Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 592

(The chapter number should be 588, which is wrong!)

Seven days later, a Legion-class fleet arrived at a distance of 17 light-years from the Brecht galaxy , Rendezvous with Alfie’s fleet.

This is the first time Alfie has seen a fearless-class fleet. Like many people, he was shocked by the size of his battleship.

You must know that today’s main battleship of the Federation has not yet applied the technology of space storage. Therefore, Alfie’s confusion is completely understandable for the battleship that is only the size of a destroyer.

After all, nowadays, whether it is a hyperspace engine or other devices such as space weapons, each one is very large.

And such a small battleship, there is simply no room to install these things.

“Commander Alfie, Lin Kexin, commander of the Fearless Fleet 2nd Squadron, was ordered to report to him.”

When the communication was connected, Alfie’s eyes flashed with surprise.

She didn’t expect that the daughter of Lin Fan who led the fearless fleet to come to support.

No wonder Lin Kexin seemed to have disappeared since the galaxy’s raid on the Big Three.

It turned out that it was not retired, but went to the fearless fleet with the highest security level.

Alfie slightly nodded.

“Hello, Commander Lin Kexin, thank you very much for your support!”

“Yes, does Commander Alfie have a specific battle plan?”

speaking of which, in front of outsiders, Lin Kexin behaved quite normal, not in front of Lin Tian, ​​even the old lady didn’t even shout the catchphrase.

If Lin Tian saw this appearance, he would definitely say something with contempt…


“I have already worked out a battle plan here. First, the fearless fleet will enter the Brecht galaxy alone to find and close the time foam device of the Italo unit!”

“After you complete this step, the rest of the army will launch the final encirclement and suppression operation on the Brecht galaxy from all directions!”

A fairly simple and direct operation.

In fact, this is also true. For Alfie, it is not difficult to clean up the Italo unit. The only problem is the time bubble.

The fearless fleet brought by Lin Kexin is specifically designed to deal with this problem.

Therefore, there is no need to formulate too cumbersome combat plans. As long as Lin Kexin can solve the problem of the time bubble, the rest of the army can launch a general attack as originally planned.

“I understand, then I will set off now?”

“Commander Lin doesn’t need to take a break?”

“No, currently Mora The action of insect race in the Sri galaxy is very weird, and I also need to return to the Kate galaxy as soon as possible to stand by!”

Lin Kexin shook the head, after all, she really has no time to waste. The insect race’s weird retreat, even for her, had some not-so-good premonitions.

So, after solving the trouble here as soon as possible, it is better to rush back to Kate to stand by.

“Alright, then I will trouble Commander Lin, I wish you a prosperous martial arts!”

Alfie who also knows the situation of the front lines of the human-insect two races, nodded said he understands.

Everyone is a soldier, and some kind words are enough to say once, there is no need to go over and over again.

After paying a military salute to Alfie, the communication between the two parties was ended. Then, in just 3 minutes, Lin Kexin’s fleet had set off again.


United Capital Star, Ottas.

In the Supreme Council, this countermeasure meeting against the Federation invasion has been open for seven days.

However, until now, there is still no complete consensus.

The chairman of the panel, Ressels, was in a terrible mood.

Already civilization is facing the end of the situation, this group of lawmakers are still considering the interests of their respective forces, and even nearly half of the surrender factions are constantly arguing.

For the sake of a civilized future, should I put them all under house arrest, and then do it arbitrarily?

Looking at the faces of the group below, Ressels couldn’t help thinking like this, and even had some intentions.

“President, the latest report!”

However, at this time, the secretary of Rethels brutally opened the door of the council and ran into the room quickly. , Side loudly shouted.

“What’s the matter?”

“Our galaxy monitoring network has detected that a fleet from the other side has invaded the Brecht galaxy. According to its forward direction, it should be made before. The area of ​​the time bubble.”

“How about the number?”

“The same as the previous intruder, about one billion battleships, just…”

“Just what?”

“It’s just that this fleet is very strange, except that its flagship is a cruiser, the other battleships are all destroyers!”


Rethels was surprised when he heard this.

The flagship is a cruiser, and the other battleships are all destroyers?

What is this operation?

Speaking of Federation’s fleet, Rethels has seen it.

Of course, it refers to the intelligence, rather than seeing it in person.

Therefore, Rethels is very clear that the Federation’s fleet is just like its own civilization, a large-scale general-purpose battleship.

After all, since the fourth level of civilization, coordinated operations of multiple ships have not become popular.

Universal battleship is the mainstream of higher civilization!

As for the destroyer…

The gun can’t be equipped with many Young Sect Master or even Spatial Shield generators. I am afraid that there is not enough space for installation.

Now that such a fleet has invaded in, is it here to deliver food?

Or, what other tricks?

“Everyone, what do you think about this report?”

Without thinking about it for too long, Ressels asked aloud to the congressmen below.

After all, if he wants to take the initiative to attack, he is not alone in the final decision. At least 60% of the congressmen must agree. The key now is how to persuade this group to only watch To the Old Guys in front of you.

“Speaker, I still think we can talk first, and then we can talk if we don’t agree!”

“Yes, how can you know if you haven’t talked about it? Maybe it’s a deal. Isn’t it?”

“I think so too.”


Almost all councillors have similar ideas, only a few The hard-line congressmen think that if they fight directly, it is a pity that the number of people is too small to be a success.

Rethels sighed, shook the head.

It seems that you still have to make a move yourself, otherwise these Old Guys will start to be anxious only if they rely on them, unless someone else hits the capital star.

“Everyone, you want to negotiate with each other, and I am not opposed to trying!”

“But, you have to understand one thing, that is, we are today. At an absolute disadvantage!”

“In this case, when you negotiate, you can only be humiliated!”

“In the eyes of the other party, why do you have to win a war Talk to you?”

In the main seat, Ressels said with a serious face.

Although this is just to make Ressels want these congressmen to agree to send troops, but it is undeniable…

It makes sense. Law refutes!

Yes, as Ressels said, now they don’t have any negotiation capital, and in order to keep the interests of their forces in the negotiation, they must give themselves some advantages before the negotiation. .

Even if it’s just some trivial advantages.

What Ressels said really made them unable to refuse.

“Then the speaker, what do you think should be done?”

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