Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 611 – Comrade Mao

Strongest Commander of Interstellar Chapter 611

Although Lin Yu can see that these Battle Insects are on guard, it is still impossible to know what secrets are in this hemispherical area.

At least…

The scan of the space radar did not find anything.

However, space radar is only used to scan objects in this space, and it still has many limitations.

“I started all the scanning devices on the battleship, and the information team also acted for me to measure all the data in that area in an all-round way!”

“Yes, commander!”


Suddenly, not only the radar group, but the information group also joined in. Using all available scanning and detection devices, a full-scale observation of the hemispherical area was started.

“Energy pop scan found no abnormalities…”

“Void dynamic scan found no abnormalities…”

“Phase scan did not.. .”

“Commander, there are abnormal data in the scanning data of the background energy of the universe!”

“More details!”

“Yes, this anomalous data is somewhat similar to the previous set of data recorded by the Angel Fleet in the Mercia Group. According to the matching results in the database, it has a similarity of 37.29%, but I don’t have enough permissions to view it. The report content of that data!”

Mecia Group of galaxies?

The data recorded by Angel Legion?

Is it…

That time bubble in the Brecht galaxy?

“Call out the report of similar data in your database and send it to me!”

“Yes, commander!”

Soon, one The report was transferred to Lin Yu’s terminal after being called by the information group leader. After confirming that he had sufficient authority, the content of the report was presented.

Sure enough… it’s the data related to that time bubble.

Can it be said that this area is a time bubble, and Alia is using the effect of time expansion to accelerate the cultivation of Insect King?

This is no wonder. According to Emil, in the hundreds of thousands of years of insect race’s history, more than 100 First Rank Insect Kings were cultivated in such a long time, but when the insect race After race and the Saint Dimension Empire, only one hundred thousand years later, Alia has cultivated hundreds of First Rank Insect Kings. This is indeed a bit abnormal…

But it’s not right, if it’s true It’s similar to the time bubble in the Brecht galaxy, so shouldn’t what I see is still or a picture like a quick shot? You know, the time bubble will not hide things in it. Get up…

But in that area now, obviously you can’t see anything!

“Let the ship’s expert team report to the bridge immediately!”

“Yes, commander!”

A few minutes later, dozens in different fields The expert came to the bridge under the resolute leadership of the team leader.

“Strong, I have encountered some troubles and need help from your expert group!”

“This is the situation…”

Soon, Lin Yu explained the current situation in detail, and when he learned about the situation, he immediately led a group of experts to take over the position of the information group.

But…it will not be a result in a short time.

“Commander, the time is almost here!”

I looked at the time, and then I looked at the group of experts who didn’t seem to be able to get results for a while, Bai Xuanwan Lower body, said in Lin Yu’s ear.

“Well, if it wasn’t for your reminder, I almost forgot to connect to the real-time data and video over there!”

“Yes, Commander!”

More than ten seconds later, under Bai Xuan’s operation, three huge images appeared in the bridge.

One displays various data that are constantly being refreshed, one displays tactical images that have not yet been marked, and the last one is a real-time monitoring screen, and there are even thousands of different perspectives that can be switched. Look.

In the screen, the starry sky currently has nothing, and the empty space does not look like a war is about to take place at all.

However, in less than ten seconds, this calm was broken.

The first thing that broke the calm was the two huge sharp claws that suddenly penetrated the space and appeared in the sky.

Like before, the scene where Ipnos tears apart the space channel will be shocked by the visual effect no matter how many times I watch it. It is simply the sense of sight of the hand torn void in the fantasy novel…

Ipnos, who quickly drilled out of the Space Teleportation channel, suddenly became a little confused…

In the past six months, he has become accustomed to it. When I came out, I found that the human fleet had gone far, but this time, it seemed a bit strange…

There was no human fleet of tens of millions of kilometers thrown in front of you, even if it was carefully sensed. After a while, nothing was found.

Did human beings get tired of being chased by themselves and run away?

However, just when Ipnos was a little confused, a variety of cosmic ocean currents beyond 1AU also appeared…

A large number of insect races, like locusts, came from ocean currents. The inside swarmed out, and while still in the ocean current, Alia, located in the middle of the army, also found Ipnos not far in front of the pioneer swarm through the psychopath network of the insect race.

Being as Alia who had commanded several battles with Ipnos before, she naturally recognized the leader of the unknown forces who invaded the Weierster super galaxy group.

Don’t think too much, the war is about to start, and the swarms of insects that have gushed out of the ocean current immediately formed the sea of ​​insects and rushed towards Ipnos.

Their task is very simple, entangle each other and wait for the follow-up main swarm to arrive!

After all, these insect swarms that came out first as pioneers are just cannon fodder-type Battle Insects. Based on the experience of previous battles, low-level Battle Insects cannot give the opponent a substantial threat.

Of course, Ipnos has also recovered from the awkward state at this time. He needs to vent, vent the half-year-long suffocation, and in front of him, these low-level insects dare Launched an attack on himself.

That’s just right, you can let yourself have a good vent.

Also didn’t think too much, looked towards the insect swarm in front of him and rushed over.

That is, at this time, Ola and the leaders of other ethnic groups also flew out of the Space Teleportation channel one by one.

However, after this one came out and took a look at the surrounding situation, these dozens of leader creatures were also a little daunted…

Should not be chasing Ipno Is that the human fleet in the mouth of Si?

Why did you suddenly become fighting with those low-level insects?

Furthermore, is the cosmic ocean current in front?

These insects still have a large army in other super galaxy clusters, and have they come through ocean currents?

Well, no matter what happened to the human fleet, let’s solve these insects first.

For the low-level Battle Insect, the leaders of these ethnic groups don’t care at all. After all, they have been taught several times. Let alone threaten them, they just want to threaten their own Little Brat who are not qualified. what!

Furthermore, not only was Ipnos frustrated during this period, they were also frustrated, and they also needed to vent.

Apart from anything else, more than 30 leader-level creatures followed Ipnos and rushed toward the more and more insects in front of them.

And Ola looked at the leader-level creatures who rushed up a little speechless, they all went up, who will command the creature Legion?

Turning around and looking at the empty giant dragon that has been coming out constantly in the space channel, Ola shook the head, staying in place…

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