Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 597

The space seems to be torn into pieces, and the many Star Sects in this space are naturally unable to escape this disaster.

However, this is not the end!

As the Star Sect that had activated the space channel was destroyed, the hundreds of space channels instantly collapsed and spread to the surroundings.

In just a few seconds, it has spread to the surrounding area of ​​millions of kilometers, covering the front end of the Twelfth 13th Joint Fleet.

This is the mighty power from the spatial level, which cannot be countered by humans.

In other words, it is not what Italo can contend with with this level of civilization!

It was just a moment. The two combined fleets together lost more than 2 billion battleships, which is comparable to the results of two zero-point missiles!

This scene, of course, fell in Thatcher’s eyes, reappearing the horror on his face, even more than before!

Although Italo Alliance has just entered the middle of the sixth level of civilization and has not yet developed a real space strike method, it does not prevent it from recognizing it. This destroyed Star Sect and caused such a disaster. Sexual attacks are precisely space-based attacks.

After all, they have been fighting the Federation for a year, and he knows the natural phenomenon of the space when the Federation’s space attacks are in effect!

In this Star Domain, the only one capable of this kind of attack is the fleet composed of destroyers!

Powerful and unsolvable defensive ability, no stronghold one cannot overcome, and the attack ability beyond common sense, these all stimulate Thatcher.

Is this really a destroyer?

In other words, this invader civilization has mastered a higher-rank civilization technology, and achieved the miniaturization of various key equipment in the battleship?

I originally thought that although the other party was better than his own civilization and technology, he still belonged to Thatcher, who was of the same level of civilization. For the first time, he had doubts about it.

On the tactical panel, that small red area, at this moment, seems to be playing with him like a demon, but there is no more way for him to escape.

A mood called despair quickly rose in Thatcher’s heart.


“Commander, the 380 Star Sects deployed by the Italo Alliance have all been destroyed, and since the space channel was activated when the Star Sect was destroyed, As a result, the space collapse effect was triggered, spreading to the surrounding area of ​​about 7 million kilometers, and 2.7 billion enemy battleships were destroyed together!”

After quickly confirming the effect of the attack, the adjutant reported to Lin Kexinhui.

Nodded, Lin Kexin did not respond, but continued to look towards the tactical image. The two large and one small three areas represented the enemy fleet.

The attack has no effect, and there is no way to escape.

So next, how would you choose?

The corners of his mouth raised an arc, even if he had the ability to kill the prey at any time, but he was slow to do it, but instead observing the reaction of the prey, Lin Kexin looked like a hunter playing with the prey.

“Commander, detected abnormal energy response in the galaxy, equivalent level 11, distance of about 32,000 light-years!” Lin Kexin is looking forward to Thatcher’s next step During the reaction, a slightly rushed voice came from the bridge command group. It was under Lin Kexin’s arrangement. Since entering the Brecht galaxy, the technical officer has been monitoring the entire galaxy.

“Are you finally going to do it? Tech officer, is the precise location locked?”

“It will take a while, commander!”

“As soon as possible , We only have one chance. Once the opponent is alert, it will not be easy to be fooled next time!”

“I understand!”

“Adjutant, order the fleet, all battleships immediately Activate the time-effect countermeasures!”

“Yes, commander!”

Suddenly, every fearless-class battleship is only used when the fleet is sailing at eighth speed. The devices that will be activated are all activated at this moment!

This special device originally designed to counter the time expansion effect when the battleship speed exceeds the seventh speed, which is 0.3 times the speed of light, has an unexpected effect at this moment.

When more than 30,000 light-years away, after the experimental base left by the eighth level civilization gathered enough energy, the horrible fluctuations were suddenly released, and it instantly surpassed tens of thousands. The distance of light years directly affects the battlefield in Levi’s Star Domain.

A huge time bubble that was invisible to naked eye formed suddenly and enveloped the fearless fleet.

Not only the fearless fleet, but even the seventh, Twelfth, and thirteenth combined fleet commanded by Thatcher, due to their close proximity, were also shrouded in it.

In the time bubble, the time contraction effect of up to 30,000 times is blooming its unparalleled formidable power. Within its envelope, everything seems to have been applied with a hold technique, completely still. Do not move, except for one exception…

“Is this a time bubble, really interesting technology!”

I just turned on the sub-light speed engine to its maximum and ran away frantically. The three combined fleets of the United States are now in the sky motionless like static sculptures. No, it can’t be said to be motionless, but when the movement is slowed by 30,000 times, from the naked eye sensory point of view, it is in the sky motionless. It makes no difference anymore.

“But…this is really ruthless, I even did it with my own people!”

Looking at the various data in the tactical video, Lin Kexin couldn’t help but frown. eyebrow.

You know, those were her prey, but they were cut off! ! !

This makes her a little uncomfortable!

“Commander, I have located the precise location where it launched the time bubble!”

At this time, the technical officer finally completed the precise positioning and found them on this trip The ultimate goal!

“Very good, immediately distribute the coordinates of the target to all battleships, the entire fleet will start the hyperspace engine, and the whole ship will set off in one minute!”

“Yes, commander!”


At the same moment, in the Senate of Italo Union.

“Did you succeed?”

In the extremely quiet room, one of the councillors asked with a slightly trembling voice, and then all the councillors looked towards the speaker Ressels.

“It succeeded!”

“It’s just a pity Thatcher!”

Rethels was nodded, and then shook the head again.

For Thatcher, he really feels a pity, after all, this is one of the most capable Generals in the United.

Hearing Rethels’ confirmation, all the councillors cheered instantly.

Fear of fear for a long time, although the initial expected result, but also avoided the worst result.


The expression of Rethels in the main seat was completely opposite to that of the congressmen below, and his face was full of horror.

The little red in the tactical panel should have been trapped in a time bubble. The completely static fearless fleet…

but suddenly moved! ! !

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