Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 606

The huge, star-like body stands in the sky, looking into the distance, squinting very humanely.

It still feels like before, I always feel that there is something over there, and it is still a huge threat to myself.

However, when I feel it carefully, I can’t find any abnormalities.

Ipnos dislikes this feeling very much, as if he is constantly peeped by some kind of powerful existence, but he does not know it.

Ola on the side saw the abnormality of Ipnos, and stopped again, sensing the past in the direction of his gaze.

Still found nothing…

“Ola, the army has changed its course!”

At this time, Ipnos’s The voice came into Ola’s mind, and his tone was full of unquestionable.

“In that direction, no more than 10 light-years away, there must be something, I feel impossible will be wrong!”

Ola is a bit speechless, what about his commander? Again?

But forget it, anyway, it’s only ten light-years away, and it won’t be a delay if you go around. On the contrary, it can make your commander feel at ease, otherwise it won’t be a problem!

“I understand!”

As soon as his mind moved, Ola had already conveyed the order to the heads of each race, and the direction of the entire army changed suddenly and turned. The direction of the Nether Fleet.



May Los number.

Along with the flickering red, the alarm sounded throughout the battleship.

“Commander, the target changed the direction of the march and came straight to us!”

“Don’t be nervous, the other party shouldn’t really find us, it’s probably just something vague Induction, similar to the situation of the Emil, the radar team immediately calculated their arrival time!”

“Yes, commander!”

Soon, the radar team under calculation Encountered a serious problem, by what means is the goal to exceed the speed of light?

If you really want to speak of which, the target seems to have arrived here from your own fleet without showing any means of super-light speed, and has been moving forward slowly.

If you want to fly at this normal speed, even if it is only ten light years, the target wants to reach the current position of the fleet, it is estimated that it will be nearly 40 years, right?

“What’s the matter?”

Lin Yu asked, looking at the members of the radar team who stopped halfway through the operation and began to be in a daze.

“Commander, if you want to reach our side at the current speed of the target, it will take 38 days, but it does not rule out that the target has a means of exceeding the speed of light. However, we lack relevant data and cannot make accurate calculations.”

Does Legion, the creature of Ipnos, have a super-light speed method?

The answer is yes!

Otherwise, given him one hundred thousand years, he will not be able to conquer the Weierster Supercluster, and he will not even have enough time to reach the void in the Boeus constellation.

However, Lin Yu has no information on what kind of super-light speed method it is!

Well, no matter what kind of superluminal means the opponent has, the priority now to be solved is how to deal with this action of Ipnos.

Although Lin Yu says don’t worry about starting, the other party shouldn’t have discovered him, and he really thinks so, but this doesn’t mean that Lin Yu didn’t make any preparations. .

After all, always anticipating the worst probability and preparing for countermeasures are always the basic qualities of a qualified commander.

However, if the goal is really just like the Emir, it feels a little vaguely that oneself exists, instead of really discovering oneself…

“Make sure the goal is going on immediately Direction, the most likely destination!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Lin Yu suddenly remembered something, and ordered.

“Commander, according to our calculations, there is no directly reachable galaxy or planet in the original direction of the target, and if it continues to extend forward, there is only one final possible destination!”

“Where is it?”

“The Shepherd is empty!”

The Shepherd is empty…one of the biggest mysteries in astronomy ever.

It was not until after the Emir was captured that the Federation learned that the Hollow of the Shepherd was bombed out by the Saint-Vier Empire with countless zero-point weapons more than 100,000 years ago.

It stands to reason that the planet Devourer wants to conquer this supercluster. Shouldn’t they attack those galaxy groups or clusters outside the Boves’ void? Why go straight to the Shepherd who should be empty Where is the seat empty?

Another point is that, according to the size of the Weirst supercluster, even if the insect race is completely undefended, the planet Devourer wants to occupy all the territory, which is basically impossible for several decades.

But, since this is the case, why does Alia rush back desperately?

And is there any connection between these?

“Fetch me Johnson!”

“Yes, Commander!”

Based on the mutual confirmation of a series of situations, Lin Yu has some problems. Mature guesses.

However, no matter whether this guess is correct or not, it seems to be here to help Alia and hold the opponent for half a year until the main force of the insect race arrives, which seems to be a very interesting thing.


Soon, the communication was connected, and Li Lizi was led to raid the outpost where the neutron War Star is located in the Andromeda galaxy. Now he is an admiral. With military rank and commanding a ghost squadron alone, Johnson, whose illusory shadow appeared in the bridge of May Los.

“Johnson, I have an important task for you!”

“Commander, please say!”

“The planet Devourer ten light years away and The huge creature Legion he is carrying is coming towards us. You should already know about this, right?”

“Yes, I already know, what did the commander want?”

“Well, although the target cannot find us exactly, it seems to be able to vaguely sense our existence. I want you to lead the Second Squadron to hold them here for at least half a year!”

Lin Yu said to Johnson nodded.

In fact, Lin Yu’s idea is very simple, don’t you guys want to go to the Shepherd’s seat?

Didn’t Alia want to fight back for help?

The matter is simple. I will use a squadron to directly confine you here and hold you for half a year until Alia arrives, and then sit and watch your dog bite. Isn’t it fragrant?

During this period, I led the rest of the fleet to the Hollow of the Shepherd to see what it was, that led the planet Devourer to go, and forced Alia to return to Weierster desperately. Super galaxy cluster.

It is simply one move, two gains!

As for how to hold the planet Devourer and its army of creatures for half a year, wouldn’t the opponent leave after arriving here and searching for no results?

Lin Fan has already figured out a countermeasure about this, as long as…

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