Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 599

It is about 30,000 light-years from the Italo United Capital Region.

This is a dim star system. The stars that originally gave the starlight beams are now wrapped in an apparently man-made mechanical shell, and no trace of light can leak out.

Not far from this huge shell, there is a space base with a diameter of more than 5,000 kilometers.

It is the relic of a certain eighth-level Peak civilization, which is jointly code-named “Holy Land” by Italo.

A large number of battleship fleets stationed here for many years are constantly sailing out of the starport group, and arrays are placed one after another around Holy Land.

“Paulis General, 72% of the defense line deployment has been completed, and it is expected to be completed in 3 minutes!”

This is a War Star that exists as the flagship of the garrisoned fleet In its command center, the adjutant is reporting to Paulis, one of the three generals.

Since a few minutes ago, after receiving the council’s order, the garrison fleet has moved quickly under the command of Paulis General.

The five combined fleets quickly deployed 50 arrays with every billion ships as a standard unit, firmly guarding the Holy Land in the middle.

“It’s too slow, order all fleets to speed up. The deployment must be completed within two minutes!”

“Yes… But General, the council is not saying that the enemy will count Will you be here after a few days?”

The adjutant asked with some confusion while conveying the order through his terminal.

After all, Paulis seemed very anxious, as if the enemy would be killed at any time, which made the adjutant very confused.

“Stupid, the Old Guys in the council are stupid, why are you so stupid as my adjutant!”

“Do you think the jump engine can move from the area where the jump interference has been deployed Start directly inside?”

Paulis looked at his deputies somewhat hate iron for not becoming steel.

“Theoretically, it should not be possible…is it?”

When the deputy was asked this way, he also shook the head.

After that, I suddenly wanted to understand something, and my eyes widened suddenly.

“Yes, as far as the battle of Reeves Star Domain is concerned, the opponent’s civilization level is obviously much higher than ours.”

“So, why do you think Are they still using the transition engine?”

“Why do you think that the other party has not developed a new super-light speed method, one that has the convenience of transition and the speed of similar Space Teleportation technology? What about the technology?”

“And when we, as fleet commanders, lack detailed information, we must take the worst factors into account, understand?”

” Yes, I see, Paulis General!”

Deputy nodded.

Indeed, as Paulis said, the premise of war is intelligence, and when intelligence is extremely lacking, you must take all the worst possible probabilities into consideration when formulating tactics. Otherwise…

Thatcher is a lesson! !

“General, a large number of abnormal energy sources have been detected and the position has been locked!”

“Let the screen out!”

“Yes, General!”

Just as Boris was teaching his deputy, there was a rushing voice from the War Star command team.

Soon, an image projected in the command center.

It was a void that was originally nothingness, yes, originally…

But at this moment, the voidness is no longer nothingness, but it is covered with nothingness, hundreds of millions. The designed vortex-like Cham blue space window is gorgeous!

But for Boris, no matter how gorgeous the picture is, it seems to be a channel connecting to the abyss, which is extremely dangerous!

“Sure enough, how many fleets have not been deployed yet?”

“At present, 87% has been completed, and it will take 97 seconds to complete the deployment!”

“Damn it!”

Paulis was a little anxious. Since receiving the order, he had already summoned the fleet and deployed the line of defense as quickly as possible. At this speed, Paulis thought he had It’s the limit, it can’t be any faster!

However, at this moment, he realized that time is still not enough!

Although I have imagined it, the intruder has a super-light speed method that is more efficient than jump and more convenient than Space Teleportation, and it does not take several days to arrive here.

However, I didn’t expect the other party to come so quickly.

I don’t have enough time to complete the fleet deployment soon!

“Order all fleets to charge the guns of the ship immediately, lock the target freely, and attack as soon as the opponent’s battleship comes out!”

Hard shake is not acceptable, Thatcher The failure has proved this.

Since the normal way cannot cause substantial damage to it, then you must look for the opponent’s weakness in order to break the certain death situation!

And this situation is a very good attempt!

Be aware that whether it’s a transition or Space Teleportation, they all have one thing in common, that is…

During this super-light speed process, battleship cannot be opened. For Energy Shield or Spatial Shield, only a special radiation shield can be opened to isolate special radiation in different spaces.

So, regardless of what super-light technology the intruder has mastered, at the moment of his arrival, he is undoubtedly a good test of his possible weaknesses!

Indeed, this is a weakness, even the fearless fleet cannot avoid it.

After using the hyperspace engine to enter the hyperspace, it is also filled with some very special accessory elements. Do not activate the radiation barrier on the battleship.

On this point, the Federation has thought of many solutions for decades, but the results are not very satisfactory.

It can be said that Boris really caught the painful foot of Federation!

It’s just that, since the Federation knows its own weaknesses, will it exit the hyperspace directly in front of the opponent like this without any hesitation?

Obviously, this is impossible, and Lin Kexin is not so stupid!

Otherwise, even Lin Fan’s daughter would definitely not be able to sit in her current position.

Only less than two seconds, however, the feeling given to Paulis is like two days have passed, which is extremely difficult.

Suddenly, Paulis’s eyes widened as he stared at the front screen.

He saw that in the vortex-shaped blue space channel, something came out of it.

Although it just appeared a little bit, Paulis guessed that this should be the front end of the battleship for those invaders!

“All battleships, fire up!”

There is a saying that is very good, it can be described as don’t let slip an opportunity, time never comes!

If you catch the opportunity, you must attack decisively. If you wait until the opponent is fully exposed, and then attack after you thoroughly identify it, then it is very likely that the opponent will be given the opportunity to open the weird shield and lose it completely. The best fighter!

And Boris is definitely not such a hesitating person who looks forward and backward.

Therefore, the order to attack was decisively from his mouth…

I was issued!

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