Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 595

In Levi’s Star Domain.

Under the command of Lin Kexin, the fearless fleet gathered together like an ancient circular gun array, centered on the flagship Rosen.

speaking of which, this formation is still used by many civilizations until Fifth Level civilization.

After all, civilizations below level 6 are still in a state where the shield is stronger than the spear, and when civilization is promoted to level 6, space technology begins to rise, or it is the ultimate of the various Interstellar Era of level 7 civilization. After the weapon was developed, the shield was not as effective as it used to be.

In this case, if you gather the fleet in an ultra-dense manner, it will be no different from courting death.

Therefore, since the beginning of level 6 civilization, no one has deployed fleet arrays like this.

Looking at the array placed by the fearless fleet on the tactical board in front of him, Thatcher’s expression was indescribable.

What is this doing?

To say that the Federation commander is too stupid, but in the past year, I have encountered a stupid Federation commander in any battle, just like all the fleet commanders of the entire Federation. Elite commanders are average.

With such a civilization, will there really be such a stupid commander?

However, it is impossible, Thatcher shook the head, and dispelled his unrealistic idea.

But if this is not the case, what is the reason?

Is it really as the group of members of the council said, this is not a combat fleet, and its commander is not proficient in commanding in an attempt to fight to the death with such a formation?

It seems…only this kind of speculation is relatively reasonable, otherwise, there is really no way to explain the current situation.

In short, no matter what the situation is, it is better to let the Seventh Joint Fleet test it out according to your own plan!

After making the decision, Thatcher stopped thinking about it, and continued to advance according to the established tactics.

In the sky, three huge combined fleets are constantly approaching Lin Kexin’s position. From the tactical images, it can be seen that the advancing speed of one of them is much faster than the other two. It was close to the 2AU of the fearless fleet, and the remaining two were delayed by 0.5AU.

In fact, at this distance, no matter which united fleet is, it is already within the strike range of the fearless fleet.

However, Lin Kexin still did not issue an attack order, but continued to let him keep approaching.

Italo’s combined battleship, its main weapon is still the gravity cannon, but unlike the Langton Empire, the technology of Italo’s combined gravity cannon has been developed to its limit, especially in range. , It has reached an amazing 1.5AU!

Be aware that gravity guns are just the precursor to space tearing, and they are not really space-based strike methods.

However, it can be said that it is quite amazing that italo can develop this kind of transitional gravity gun to this point.

On the side of Italo, watching the Seventh United Fleet break into the range of 2AU and Thatcher, who was still unresponsive, rarely showed a trace of excitement.

2AU, this indicator is too important.

Be aware that in the previous year’s war, the United and Federation also fought many times in various galaxies, and according to the data of those battles, the maximum range of the Federation’s battleship was 2AU.

But now, the Seventh Joint Fleet has penetrated within the death distance of 2AU, but the opponent still has not attacked.

What does this mean?

It means that the opponent’s battleship cannot attack this far.

Think about it, after all, only the size of a destroyer is basically impossible to install such a powerful weapon.

If this is the case, then I am absolutely sure to win this game, and may even conversely suppress the opponent with a range advantage!

Well, again, intelligence is the premise of everything.

In the absence of intelligence, even if you plan carefully, you may overturn your car!

Now, Thatcher is in the trap of lack of intelligence. When he is sure that he can succeed, it is precisely the precursor of his failure.

one minute …

two minutes …

3 minutes!

“General, the Seventh Joint Fleet has penetrated to a distance of 1.5AU, and the target is within its strike range!”

“Order them to fire immediately!”


“It’s General!”

3 minutes passed. Under Lin Kexin’s indulgence, the United Seventh Fleet finally entered an exciting distance of 1.5AU.

In the year-long war, Italo’s combined fleet included the Federation’s fleet within its attack range for the first time, instead of being suppressed by the Federation throughout its range. There’s no resistance .

This makes Thatcher also full of excitement, and has temporarily forgotten the rising anxiety in his heart.

In the Seventh Joint Fleet, all battleships have long completed the charging of their naval guns. After Thatcher’s order was issued, they immediately released a terrifying attack!

A total of 10 billion battleships. Uncountable gravity cannon attacks directly acted everywhere in the Federation fleet, forming gravity tides through space compression, causing uneven gravity distribution in the target area. Phenomenon, which has a tearing effect on all objects in the area!

After seeing the gravity cannon’s attack on the target position without any hindrance, Thatcher made a fist with his right hand and was extremely excited.

Such a dense gravity cannon attack, once successfully released, even the Spatial Shield is absolutely unable to resist.

Thatcher seems to have seen the dawn of victory.

“Quickly, evaluate the effectiveness of the attack!”

“Yes, General…Due to the intensive attack, large-scale spatial anomalies are occurring in the target area. The specific situation is expected to require at least One minute to learn!”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as…”

Thatcher just wanted to say something, but suddenly he couldn’t say anything.

The peripheral light of both eyes flashed over the tactical board. The blue that represents the Seventh Fleet is constantly missing, and it has lost at least 10% in the blink of an eye!

And what does this mean?

It means that if it were not for equipment failure, at least 10% of the battleship of the Seventh Joint Fleet was suddenly destroyed just now!

Could it be that this strange fleet is actually a decoy, and the real Federation fleet is hidden somewhere, until this moment…suddenly it strikes us a fatal blow?

“Hurry up, find the source of the attack, and report the loss of the Seventh Joint Fleet at the same time!”

“Yes, General!”

Thatcher’s eyes are dead. Staring at the tactical board in front of him.

The blue area representing the Seventh Joint Fleet has not ceased to be missing because of this, and is still declining at a very rapid rate.

Soon…just visually, the loss has reached 20%!

“General, the attack came from…”

“Where did it come from?”

“From the target fleet that should have been wiped out by us… .”

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