Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 588

The Federation has 151 years.

Just as human beings are in full swing for the second round of expansion, the immediate neighbor of the Rania Kea super galaxy cluster, in the Weirst super galaxy cluster, there is something that no one had expected. Incident…

A Legion composed of multi-biological civilizations raided Alia’s lair!

Why are there multiple biological civilizations?

The reason is very simple. The creatures in this invading army all have their own completely different characteristics.

Obviously, this impossible is the same biological civilization!

Of course, with the existence of the insect race spiritual network, Alia immediately knew about it, and she began to remotely command the insect race in the Werst super galaxy cluster while dispatching troops. Resistance.

But the problem is that all the main force of the insect race and more than 90% of the Insect King have followed Alia to come here.

Therefore, in the entire Weilster supercluster, the battle strength left behind by insect race is only one First Rank Insect King and a dozen or so second to fifth order Insect Kings.

And its command is only a large number of low-level Battle Insect.

Faced with many ethnic groups who were not weaker than their own, even with Alia’s command, they continued to lose ground.

As for the remaining Insect Kings and the non-mainstream insect swarms, even if they are all dead, Alia will not feel anything.

But the point is that in the Weilst supercluster, there is a complete insect race cultivation system developed by Alia in a hundred thousand years!

Especially the countless insect nests in it are all the hard work of Alia for 100,000 years. If this is completely destroyed, then I don’t know how long it will take to recover.

In the sky, tens of thousands of empty giant dragons smashed into a sea of ​​worms like a wolf into a flock.

Of course, since it is a sea of ​​insects, the number of insects is naturally quite terrifying. With countless combat insects around, you can no longer see the silhouettes of those empty giant dragons.

However, now that it has reached the 7th grade of the void giant dragon, how can it be the void giant dragon that the Federation used to handle at the time? It is even more worthwhile to be the most inferior comb insect insect in the insect race. .

The outer shell is so hard that it is unreasonable, like a set of armor, which wraps the entire void giant dragon tightly. No matter how the combat insect attacks it, it cannot be penetrated, at most It’s just leaving a mark.

bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, continue to swallow these small insects that dare to surround and attack themselves until…

Until they can’t swallow it anymore, after all, this amount It is too much, and the belly of the empty giant dragon is so big.

They don’t want to eat anymore, raising their heads one after another, and the energy of scarlet and black thunder continues to converge in their mouths.

As the energy reaches saturation, a beam of scarlet energy beams suddenly shoots out of its mouth, and instantly penetrates the entire sea of ​​insects.

The black thunder is constantly beating and winding on the beam of light, and the space on the entire ray is constantly torn. It is an effect. Under this power, no Battle Insect has survived. , Touch and die!

Although these giant dragons are not many in number, they can only be slaughtered unilaterally by the low-level Battle Insect alone.

And this is just a corner of the entire battlefield!

Ipnos did not come alone by itself. In addition to the Void Dragon clan, it also brought dozens of other races, each of which is at least the sixth rank biological civilization.

Moreover, these are not only the 6th grade biological civilization.

Be aware that all of them escaped from Farn’s biological laboratory, and they were more or less subjected to some experiments by Farn. Compared with the biological civilization of the same level, they can Said to be a lot stronger.

Every place on its battlefield, the insect race has been absolutely crushed, and there is no resistance at all!

Under this situation, unless Alia’s main ethnic group is here, there is no way to fight against it.

Although Alia has opened the insect nest channel of the imperial insect level, sending the main ethnic groups to the entrance of the cosmic ocean current leading to the Weierster super galaxy cluster.

However, after arriving there, it still needs to pass through the cosmic ocean currents to return to the Weierster Supercluster. The whole process takes a year.

However, Alia apparently didn’t have a full year.

Even though a year’s time is not enough for Ipnos to capture the entire Weirst supercluster, even a small part of it is impossible, otherwise the insect race and the Saint-Ville Empire would not be the same. Thousands of years.

Actually, what Alia is worried about is not this, but…

Now Alia just hopes that before her main force arrives, don’t The secret of the empty Shepherd’s seat was discovered by those invaders, otherwise…

My 100,000 years of hard work will be destroyed!


At the same time.

Just as Alia hurriedly commanded the army to rush to the Weirst super galaxy cluster, the angel fleet heading for the Mecia galaxy cluster also ran into trouble.

It has been almost a year since the Mercia Group of galaxies.

In the beginning, everything went very smoothly. Under the command of Alfie, the five angel galaxy clusters acted separately, and they quickly won 38 of the 39 galaxies. The parent galaxy of the sixth level of civilization united for Italo has formed a siege.

According to the original Alfie’s judgment, in only one month at most, he can completely take the entire Mecia galaxy group Return to the dynasty, marking a perfect end to the first expedition of the Angel Fleet.

But at this last moment, there was a big problem!

When the 105th galaxy cluster of the Federation fleet grabbed the main attack mission of Italo Union and entered the Brecht galaxy where it was located…

but lost contact Up!

Yes, the entire galaxy cluster, one billion battleships just lost contact!

Even the space radar can’t find their existence, as if they disappeared in this universe in an instant.

In the flagship Alkaye, there is chaos, and everyone is trying their best to find the whereabouts of the 105th galaxy cluster.

It’s not that Alfie never thought of going directly into the Brecht galaxy to find it.

It’s just that she didn’t dare to send another fleet to the 105 galaxy cluster before she knew the reason for the loss of connection.

In the bridge, Alfie is sitting in front of the tactical podium, frowning deeply.

If you still can’t find the 105 galaxy cluster, or figure out the reason for its loss, then you can only report the matter to the interstellar fleet headquarters and seek assistance!

However, once I did this…

Then it meant that the Angel Fleet’s first expedition had failed completely, which was not what Alfie had hoped for.

After all, after the angels were incorporated into the Federation, it took nearly a hundred years to finally form an army and win the opportunity to expedition alone.

If this ends in failure, it will inevitably deal a heavy blow to the angels in the Federation fleet.

“Commander Alfie, I found it!”

At this moment, Bernice’s excited voice suddenly sounded from the bridge…


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