Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 605

More than a month later.

Weilst supercluster, the cosmic ocean current node, the Chelsea galaxy.

The First Army regiment of the Nether Fleet, which still maintains the invisible mode, finally arrived here after a long journey. The destination of this battle, the Weierster Supercluster!

“Enable space radar, maximum range mode!”

“Yes, commander!”

The maximum range detection mode of space radar, you can use this mode It directly detects distances of tens of millions of light-years, but it can only perform blur detection, not precise scanning.

However, this is enough for Lin Yu. He has just arrived in the Weirst Supercluster. What he needs is basic information here, not detailed information.

For example, information such as the location and distribution of galaxy groups and galaxy clusters, after all, astronomical observations are not necessarily correct.

Be aware that there are a large number of special environments in the universe that affect the results of astronomical observations. Therefore, when a new super galaxy cluster is reached, first perform on-site exploration and correct the star map to ensure that There is nothing wrong with the voyage.

“Commander, the maximum range of space radar detection has been completed, and the star map in the database has been calibrated according to this detection!”

“Well, is there any special discovery?”

“Yes, at a distance of about 7 million light-years from us, there is a large amount of high-energy response, and it is moving fast in the direction of the hole of the boss, but because the distance is too far, it is impossible to perform a fine scan, and it is not sure yet. Which power is it!”

“Then shorten the distance to within 10 light years, I need detailed information!”

“Yes, Commander, I will immediately let the navigation team Plan the route!”


7 million light-years away, Salvilla Star Domain.

Ipnos, who was marching fast with Legion of Purgatory towards the empty Shepherd’s seat, suddenly stopped, turned his head and looked into the distance, his eyes seemed to be able to travel through millions of light years. The distance is average.

“Commander, what happened?”

On the side, a 7th grade creature very similar to a praying mantis, after seeing the sudden stop of Ipnos, came to Asked beside it.

“Did you detect anything in that direction?”

“Ai, no, I couldn’t sense the clustering of large quantities of insects within 5 million light-years around !”

Looking at the direction Ipnos was pointing, and after trying hard to sense it, he didn’t find any abnormal Aura, and said to Ipnos.

“No, I’m not talking about those insects. I always feel that there is a kind of breath in that direction that I am very familiar with, but also very disgusting. I can’t tell what it is, it’s just a vague atmosphere. Induction!”

“Forget it, maybe I think too much!”

I sensed it again and found that, as Ola said, there was no abnormal Ipno. Si, can’t help shook the head.

Maybe I have been a bit tired from the recent continuous battles…

At this moment, Lin Yu, who is 7 million light-years away, does not know that his arrival, unexpectedly I have been sensed by Ipnos, even if it’s only a very vague sense…

At the same time, a new route has been planned in the navigation team, which can ensure that it does not touch the other party, but also Make sure that the opponent will pass by 10 light-years away after you arrive, so that your fleet can observe calmly.

For this route plan, Lin Yu did not have any comments, and immediately ordered the fleet to set off in accordance with this sailing plan.


Ten hours later, Salvilla starred in the Foreign Domain.

The Nether Fleet, which has already arrived here, is maintaining the invisible mode in a silent state at this moment.

Unlike other battleships, the bridge of the flagship Mei Los is very busy.

“Commander, the target still has two minutes to pass 10 light years in front of our fleet until it leaves, we will have about 15 minutes of fine scanning time!”

“The radar team, the information team, and the expert team are all on standby. This is likely to be our first contact with a powerful unknown new force. Everyone stays highly concentrated!”

“At the same time, send all other battleships Immediately enter the second-level preparation state, waiting for further orders from our ship!”

“Yes, commander!”

For the objects that are about to be closely observed, Lin Yucould not dare at all main idea.

You must know that for the Federation, this is a powerful unknown force. For enemies with insufficient intelligence, be cautious and consider all possible worst outcomes. This is a The basic qualities of a qualified commander!

“The target is still 10 seconds away from our precise scanning range…5 seconds…3 seconds…2 seconds…1 second…Enter!”

“The radar team immediately starts the precise scanning mode, the information team is ready to record and classify all scanned data, and the expert team is ready to analyze the target in detail!”

“Yes, commander!”

For the entire bridge, each team performs its own duties. In this brief moment, the members of the entire command team are acting like a precision machine.

“This is impossible!!!”

Half a minute later, the head of the information group opened his eyes wide and his face was unbelievable!

“What’s going on?”

“Report Commander, we have detected the Star Devourer in the scanned data!”

“The Star Devourer? The leader-level creature of the Void Dragon clan in the Magellan galaxy?”

“Yes, and judging by its bio-energy characteristics, it is the one in the Large Magellanic Cloud galaxy back then, not other individuals of the same race! “

This is interesting.

If I remember correctly, the planet Devourer should have been killed by my uncle with a zero bomb carrier, right?

Recalling the planet Devourer’s message, Lin Yu couldn’t help but think so.

“The report commander, according to our tests, this unknown force has about 36 7th grade creatures, 3128 sixth rank creatures, 82 million fifth-tier creatures, and the number of fourth-tier creatures exceeds 500 billion!”

Just as Lin Yu was thinking about the planet Devourer, the leader of the information team finished the data sorting and got up to report.

After listening to the report, Lin Yu’s eyes began to become serious.

It’s no wonder that Alia rushed back with all the main force of the insect race.

What is the concept of 7th grade biology?

According to the classification of biological civilization, the First Rank Insect King of the insect race can be grouped into the creatures of the sixth rank Peak, and the evolutionary flawed emperor like Alba can almost be classified. It is a creature of the 7th grade Early-Stage, and a creature like Alia or Emil can be regarded as a creature of the late 7th grade.

And in front of you, there are 36 suspected 7th grade creatures. What an exaggeration is this?

Although most of them may be of Alba’s level and belong to the lowest of the 7th grade creatures, but, after all, this is also the 7th grade creature, and it is incomparable with the sixth rank creature!

In front of this kind of power, I am afraid that Alia came back with a large army, is it enough?

After determining the general strength of this unknown force, Lin Yu couldn’t help but think so.

However, while Lin Yu was observing these powerful creatures, Ipnos, which was rapidly proceeding 10 light-years away…

Stopped again! ! !

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