Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 591

Just as the council of Italor Union was discussing how to defeat the evil invader Federation.

Lin Fan is listening to Alfie’s report in his office.

After listening, Lin Fan frowned.

This is not to say that Lin Fan is dissatisfied with the results of the Angel Fleet, but what Alfie said is the time bubble…

Because of the existence of the system, although he does not have many technologies Exchange, but I have also seen the names and brief introductions of these technologies. Naturally, I know what the bubble is at this time.

This is one of the orthodox eighth-level civilization iconic technologies, and this technology usually does not produce results until the late eighth-level civilization or even Peak.

According to system, the time bubble is not a means of attack or defense, it is more widely used in manufacturing, warehousing and other industries.

You can imagine if you use time foam to wrap the battleship production base and use the time contraction effect to slow down its time rate by tens of thousands of times, or even tens of thousands of times, what will it be like result?

Alternatively, when storing time-limited materials, what kind of effect would it be to use a time bubble wrap and take advantage of the time expansion effect?

So, this technology is not used in combat in the eighth level of civilization, but more in other areas.

Of course, it does not mean that it cannot be used in combat. Take Italo Union as an example. Didn’t it borrow this technology to trap the 105th galaxy cluster of the Federation?

Only, this is for civilizations below level 8. When you use this technique to deal with civilizations at level 8, you will find that simply has no effect!

Because, the reason why the eighth-level civilization will be formed in the late stage or at Peak, the time bubble with the time expansion or time contraction effect is because it will be born at the eighth-level civilization Early-Stage The technology to resist time contraction or time expansion is developed to counter the time-related effects of battleship when it sails at sub-light speed when the speed of light exceeds 30%.

However, in fact, Federation has already had this technology.

That is, the fearless fleet, which shines on the Vita line of defense, is equipped with a variety of technologies at its maximum speed.

It is the use of the primary level of time bubble technology to offset the impact of time expansion, so that the fearless battleship can reach a maximum of 0.99 times the speed of light, which is the ninth defined in the Federation fleet. Sail at a high speed without worrying about the so-called time dilation effect.

It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t expect that in these galaxies with the highest level of civilization, there is a civilization with such a technology.

As for the Angel Fleet, which has no defense against the time bubble, it is naturally a matter of as it should be by rights.

Alfie is not to blame. After all, no matter who gets caught in this situation, he will be caught.

Even myself is no exception.

However, Lin Fan is not prepared to agree to Alfie’s request to recruit Li Lizi.

After all…

Li Lizi is now in a key project, it is impossible to go away.

However, now that it is known that it is a time bubble, the problem is also easy to solve. As long as the device that releases the time bubble is turned off or destroyed, everything can be solved.

However, in Alfie’s fleet, none of the battleships has a time bubble system installed. It must not be able to perform this task, otherwise it will only get deeper and deeper, and more fleets will be trapped. Within the time bubble.

Now, it is indeed a good time…

The army of the insect race has withdrawn!

Regardless of why they evacuated, at least the fearless fleet will no longer need to maintain high-intensity preparations, and the main defensive tasks will be transferred to the conventional fleet.

In this way, the entire fearless fleet can be freed up, and a part of it will be deployed to the Mecsia galaxy group to support Alfie and help it solve this time!

Of course, freeing up hands for rest does not mean that the fearless fleet can be completely withdrawn from the nodal line of defense of the cosmic ocean currents.

After all, who knows if Alia is playing tricks?

However, there is no problem with drawing one of the Legions to support.

“I already know the situation, but Li Lizi’s current important project has reached a critical time, and she can’t and can’t leave!”

“But the marshal…”

Just when Alfie was anxiously trying to say something, Lin Fan raised his right hand to prevent him from continuing.

“Don’t worry, since you already know that it’s a time bubble problem, you can solve it!”

“I will deploy a galaxy-class Legion from the fearless fleet to you, I’ll leave it to you for the time being!”

Alfie was stunned.

Fearless fleet?

She has heard of this fleet. It is said that it is the invincible fleet that is the trump card of the Federation. It used to shine in the fight against the insect race.

As for the more specific, she doesn’t know.

Alfie can’t be blamed. After all, the fearless fleet itself is the top secret of the Federation. In addition to the Vita line of defense, Alfie is still serving in the second-line garrison fleet and is not eligible to participate in the previous cores. Floor meeting.

Therefore, it is completely conceivable to be ignorant of the actual situation of the fearless fleet.

“The fearless fleet is the most elite ace fleet in our interstellar fleet. Generally, it will not be dispatched under non-critical circumstances.”

“The point is, every ship in the fearless fleet Battleships are equipped with time-effect countermeasures. Simply put, they are devices that neutralize the time bubble.”

“To solve the time bubble that currently traps the 105th galaxy cluster, you only need to find the source. Device, and then turn it off or destroy it.”

“With a fearless fleet in your hands, I believe there should be no problem with your ability, right?”

For a moment, Alfie was a little sluggish.

Time effect countermeasure device?

Can resist the time expansion or contraction effect, and invalidate the time bubble?

Has the technology of Federation reached this level?

Alfie also didn’t expect. In my opinion, it is very troublesome and even unsolvable. When it comes to Lin Fan, it seems to be a trivial matter, which can be solved at will.

“What about the answer?”

Looking at Alfie, who was stunned over there with a slightly shocked expression, Lin Fan yelled out angrily.

“Yes, Marshal, promise to complete the task!”

Alfie, who was pulled back to God by Lin Fan, immediately paid a Federation military salute loudly said.

With the disconnection of communication, Lin Fan once again focused all his attention on the intelligence of the insect race.

There should be no problem with the Fearless fleet assistance on Alfie, but what is the situation on the insect race side is the existence that really makes Lin Fan feel the headache.

“It seems that we need to send a small fleet to explore the realities of the insect race!”

After thinking for a while, Lin Fan couldn’t help muttering to himself. ..

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