Federal forum.

“I think the Federal Empire should work with the cultivator, or directly surrender, to get the cultivation method, technology, can not let us improve, this is a good opportunity!”

“I saw a cultivator killing a small town some time ago, and all the people inside have died! The cultivator world has no law at all, and the entire Empire legal system will collapse.”

“These cultivators are not good, they don’t want to enslave our entire federal Empire?”

Numerous posts are refreshing, and some of them are watching the live broadcast, and they are conviniently expressing their opinions on the forum. Almost 99% of the people are not very optimistic about the situation at the moment, but there are also very few people who especially hope that the cultivator will take over the federal Empire. .

Because only in this way, they will have the opportunity to change from being a ant-like character to a cultivator!

In front of the federal building.

The president of the Federal Empire has already exchanged with the three cultivators for ten minutes. As the president of ordinary people, although under the protection of many bodyguards, they are still all cold sweats. It is really aura. Barrier.

Dao Seeking Realm’s cultivator, for mortals, is the insurmountable ten thousand zhang high mountain, the three aura zhang high mountain condensed aura, for other people, I am afraid that the words are not smooth.

“Three, I really don’t know how we appeared here…”

The federal president wiped his sweat.

“With such a large territory, it appears that it appears. Do you think I will believe what you said? Since you don’t want to say it, then I have to personally search for the soul.”

One of the cultivators sneered, reaching out to the void, the federal president suddenly felt that his body was out of control and was directly caught in front of him.

The bodyguards responsible for defending the president were stunned.

The army of all around pointed the weapon at the first time, but was afraid to launch an attack.

I have been carefully watching the live broadcast of people sucked in a breath of cold air, these cultivators really do not talk about reason, facing the president, but also said that the shot will be shot! ?

Is it today that the Federal President will become the first president in Empire history to be solved by the supernatural forces! ?

“You should be polite, don’t move your soul.”

Ning Qi’s figure appeared in front of the three cultivators, and he rescued the federal president from one of the cultivators. He slowly flew back to his place and watched Ning Qi, the newly emerging cultivator.

The Empire people who are watching the live broadcast have widened their eyes.

Another one! ?

But…this cultivator seems to be friendly?

“Who are you? Is the change here related to you?”

The cultivator brow that was broken by Ning Qi slightly wrinkled and looked at Ning Qi coldly. The other two were a little surprised.

“You don’t have to know who I am, you just need to know that this place will belong to the Taikoo Stars Pavilion from now on.”

Ning Qi laughed.

“Swire Stars Pavilion!?”

The three people were shocked when they heard the name.

Then, they felt the glimpse of Ning Qi’s body, but it gave a kind of terrifying aura that was endless like an abyss.

“It turned out to be Senior in the Stars Pavilion of Taikoo. I am more offended by three people, and please ask Senior forgiveness.”

The three people quickly bowed their hands and saluted, how respectful and respectful they were.

The Empire people who saw this scene were stunned.

“Absolutely the Sir in the cultivator!”

“He seems to have a goodwill towards our federal Empire!”

“This is an opportunity!”


“You can go.”

Ning Qi said with a slight smile.

“Yes, Senior!”

The three people are busy nodded: “I will definitely not take another step in this place in the future, please feel free to be assured!”

“This is not necessary. The emergence of this place is a kind of change that is being produced in the world. The situation will be more and more in the future. If you come to the apprentice, I will not stop you, but what happens cannot put the cultivator The means used by them, they are just mortals who have no way of cultivation.”

Ning Qi said with a slight smile.

“We know Senior.”

Three people in one’s eyes flash a hint of doubt, but still nodded, with the consent of Ning Qi, they fled from here.

The conversation between Ning Qi and the three was not concealed. It was also broadcast live, and the Empire and Empire executives came to a shocking conclusion from these few sentences!

All the heavens! ?

The word they can understand completely!

If you don’t understand it, this means the world they are in, it should be just one of them!

Will this situation increase in the future? That is, the country that represents the same situation as them, inexplicably appears here! ?


The president of the Federation learned the names of the three cultivators for Ning Qi and braved the words.

He vaguely felt that the cultivator should belong to the kind that can communicate, and he would catch people in the air without moving! yuyV

“Wait a minute, there is still a little trouble, wait for me to deal with it, and then talk to you. You only need to know that this matter is not so desperate for you, but a rare opportunity. ”

Ning Qi said to the other side with a slight smile.

The hundreds of billions of people in the Federal Empire are watching the live broadcast at this moment. When they see the smile on Ning Qi’s face and hear what Ning Qi said, many people vaguely guessed the meaning, and the face suddenly appeared. Look of surprise.

Numerous cultivators are coming to the breaking space here. The change here has happened a month ago. After a month of brewing, there are already enough cultivators to be attracted by this place. In addition to the rogue cultivator, there are many The influence of the sect.

“It’s coming again! A lot of cultivators!”

“I think that with a cultivator, we can kill our federal Empire, this time has come hundreds!”

“I don’t know how these cultivators have their temper. If it is just like that, it may be a good thing…”

Just as everyone passed the live broadcast and saw the hundreds of silhouettes standing in the sky, a voice directly rang through the entire place!

“The heavens and the world are constantly converging. If you see certain phenomena, don’t panic, the reaction doesn’t have to be too intense, you can’t arbitrarily trigger Slaughter, otherwise I will kill directly no matter where you are.”

In a simple sentence, it seems that without the smoke of Fire Qi, it is introduced into the cultivator ear that is too far away.

Even those who are in retreat, all around are banned cultivators, and are awakened by this voice.

Like the great man of the black wind cave, the great-level expert of the great distance, after hearing this sentence, they all came out of the mountain gate, and looked shocked at the sky.

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