a joke?

As aristocrats who regard wealth as fate, how can they tolerate this happening?

“Shut up!”

“Where is the guard?”

“What’s your order!”

Follow Langton The great emperor’s shouting loudly, hundreds of fully armed Imperial Family guards rushed into the audience room instantly!

“Squeeze all these guys who have not done enough, but have failed!”

“Without my order, no one can touch them. After the war is over I will decide how to deal with this waste!”

I didn’t want to do it now.

In fact, this group of trash is too intrusive. Keeping them will only cause trouble for yourself.

Finally, Emperor Langton, who couldn’t bear it, started directly!

Of course, it was only under house arrest, and they were not sent to prison or executed.

After all, at the time of the decisive battle with the rebels, I still need the support of the Great Family, so I can’t do it too hard.

So I had to put under house arrest first, and wait until after the war…

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