Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 602

As mentioned before, the dark energy control in Federation can currently be divided into five levels: S, A, B, C, and D.

Today, 99.9% of all registered dark energy controllers are D and C-Rank.

And B-Rank’s dark energy control makes it even less than 0.1% of the total number of people.

As for the A-Rank dark energy controller, there are only three people in the entire Federation, let alone the S-Rank dark energy controller that exists in the theory.

In the sky, Lin Yu seems to be floating in the volley. Step by step, he walked not far away. The space creation that is dozens of times larger than the earth is now the Federation interstellar. Fleet headquarters.

Six silver diamond-shaped energy barriers are distributed all around, forming a cube, and directly creating an environment equivalent to a life planet in it.

And this is why Lin Yu can walk directly in space.

It is said that the end of technology is theology, and it is true at all!

Look at the current dark energy controllers, and think about Lin Hong and Faen who used to be Alphat civilization!

It is clearly the world of science and technology, but it is all made up like a fantasy world.

Of course, although the dark energy controllers now have such a taste, if they compare with Lin Hong and Faen, they are still primordial.

As Lin Yu was strolling, the command center of the interstellar fleet headquarters immediately detected his approach, which immediately caused a sensation.

You should know that this is one of the only three A-Rank dark power controls in the Federation. It is said that its single-player combat capability can rival a Federation’s standard fleet. This is simply…already. Not human anymore!

“This smelly brat, isn’t it okay to ride on the shuttle ship? You have to show off!”

Looking at the detected screen image, Lin Fan said in an angry tone.

Speaking of which, after the dark energy auxiliary calculation device, that is, after DEAC became popular, Lin Fan also did a special test. The result…

Well, speaking of Which is all tears. As the protagonist, Lin Fan doesn’t have any innate talent in this area, and he can’t even step into the threshold of the D-class dark energy control.

Therefore, every time he sees Lin Yu, Lin Fan can’t help but say a few words.

This is not because of jealousy…

Of course, this is just Lin Fan’s own statement. As for whether there is jealousy at all?

Well, just treat it as not!


In Lin Fan’s office, Lin Yu is sitting across the desk across from him, looking through materials.

“The marshal is the mysterious force that is worried about the fight with the insect race?”

Lin Yu has roughly understood that, his old fogey called himself over urgently to prepare himself What kind of task to perform.

After putting down the information, Lin Yu asked.

“Yes, it is definitely not a simple character to make Alia panic so much.”

“So, I need more and more accurate information.”

“And, after you go this time, if necessary, you can help Alia.”

“Of course, this is based on not endangering yourself Under the circumstances.”

“At least, for now, the insect race is controllable, and the unknown new force is not necessarily…”

nodded, Lin Fan said his thoughts!

If the unknown force defeated the insect race, then the Federation would have to face this force, which is probably more powerful than the insect race!

Therefore, instead of an unknown and possibly stronger force than the insect race, Lin Fan would rather keep Alia and let her stay between the Federation and that force as a buffer!

And this is why Lin Fan told Lin Yu that if necessary, he can help Alia.

Of course, as Lin Fan said just now, you can help if you don’t endanger yourself!

“When necessary, we can even form an alliance with Alia!”

Looking at Lin Yu thinking about it, Lin Fan added another sentence very seriously!

“Hiss…is it necessary to do this step?”

Lin Yu was a little surprised, his own old fogey actually said that if necessary, he can form an alliance with the insect race Such words come.

“So, you need to go to the Welster Supercluster to confirm whether this unknown civilization needs us to do this step!”

“I understand, When will we leave?”

“The sooner the better, we don’t have much time to waste!”

“Okay, let my soldiers rest on the life planet , Leave in three days!”


It’s not that Lin Yu can’t set off right away, but that the First Army of the Nether Fleet has just gone through an expedition, and the soldiers have already I haven’t walked out of battleship for a whole year.

According to the original plan, they will return to the Large Magellanic Cloud for rest.

But the plan was not as fast as the variety. Before the First Army group had time to rest, they were summoned urgently by Lin Fan to the Myers galaxy.

In this case, it is not suitable to continue to perform new tasks, it is very necessary to rest on the life planet.

Otherwise, if you leave the planet of life for too long, the soldiers will inevitably have some psychological problems, which is not so wonderful.


Three days later, January 152 of the Federation calendar.

The first Army regiment of the Nether Fleet, which has been rested, is ready. 100 million battleships are lined up in a neat array in the sky, ready to go.

This time, in addition to the mission is very important, but the navigation across superclusters is a brand new experience for Federation.

If you want to cross a supercluster of galaxies, it is not like crossing a group of galaxies, you only need to fly through the hyperspace, but you have to go to other superclusters by following the cosmic ocean currents at a special node. Galaxy cluster.

It has also been said before that the supercluster of the Federation is called the Virgo supercluster, and its neighbor is the Kempinian supercluster that was previously in the hands of the insect race.

The Virgo Supercluster and the Kempinian Supercluster belong to the giant supercluster of Rania Kea.

Therefore, if you want to go from the Rania Kea super cluster to the insect race’s nest, the Werst super cluster, you must first reach the Kempinian super cluster through the cosmic ocean currents, and then from The Kempinian supercluster can only reach the Weierster supercluster through the cosmic ocean currents.

And the cosmic ocean current, although the Federation has now controlled the cosmic ocean current between Virgo and Kempinia, which is located at the node in the Gal galaxy, and over the years, it has carried out a lot of cosmic ocean currents. the study.

However, I haven’t actually sent a ship to enter.

“Commander, all battleships of the First Army regiment are in place and ready to go!”

In the bridge of the flagship Mei Los, the adjutant Bai Xuan came to Lin Yu to report Tao.

“Let’s start then”

“Yes, commander!”

“The large DEAC is operating normally, and the dark energy is converted and sent to the hyperspace engine.. .33%…72%…95%…100%, delivery is complete!”

“Commander, the fleet of hyperspace engine is ready to start!”

” Target Myers galaxy group, Gal galaxy, let’s go!”

“Yes, commander!”

A few seconds later, the void of battleship was originally covered, and now it has become clean Incomparable…

It’s like having just cleaned up.

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