Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 587

At the end of the 150th year of the Federation calendar, the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy.

In the sky, a large number of fleets have been assembled, waiting for the final departure order.

For this battle, Lin Fan directly dispatched 70% of the fleet in the core area of ​​the Federation, which are the 1-10 galaxy cluster, 101-105 galaxy cluster and 1-3 Nether Legion in the core zone.

Compared to the previous expedition, it is obvious that this expedition has more highlights.

The first is the three-digit numbered fleet organization.

Be aware that the scale of each standard galaxy cluster is one billion battleships, and no matter how fast the Federation develops, it is only in the past few years that the core area has not been possible to develop the fleet into more than 100 galaxies. The cluster comes.

So, what is the situation of the 101-105th galaxy cluster in this core area?

This will start after the early angels merged into the Federation.

In that era, human beings only had a population of tens of billions.

And where is the angel?

It is a population of hundreds of billions, which is more than ten or twenty times that of human beings.

Therefore, after the angels were merged into the Federation at that time, there was controversy about the angels entering the Federation fleet to serve.

After all, the population of angels is too large. If they are given the same service treatment as humans, then angels will occupy more than 90% of the entire Federation’s interstellar fleet!

This made the Federation at that time unacceptable, even Lin Zhen who married Angel Queen Bella.

It does not involve personal feelings, and thinks purely from a civilized perspective. No matter who it is, it is impossible to agree.

Therefore, for a long period of time, Angels only served in the Federation’s interstellar fleet on a small scale, and most of them served in the second-tier fleet, which is the so-called intra-galaxy garrison fleet.

It wasn’t until decades later that the angels were completely integrated into the Federation, both in terms of values ​​and beliefs, that this gap was finally loosened.

It is precisely because of this that a three-digit numbered fleet began to appear in the core area, that is, the 101-105th galaxy cluster, these five Federation fleets composed entirely of angels.

At the same time, this is also a pilot of the Federation.

As long as there is no problem, a large number of angels will gradually enter the first-line fleet to serve in the future to solve the problem of the Federation’s insufficient strength due to population.

Similarly, this time pilot will also serve as an important reference for future Elf Race and Three-Eyes Race solutions.

Speaking of the five first angel fleets in the history of the Federation, their commander is also a familiar person, Alfie.

As the most famous commander of the angel family, Alfie’s fleet command ability is absolutely beyond doubt, but because of the succession of a new generation of angel queens, he had to leave the fleet.

Of course, she couldn’t stand the boring days of the Angel Queen, so she quickly gave it to Lin Tian and quit her mule.

For her, commanding the interstellar fleet and fighting the interstellar battle is the life she wants. As for being a queen, it is simply enough!

Just a few days after Lin Tian took over as the Angel King, he directly sold the entire Angel Race to the Federation and became one of the Federation’s franchise countries.

After that, although Alfie entered service in the Federation fleet, because of the many problems mentioned before, he was only commanding the second-line fleet and failed to participate in the series of wars of the later Federation until today.. .

When the Federation formed the Angel Fleet, Alfie also got his wish to return to the front line, and as it should be by rights became the first commander of the Angel Fleet!

After talking about the five angel fleets, it is the three Nether Legions.

Actually, by listening to the name, you can guess what Legion these three are.

Yes, it is the experimental fleet that the Federation has built after acquiring the continuously Aero Metal.

The crew are all composed of dark energy controllers above C-Rank, and the battleship is the latest Nether-class general-purpose battleship designed and built by the Federation.

In the expedition this time, each of its Legion will be combined with five galaxy clusters to be responsible for the combat mission of one galaxy cluster.

Actually, it is said to let them go out to fight, the more purpose is to put them into actual combat, to test their performance on the real battlefield, in order to determine the future development of the dark energy fleet.

If it is screwed up, the Federation is afraid that it will greatly reduce the future funding of the dark energy fleet!

It can be said that the burden on these three Nether-class Legions is not small at all.


Not far from the assembly point of the fleet, in the sky stands a huge fortress, which is the fleet headquarters in the core area of ​​the Federation.

In the command room, Chris stood side by side in front of a huge porthole with an illusory shadow.

“Marshal, I can’t go now…”

“No, you have to stay here to preside over the overall situation!”

“But… “

“Nothing good, but remember, you are already the supreme commander of the core fleet!”

Looking at the huge fleet ready to go, Chris felt like It’s so itchy, I can’t wait to take the shuttle over and direct the battle personally!

But obviously, this idea was rejected by Lin Fan, who was communicating with him.

In fact, Lin Fan was right. After all, he is the supreme commander of the entire Federation core fleet. If he runs to the front line of the battlefield all day, what is it?

What you have to do is to take the overall picture, okay?

Of course, there is the most important point Lin Fan did not say.

Didn’t I see that I am basically not on the front line for the sake of the overall situation? Of course, this kind of crime is to find someone to accompany you to suffer it!


Looking at Lin Fan who was not letting go, Chris had no choice but to give up this idea.

He understands all these principles, but his identity hasn’t been completely transformed for a while, right?

This is like a veteran who has fought for a lifetime. One day you suddenly let him come down from the front and go to the back to sit in the office all day for the same reason.

This kind of role transition takes time.

“Marshal, commander!”

“The expeditionary fleet is ready, and the three commanders Qin Tian, ​​Elio and Alfie are waiting for the departure order!”

Just as Chris was slowly accepting the painful reality, the adjutant came over and said in his ear.

“Order the fleet, five minutes later, according to their assigned goals, set off in order!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Chris quickly sorted out After taking a look at his emotions, he turned and ordered to his adjutant.

At this moment, his voice has been completely different from the previous dialogue with Lin Fan, bringing back the sense of majesty that belongs to the Supreme Commander.

Lin Fan on the side, watching this scene, the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

Three expeditionary forces, a total of 15.3 billion battleships, all started their engines at this moment, and began to channel energy into the hyperspace engine.

Five minutes passed in a blink of an eye. As countless hyperspace windows were opened, three huge fleets…

disappeared one by one…

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