Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 610

In a blink of an eye, a month passed.

In this month’s time, Ipnos was almost blown up.

Jiang Feng directly treated it as a monkey.

Come up alone. It is almost impossible to hit the second squadron tens of millions of kilometers away by relying on your own means of a single attack!

Wait for your own millions of ethnicities to come up and carry out coverage attacks?

People have already flown a few AUs away, and they don’t have such a high range at all!

Ignore this fleet of Johnson altogether, people come forward to hook you up again!

After being tricked for a month, Ipnos broke out completely.

This is simply unbearable. If you don’t catch this group of humans, you really won’t do other things…

Although Ola has persuaded him several times, In the current state of Ipnos, it was useless to persuade him, and had no choice but to shook the head.

And just when Ipnos was chasing Johnson crazy, after a month, Lin Yu first led the fleet along the edge of the hole in the Shepherd’s seat and circled a small half circle, successfully avoiding Ipp. After North’s induction, he entered the hollow of the Shepherd’s Seat from the other end.

A total of 250 million light-years in diameter, there is nothing. One can imagine how crazy the Saint-Ville Empire was at the end of the war.

Be aware that even the Virgo supercluster where the Federation is located is only 110 million light-years in diameter.

In other words, at the end of the war, the Saint-Ville Empire directly exploded more than 2 Virgo galaxies…

There was not a single star, and some were just endless darkness. , So that everyone has a feeling of have one’s hair stand on end.

What is hidden in such a barren land?

Make planet Devourer and Alia take so seriously?

The First Army regiment of the Nether Fleet, which remained in the stealth mode, had been circling around the hole in the Bove seat for three days at this moment, but found nothing.

However, this is after all just the tip of the iceberg.

After not discovering anything, Lin Yu decided to go deep into the hollow interior of the Shepherd’s seat, aiming to reach its Central Region.

The distance of more than 100 million light-years, even with the Federation’s hyperspace technology, takes more than 20 days to reach it.

In addition, even if it is the goal to reach its Central Region, it does not mean that Lin Yu is a direct stop.

After all, who knows if there is something hidden in these places on the road, basically it keeps going forward 10,000 light-years at a time, and then stops for a maximum-range space radar scan.

So, in general, it takes at least five months to reach the center of the cavity.


Time is like an arrow shot, passing fast, and five months will soon pass!

Weilst supercluster, the cosmic ocean current node, the Chelsea galaxy.

Fixed the time, Johnson, who completed the entire battle, commanded the fleet to arrive here.

According to time estimation, in another seven minutes at most, Alia’s army will descend from the ocean current, and the planet Devourer will arrive in about the same time.

It’s perfect!

Speaking of which, although it has been a pleasure to walk the dog in the past six months, it has been an uninterrupted battle for six months, and all soldiers are now quite tired.

Fortunately, the combat mission is coming to an end. Next, they only need to plant some hidden detectors here, and then stay away from Chers, and they can rest while enjoying the performance that is about to begin. ..

This battle between biological civilizations!

While Johnson was commanding the deployment of detection devices everywhere, the main force of the First Army regiment led by Lin Yu finally approached the hollow central area of ​​the Shepherd’s seat.

“Commander, there is one minute we are about to arrive in the central area of ​​the boss.”

Bai Xuan stood beside Lin Yu, slightly sideways to report.

For five full months, nothing was found. If there is still nothing in the center of this hollow, then the past six months will be really futile.

“Well, this is the last stop, I hope I can find something!”

“By the way, the Chelsea galaxy is about to start, and after Johnson finishes the arrangement , Synchronously transmit the monitoring data over there!”

“Yes, commander!”

The empty and dark void suddenly became vortexed by countless blue vortexes. The hyperspace window was illuminated, and the battleship of nearly billions of dollars jumped out of it, and came to this place where there was not even a trace of light.

Actually, this place is not really a hollow center, it can only be regarded as the periphery of the Central Region.

After all, even if the invisible mode is turned on, the ordinary insect race cannot find itself, but the scene when the hyperspace window is opened cannot be obscured.

Therefore, in the Central Region, which is most likely to hide something, Lin Yu did not allow the fleet to fly in directly through hyperspace, but set the coordinates at the outermost periphery of the region to maximize Avoid being discovered by the possible insect race!

“Commander, all battleships have exited hyperspace, and the stealth mode has been activated!”

“Scan now to see if there is an insect race around!”

“Yes, Commander!”

“Commander, found the traces of the insect race, our fleet is up ahead about 30AU, the number is about 1,000, very scattered!”


More than ten seconds later, the leader of the radar team was manipulating the console while reporting loudly.

This shocked everyone.

Seriously, it was the first time I found traces of insect race after entering the cavities of the Shepherds for half a year.

“You just said that the number is only 1000, and the locations are extremely scattered?”

“Yes, Commander, all insects exist alone, there is no distance between two It is less than 10 million kilometers!”

“Mark me the locations of all insects on the star map!”

“Yes, commander!”

After hearing Lin Yu’s latest order, the leader of the radar team immediately began to operate. Not long after, a three-dimensional star map was already presented in front of Lin Yu.

It’s a bit strange to say that it’s a star map, because in this so-called star map, there are no stars. Some are just marked by the leader of the radar group. Thousands of Battle Insect locations.

A whole thousand points of light, if they are all connected by lines, you will find that these Battle Insects actually form a hemisphere.

From this, it can be seen that these insects are not random positions, but are deployed strictly according to certain rules.

Of course, after all, the distance is only 30 AU. Lin Yu has obtained the data of these insects from the scanning of the space radar. It is just a normal combat insect, not a new type of Battle Insect.

In this way, Lin Yu’s previous speculations were directly dispelled, and among the remaining speculations, the most likely one is…

Be on guard! !

Yes, it’s a sentry. According to the precise sensing distance of the combat insects in the database, Lin Yu will find that these 1,000 combat insects form a monitoring network with no dead ends…

Bring all the routes that can enter the hemispherical area into the monitoring range! ! !

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