Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 604

One month later, the First Army regiment of the Nether Fleet led by Lin Yu appeared on the other side of the cosmic ocean current, the Moras Galaxy, and successfully achieved the Federation’s first attempt at the cosmic ocean current. .

The whole process can be said to be very smooth. Even the Spiritual Plane, the most problematic occupant, has everything as usual because of the proper rotation arrangement.

However, although it passed smoothly, I have to say that the whole process is really a torment.

In this process, you never know whether you are advancing, and you never know how far away your destination is. Even if there are other battleships in the fleet, you never know.

This… is indeed a psychological suffering!

However, all of this has passed. There is no less battleship in the entire fleet, neat and tidy arranged in the void.

“Bai Xuan, order all battleships to immediately switch to invisible mode.”


Although Alia has led the insect race to leave , But it is not certain whether she will leave an eyeliner or not. No, it should be said that Alia will definitely leave a part of her eyeliner to monitor the Federation and give her an early warning.

After all, with such a large number of insect race, even if it leaves a part of the eyeliner in each galaxy, it has no effect on the whole.

When Bai Xuan gave Lin Yu’s order to the entire fleet, all the large DEAC devices on the battleship were up and running. Only a few seconds later, with the help of the unique invisible device of the Nether-class, all the battleships Both defenses are integrated with the starry sky background.

Speaking of which, visual invisibility, this is not a novel technology for Federation, and the invisibility of the Nether Fleet uses dark energy to simulate the background energy of the starry sky, which is similar to Lin Yu’s volley When crossing, relying on DEAC to simulate the life planet environment is general, belonging to different applications of the same technology.

In short, when the Nether Fleet turns on the stealth mode, no matter what device it is, it can’t be scanned for its existence, because its characteristics in any aspect have been simulated, and it has nothing to do with the background energy of the starry sky. Difference.

In the distance, a fifth-order Insect King is flying quickly towards the node of the ocean current.

Just now, it seemed to have sensed an intrusion from ocean currents, but soon, when it sensed the ocean current nodes carefully, it found that there was nothing abnormal.

You must know that insect race, unlike humans, often feels wrong or something.

Their sensing is very accurate, because, even if any anomalies cannot be sensed now, it still flies towards the node for reconfirmation!

A few minutes later, the exit of the ocean current, the area where it sensed the anomaly just now, has entered its observation range.

But obviously, it still found nothing.

For the first time, this fifth-order Insect King had doubts about his own induction. Could it be that the previous induction was wrong?

Mei Los, a real-time surveillance image is projecting inside the bridge, and in the screen, it is the fifth-order Insect King who doubts his life.

“It seems that the invisible mode is equally effective for the insect race!”

Satisfactorily nodded, Lin Yu said to himself.

Actually, this has long been expected.

After all, there is the existence of “friends of mankind” in Federation…

Nether-level stealth mode has been tested with it for a long time, after the test, Emil said that he could sense something abnormal in the area where the Nether battleship is located, but he could not really see it, or sense the Nether-level battleship in detail!

Furthermore, Emil also said that as an emperor, his sensing ability is much stronger than Insect King, and if it is Insect King, there is a high probability that he can’t even be abnormal. Feel it!

Of course, although Emil said so, but in the end, we still have to go through a real test before we can come to a conclusion.

Now, the result is obvious, everything is the same as what Emil said…

The ordinary Insect King can’t sense the ghost with the invisible mode turned on. Fleet, even if it is anomalous!

“The staff team immediately calculates, where is Alia currently?”

“Yes, Commander!”

Although Alia is gone For a few months, even the Federation could not directly observe her current location. After all, the distance was already too far.

However, for the insect nest channel of the emperor, there is the “friend of mankind”. For Alia’s insect nest channel, how fast can it move forward, the Federation has naturally mastered it Accurate data.

If you want to return from the Kempinian supercluster to the Weierster supercluster, you must experience another cosmic ocean current.

Therefore, Alia has no choice but to go to the Messier galaxy 70 million light-years away and enter the cosmic ocean currents leading to the Weirst supercluster from there.

Even if the insect nest channel opened by Alia, as the emperor, it would take at least ten months for her to gather the main force of the insect race and reach the Messier galaxy.

However, the Nether Fleet under Lin Yu’s command only takes ten days to reach the Messier!

In other words, Lin Yu will arrive in the Messier galaxy before Alia, and first she will go to the Weierster Supercluster for half a year!

“No need to continue testing, order the fleet to set off immediately and target the Messier Galaxy!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Look at the screen For the fifth-order Insect King who had already turned and left, Lin Yu had lost the interest in continuing, and immediately ordered.


In the insect nest passage of scarlet, Alia is marching in it with the main force of the insect race.

Now she can no longer calm down. Just ten days ago, she commanded the tens of thousands of insect swarms of the Weierster Super Galaxy Cluster, and launched a battle against the invaders!

Although the insect race is far more than the scale of tens of thousands of insects in the Weierster super galaxy group, but after all, it is scattered in the entire super galaxy cluster, and I want to gather all of them. , Just relying on the insect nest channel of Insect King to carry out, you don’t have to think about it in a few years!

And these tens of thousands of insect swarms are already the greatest force that Alia can gather in a limited time.

But obviously, lack of the high-level Battle Insect and the high-level Insect King’s guard swarm, relying on the low-level Battle Insect alone cannot stop the pace of Ipnos. What we can do, It’s just a slight delay to the opponent…

Ten thousand insect swarms, and countless low-level Battle Insects, may be eaten up as rations in these ten days. In the belly of the many high-level creatures, they may be directly bombarded and maimed.

In short, it only lasted for ten days, and the entire battlefield can no longer see the existence of any insect race.

Finally, what Alia was most worried about finally happened.

Between the biological civilization army led by Ipnos and the Hollow of the Shepherd, the insect race no longer has the power to stop it. According to the speed, Ipnos will arrive at most one month later. The empty periphery of the Shepherd’s seat.

And Alia’s insect race army wants to get back…

It will take at least seven months! !

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