Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 586

The Federation has 150 years.

The three-year war has ended, and the empire is reunited and renamed the Rose Empire.

The new Rose Empire banned the Imperial Family, banned the nobility, banned all privileged classes, and rewarded it with a new system that was very similar to the parliamentary system.

Under this system, the entire empire is rapidly recovering.

In this process of recovery, a new profession suddenly emerged in the empire…

Aero Metal Mining Officer!

To put it simply, four people buy a few mining robots, and then mine Ello Metal by themselves and sell them to the empire.

As for why private mining?

This is the special feature of the Weiss galaxy group.

It has also been said before that the Ailuo metal is found in the galaxy group around the Federation, only in the Weiss galaxy group.

Not only is it discovered, but the reserves are extremely scary!

In the Weiss galaxy group, almost every planet, no matter whether it is a life planet or a resource planet, is all over the Ailuo metal mine.

Can you imagine that any imperial citizen who digs underground in his own home on any planet might find a mineral vein?

Well, originally this was nothing. After all, this Ailuo metal has existed for much longer than the empire.

But it can’t stand the policy announced by the Imperial Assembly.

First, since the establishment of the Rose Empire, Ailuo Metal will be regarded as the existence of strategic materials, and any unauthorized use of it is prohibited!

Second, the Empire will set up a brand new department called the Ai Luo Metal Administration.

Third, after any imperial citizen mines the Ailuo metal, it must be handed over to the Ailuo Metal Administration for unified disposal. Of course, the Ailuo Metal Administration will purchase it at a reasonable price.


In short, once dozens of clauses were announced, all the citizens of the Empire went crazy.

It’s not that the empire doesn’t allow citizens to use Ailuo Metal and it’s crazy, but…

After all, Ailuo Metal is so common, it’s almost universal. There is no value.

For imperial citizens, this thing is just to build a house. If you don’t use it, don’t use it. Anyway, if you want to build a house, there are too many substitute materials. How much impact did the lives of imperial citizens have.

But some of the following clauses make everyone unable to understand.

On the one hand, the empire set up a department specifically for this useless ore. On the other hand, it encouraged the citizens of the empire to conduct private mining and sell the mining proceeds to this new department.

Of course, if this were the case alone, that many people would not be crazy.

Be aware that Ailuo Metal is simply worthless in the Rose Empire, and no one even wants it for free!

However, when the Ailuo Metal Administration announced the official purchase price…

Everyone’s eyes were red.

This price… is simply blinding everyone’s eyes. The Ailuo metal, which was originally worthless in the empire, suddenly became a kind of metal worth a small amount of money.

Although it’s just worth a bit of money, the reserves are amazing. To obtain Ailuo Metal is as simple as a Federation citizen picking up rocks.

After many people’s calculations, if you specialize in the mining industry of Ai Luo metal, your income will suddenly exceed most of the empire’s work.

So, the profession of Aylor Metal Mining Officer instantly became popular in the empire.

And this also solved the urgent need for Lance…

You know, Lance still owes the Federation the payment of 20 billion battleships, and this part of it According to the agreement between the two parties, the payment needs to be paid by Ailuo Metal.

According to the agreement, although the Federation is not free, the Rose Empire must sell at least 3000 trillion standard units of Ai Luo Metal to the Federation every year at the agreed price.

If this is the imperial assembly alone, it is obviously quite difficult.

However, with the participation of the entire civil society, things became much easier.

As for whether such acquisitions will cause financial difficulties for the empire?

Lance is obviously not worried about these issues.

After all, with the exception of the amortization arrears, most of the mining proceeds are traded to the Federation.

Although, the Federation gave the rose empire after collecting the Ailuo metal only subsidiary civilization points.

However, this point is valuable, and it can be used to exchange almost everything the empire needs!

Otherwise, let’s take battleship as an example. In the future, the empire will almost no longer spend a lot of manpower and financial resources to build battleships. Isn’t it good to use points to buy Federation’s foreign trade battleships?

The money saved in this part alone is enough to pay for the annual purchase of Ailuo Metal from the public, not to mention that in addition to battleship, it can also be exchanged for other needs Things, and those things can create or save wealth.

Unconsciously, the Rose Empire has fallen into the trap of Federation, that is, in the logical thinking that it is better to buy…


Federation 150 years.

As things in the Rose Empire have completely stabilized, the Federation has obtained continuous supply of Ellor Metal.

Lin Fan set his sights on other galaxy groups.

Human time…not much.

Therefore, now that the supply of Ailuo metal has been ensured, it is time for the unified operation of the Virgo Supercluster to be fully launched!

If you want to unify the entire Virgo Supercluster, the first thing to do is to connect the boundaries of the Federation.

Subsequently, the second round of expansion will be carried out based on the complete Federation territory.

For this reason, in the first round expansion battle, there are still 26 galaxy groups that need to be won!

However, this is not a problem. It has been said in the previous conference that most of the 26 galaxy groups are the highest and only have the Fifth Level civilization. They are completely in In a state of hegemony where rookies pecking each other.

Even, these galaxy group federations do not need to be done by themselves, as long as the affiliated civilization coalition forces are sent over.

The goal of the Federation is only those six galaxies that have formed a unity and have six levels of civilization.

As for which one to move first?

Looking at the three-dimensional star chart in front of him, Lin Fan’s gaze looked towards the three adjacent galaxy groups…

speaking of which, human luck is true it is good.

If it weren’t for the appearance of Lin Fan, Federation might have been destroyed by the Oax civilization as early as a hundred years ago. Even if it survived by chance, let’s take a look at the three surrounding galaxy groups…

They are all unified and have six levels of civilization. As long as they take a step forward in the technology of ultra-long-distance Space Teleportation, the local galaxy group where the Milky Way is located will definitely not be spared.

This is simply hell difficulty!

It’s simply unreliable. If you didn’t start it yourself, this plan would simply not succeed!

Thinking of this, Lin Fan couldn’t help but complain about the plan of the Alphat civilization in his heart.

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