Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 603

In one hour, the First Army group of the Nether Fleet has crossed a distance of millions of light years to the Gal Galaxy, an important node at the end of the cosmic ocean current Virgo supercluster. .

The Gal galaxy is different from other galaxies in the Myers group of galaxies. It is the forefront of the insect race and the gateway to the Virgo supercluster. It is the breakthrough node that the insect race wants to invade the Federation. .

Therefore, half of the fleet in the entire Myers galaxy group is gathered here. As for those who are not here, most of them are fleets that are rotated and rested.

A full 50 billion battleships are gathered here, including the Federation’s most powerful fearless fleet. From this we can see how much Lin Fan attaches importance to the important node of the Gal system.

“smelly brat, I heard Old Brother say that you are going to the nest of the insect race this time, so take your time!”

“Don’t worry, uncle, I Be mindful!”

Speaking of which, when Lin Yu was performing a mission, no matter who he met, he was very official. Even if he called Lin Fan, he always called the marshal instead of I can talk about Dad.

However, what is very surprising is that he was very able to put it down in front of Lin Tian, ​​and directly called the uncle instead of the rank.

Perhaps, this is also related to Lin Tian’s escaped character, which makes Lin Yu completely relaxed in front of him.

“Speaking of which, we have never sent a battleship in to try this cosmic ocean current. Do you want to try it first?”

For the cosmic ocean current he is stationed in, Lin Tian still Some were uneasy, so he proposed.

After all, in his opinion, only things that have been tried are safe things, and cosmic ocean currents like this kind of federation that have not been fully understood yet and have never tried are obviously unsafe.

“No, if a ship is sent in, according to the information provided by the Amir before, it will take a month to cross, and there is no such time for this mission.”

“And…Lizi said that there is no problem, you can enter with confidence!”

Speaking of Li Lizi, Lin Yu’s face suddenly showed a touch of warmth.

“tsk tsk…Lizi said that there is no problem…”

“Speaking of which you two is almost a hundred years old, it’s time to get married Your parents, they had you before they were 30 years old!”

Looking at Lin Yu’s expression, Lin Tian teased it straight away.

“Uncle, it’s not time to talk about this, but…”

“It’s alright, you smelly brat, every time you talk about Li Lizi, you immediately Change the subject, but since she said it’s okay, then it should be okay!”

Before Lin Yu finished speaking, Lin Tian waved his hand and said.

“Okay, then I’ll leave my uncle first.”

Looking at Lin Tian’s disgusting expression, Lin Yu smiled.

Speaking of which, my younger sister works under Lin Tian, ​​and I haven’t seen her for a long time.

This was a good opportunity for the siblings to meet each other.

It’s just a pity. Some time ago, Lin Kexin was sent to the Mercia Group to assist Alfie in solving the Italor Union.

Although it has been done over there, and Lin Kexin is on her way back to Gal, there are still three days before she arrives in Gal galaxy, and Lin Yu doesn’t have this time.

Therefore, the two siblings are still missed and cannot see each other.

Half an hour later, the fleet came to the entrance of the ocean current.

That is an incomparable gigantic channel, but, unlike space channel or super space channel, the channel of cosmic ocean currents is extremely dark, like a black hole that even light can swallow.

“Is this the cosmic ocean current?”

“Although I have seen it in the data before, but from the field, it is more than the data to have one’s hair stand on The feeling of end!”

In the bridge of the Mei Los, Lin Yu looked at the entrance of the cosmic ocean current through the porthole and muttered to himself.

“Let’s go, May Los takes the lead, and the rest of the battleship will enter in order!”

“Yes, commander!”

It stands to reason, as the flagship It shouldn’t be so at the forefront of the fleet.

Although Li Lizi guarantees safety, it does not mean that Lin Yu will go forward without thinking. Necessary measures are still needed.

And Lin Yu, as the only third A-Rank dark energy controller of the Federation, plus the flagship Mei Los is a customized enlarged version of the ghost-level battleship, which is more powerful than ordinary ghost-level battleships. a lot of.

Therefore, in case something goes wrong, the Mei Los, which is run by Lin Yu, will definitely have a much higher survival rate than other battleships.

So, Lin Yu did his part to become a pioneer.

The sub-light speed engine started, and the battleship accelerated to the first battle speed, and drove slowly toward the entrance of the dark ocean current ahead.

“The large DEAC is operating normally…The sub-light engine is operating normally…The battleship has reached the first battle speed!”

“15 seconds from the entrance of the cosmic ocean current… 10 seconds…5 seconds…1 second…Enter!”

In an instant, all the light outside the porthole was lost, as if it was covered by a black cloth. To describe it with outstretched fingers.

“May Los has entered the cosmic ocean currents, and the sub-light speed engine is turned off… the sub-light speed engine has been turned off!”

“Commander, has entered the ocean current according to the Ministry of Science The program is executed!”

“Well, navigator, can you confirm our moving speed?”

“Report to the commander, unable to confirm, because there is no reference object, it is impossible to confirm at all Our current moving speed, in other words, it is impossible to determine whether we are moving now!”


Sure enough, everything is the same as Lizi guessed!

At this moment, Lin Yu couldn’t help but remember what Li Lizi said before leaving!

“Although we do not fully understand the cosmic ocean currents, I guess that when you enter the cosmic ocean currents, all the propulsion devices should have no effect, and you can only let the battleship follow The ocean currents move forward on their own!”

“At the same time, due to the lack of references, you cannot even be sure whether your battleship is moving!”

“So, in the universe This month in the ocean currents will be an extremely tormenting experience for you!”

“A kind of unclear how far away the destination is, or even if you are moving forward. Feel!”

Good guy, it’s the same as Lizi said. Now I don’t even know if the battleship is moving forward. This feeling makes people crazy!

Sure enough, according to Lizi’s proposal, it was correct to prepare the thing!

“Order all non-essential personnel of the battleship to enter the dormant warehouse! At the same time, the necessary personnel of the battleship control group are divided into two shifts, which are rotated every three days, and all non-on-duty personnel enter the dormant warehouse!”


“Yes, Commander!”

In this weird Dark Space where there is no trace of light, even the radar and all the detectors have failed, Mei Los is moving forward with the cosmic ocean currents OK…

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