Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 590

Italo United.

It’s only a technological civilization in the middle of the sixth level, but it is really not an easy task to take down the core area of ​​its civilization, which is the Brecht galaxy.

At least…for the seventh-level civilization, that’s it!

This is not to say how powerful Italo’s technology is. In fact, their technology and the Rose Empire can only be regarded as birds of a feather, not to mention the Federation, which has reached the seventh level of civilization. Up.

But, Alfie is dead!

I was planted in the hands of such a sixth-level civilization.

The reason is that the Union of Italo discovered an advanced civilization site in the Brecht galaxy thousands of years ago.

Moreover, it is also the laboratory of time technology in the eighth level civilization.


United Capital Star, Ottas.

In the Supreme Council, the speaker and more than 30 members of the assembly gathered together, and their faces were not very good-looking.

One year, no, it is less than a year!

More than 90% of the territory has been lost, a total of thirty-nine galaxies, and now only the Brecht galaxy remains.

If it weren’t because of that thing, I’m afraid that my group of people are already in prison now!

In the tens of thousands of years since the establishment of Italo, when has it encountered such a crisis?

However, fortunately, the ruins were discovered thousands of years ago, and after controlling the initial use of the equipment, I am not without resistance!

At least…in this Brecht galaxy, the opponent will definitely not be able to attack!

“Speaker, this is no way to go on like this!”

“Yes, even if we can rely on Holy Artifact to defend the Brecht galaxy, but the other party only needs to trap us completely It’s all right here, and we who are trapped, all development will come to a halt!”

“Can you give it a try and have a conversation with the other party?”



The whole council is noisy.

Even if they succeeded in taking down one of the opponent’s fleets, these congressmen could not see the slightest excitement on their faces, some…still just anxiety!

Speaking of which, this can’t be blamed on them.

After all, as one of the congressmen said, they can indeed receive the Brecht galaxy with Holy Artifact.

But the problem is that the thing simply cannot leave the ruins, and no one dares to remove it.

In the final analysis, this is a technological product that far surpasses one’s own civilization. After so many years of research, it only allows one’s own civilization to initially understand how to use some of its functions.

As for the principle and internal structure of this device, it can still be said that the eyes are blackened.

In this case, who would dare to remove it from the ruins?

If this is broken, who is it?

Therefore, this special equipment, which is still in the ruins, has the largest range of action, which can cover the Brecht galaxy.

So, as long as the opponent does not enter the Brecht galaxy, but adopts the strategy of completely trapping Italor in the galaxy, what will be the result?

Obviously, the development of Italo civilization will come to a standstill, or even regress!

This is why, obviously, successfully won a galaxy cluster of the Federation, but none of the members have a smile on their faces!


At this time, the chairman of the panel Rethels great shout spread throughout the council.

The absolute power accumulated over the years made the scene quiet instantly.

“Do you think that dialogue can solve the problem?”

“Do you think the other party is here to communicate?”

“You think this universe can Reasonable?”

“Why don’t you think about it, once we were uniting the Messiah Group, what did we do when the civilizations of those other galaxies prayed to us?”

“Except for special circumstances, there is no friendship between civilizations!”

“Do you want to befriend all civilizations?”

“Then I ask you, when you After completing all the civilizations, how do you expand? How to develop?”

“Either continue to progress or destroy, and this…is the only truth in this cold universe!”

Rethels is rare to understand.

What did Federation do when it came to the Mercia Group?

Obviously not to make friends with you, but to conquer!

And this is absolutely impossible because of the dialogue, and let the other party abandon the Mercia galaxy group.

There are only two ways to survive.

One is to completely repel the opponent!

The other is to give the opponent a heavy blow to make it judge that if they continue to invade the Mecia Group, the loss is far greater than the gain.

After all, interstellar wars are about profit. There is no profit. Unless the brain is broken, who will start it?

It can be said that Rethels’ logic is completely correct and there is nothing wrong with it.

The Law of the Jungle is never just a talk. The Holy Mother civilization has only one end in this cold universe, and that is self-destruction!

Although the Federation seems to be friendly to other civilizations, it is not keen on destroying other civilizations, but has always conquered other civilizations as its own subsidiary civilizations.

In fact, this kind of image is wrong.

In the one hundred years since the rise of the Federation, there have been 800,000 civilizations destroyed by it, even if it did not have a million.

However, in external propaganda, the Federation has been talking about which civilization today has become a subsidiary civilization of the Federation, but it will not say which civilization our Federation has destroyed today!

This is also as it should be by rights. Who would talk about it all day long to promote it?

If you look at the history of the Federation after exiting the Solar System, you will find that in addition to the local Milky Way and the Large Magellanic Cloud where the Elves are located, those civilized Federations have given some preferential treatment, and the rest of the galaxy Civilization, except for some special existences, there is no news at all.

So, this has left a kind image to the world.

However, what does Federation really look like?

Look at the more than 200,000 affiliated civilizations under the Federation today!

More than 200,000 satellite civilizations occupy several galaxy groups?

You must know that there were more than 100,000 civilizations above level 3 in the Milky Way galaxy.

So, hehe!

But is Federation wrong?

From the perspective of civilization, there is no, and it can even be said to be abnormally correct!

And this is the law of survival of the universe, the correct way to open up the development of a civilization!

Obviously, Ressels understood this point quite clearly.

Therefore, he is very clear that dialogue is useless, because the most fundamental purpose of the Federation is to completely occupy the Mercia Group.

In the audience, after hearing what Ressels said, a group of congressmen opened their mouths to refute, but found that they could not say anything.

“Because, there is only one thing we have to do, and that is to defeat the enemies who want to invade the Brecht galaxy again and again, until…”

“Until the other party gives up completely because of too much loss!”

“And we, have the ability to do this…”

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