Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 589


She used to be under Alfie during the Yio Federation period, and after Alfie returned to the City of Angels to inherit the throne, she succeeded Alfie as the supreme commander of the Yio Federation fleet, and now she also serves in the Federation interstellar fleet as an angel The deputy commander of the fleet participated in this expedition together.

She shouted, and immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the entire bridge, especially Alfie.

Finally, there is a discovery, whether it is good or bad, in short, there is a discovery!

“What did you find?”

Shuh, Alfie got up from his seat, holding the tactical console with both hands, and asked anxiously.

“Commander Alfie, the communication group received a piece of content of unknown meaning before.”

“At first, because the content was meaningless, we did not pay much attention. But then we discovered that this communication is still being sent, and there is no intention to stop, but its content is still meaningless until…”

“Angela made a bold attempt…Angela, Broadcast your revised communication content!”


Angela, that is, when humans and angels first came into contact, they were removed from the Oax Empire by Lin Fan’s fleet The angel sister rescued inside, the younger sister of Commander Catherine.

Now she is serving as the head of the communications team on the Alkaye.

After hearing Bernice’s order, she immediately started to operate it. After a while, a piece of communication was played in the bridge, which was an audio communication.

“zi zi…zi…here is…zi…the 105th…zi zi…galaxy cluster…Tzzzzzzz…”

“This is?”

Although Alfie was excited to hear this communication, he was also very confused.

Because the whole newsletter said one sentence, what about the following content?

“That’s it.”

Seeing Alfie’s suspicious look at her, Bernice explained.

“At first, this was just a meaningless communication, not what it is now, but Angela has always been very concerned about this constantly sent communication and tried to analyze it.”

“Finally, in one of her bold attempts, we received the entire day’s communication content and played it at tens of thousands of times faster…”

Alfie’s eyes widened, full The unbelievable face.

If she understood correctly, Bernice meant that the audio communication of this section length of one day was accelerated by tens of thousands of times before it could be restored to its original state.

As far as what I heard just now, no more than 3 seconds at most, is that more than 20,000 times the speed?

Oh my god, what happened to this 105 galaxy cluster?

“Commander Alfie, I have a guess, don’t know what to say?”

Just when Alfie was confused, Angela spoke, and the whole The gaze of the bridge.

“Whether it’s correct or not, it’s good to have an idea at this time, Angela.”

“Yes, Commander Alfie!”

In Alfie’s With encouragement, Angela stopped hesitating and spoke immediately.

“This is the case. I once read a book on time technology by Federation, which contains an explanation of the time bubble.”

“And the 105th galaxy cluster is currently experiencing The situation reached is very consistent with it.”

“Therefore, I boldly guess that the 105th galaxy cluster is likely to be trapped in the time bubble. As for whether it is natural or man-made, it cannot be changed. Got it!”

Time bubble…

This is a professional vocabulary that Alfie has never heard of.

After all, Alfie is not a scientist. Although he will often learn about some of the latest technology of the Federation, he will not always look at the speculations of future technologies like Angela.

I called up a virtual interface from my portable terminal and entered the time bubble to search.

Sure enough… I found a lot of query results about time bubbles, including a paper published by Li Lizi two years ago, and its content is about time bubbles.

After browsing the content quickly, Alfie finally understood what Angela meant by a time bubble.

Time expansion…

Time contraction…

If judged by the current situation of the 105th Fleet, it is obviously caught in a time bubble. And, the rule in this time bubble is not time expansion, but time contraction!

According to the acceleration rate used in the previous communication to return to normal, the contraction effect in the bubble at this time has reached a full 30,000 times the point.

In other words, my people worked hard to find the 105th galaxy cluster all day.

However, for the 105th galaxy cluster, less than 3 seconds have passed?

After trying to understand this, Alfie was also shocked.

But the following problems still exist, even if I found the truth about the 105th galaxy cluster losing connection, but this time bubble really cannot be solved by myself.

“Li Lizi?”

His eyes drifted to the signature on the paper again, and Alfie had already made a decision!

“Immediately connect me to the interstellar fleet headquarters, Marshal Lin Fan’s communication!”

“Yes, Commander Alfie!”

—– –

Meers Galaxy Group, Federation interstellar fleet headquarters.

Lin Fan is looking at the latest information about insect race in his office, frowning slightly.

This insect race is actually being fully evacuated.

What the hell is happening, what the hell is happening?

The two sides are now facing each other across a cosmic ocean current, and both have placed heavy troops on their own side of the ocean current.

After all, once the ocean current node is broken through, it can send troops to the various galaxy groups behind the node just like a celestial woman scattered flowers.

Once that time comes, the trouble will be big. Even if all the troops invaded by the other party can be eliminated in the end, the Heaven and Earth turning upside down in one’s own territory may have been disturbed.

However, at such a critical point, the insect race gave up and left!

This makes Lin Fan have to think carefully, what is Alia’s motive?

Just as Lin Fan was thinking about it, a communication request sounded on the portable terminal.

With a wave of the right hand, a virtual interface appeared in front of my eyes.


“Isn’t she commanding the fleet for the mission of the Mercia Galaxy Group?”

“Remember that the latest report says that I have taken down all galaxies except for the Italo united mother galaxy, and are preparing for the final battle to completely take down the entire galaxy group!”

“Counting the time, the battle should also begin one day. Wouldn’t it be done in a day?”

While thinking, Lin Fan connected to the communication.

Soon, as the communication was connected, Alfie’s beautiful silhouette was projected in front of Lin Fan…

“Alfie, contact me on the emergency line in such a hurry , What’s the matter?”

“Marshal Lin Fan, I hope to enlist Li Lizi to the Mecsia galaxy group to join my fleet!”

Alfie was very direct, and said it as soon as she spoke. Own purpose.

When Lin Fan heard Alfie’s request, his face became serious.

It’s not that you are dissatisfied with Alfie’s requirements, but because Alfie is recruiting Li Lizi, one of the three strategic scientists of the Federation.

It is conceivable that the Angel Fleet has encountered so much trouble in the Mercia Group of galaxies.

“Tell me, what happened…”

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