On the day when the Federal Empire appeared, there were four or five identical changes in other places that were too far away. Among them, Slaughter was already happening, but after hearing the words of Ning Qi, those Slaughters were immediately terminated.

All cultivators have retired and dare not kill again!

The heavens are converging! ?

So, they see these inexplicable people and things, should they be other Small World? Because of the relationship of fusion, suddenly appeared in the gods and gods?

Ning Qi’s words not only let them stop Slaughter, but also let them want to understand what is happening in front of them.

This time, not only the existence of the Federal Empire, such as the sudden disappearance of the place where he lived before, panic, even the cultivator of the gods and the world began to panic.

What are the sights of the Myriad Worlds Fuse?

What will be caused?

The gods and the world will not lead to the world’s spiritual qi retreat! ?

These are all about the real interests of the cultivator. In their view, this is very likely to be a big robber!

Federal Building.

meeting room.

Faced with hundreds of national parliamentarians, Ning Qi did not hesitate to talk about some of the precautions. Someone was sweating and doing a record.

After an hour, Ning Qi suddenly stood up and waited for the opening of the federal president. His body shape has quietly disappeared in front of everyone.

“President Your Excellency, the cultivator Sir, has helped us a lot, and there have been messages from professionals below. The words of Sir have spread throughout our federal Empire in an instant, we have reason I believe that his words can be passed even further. In a short period of time, the Federal Empire should not be as dangerous as before.”

“It is imperative now to cultivate. No matter what method, the teacher is also good, the transaction is also good, we must let our citizens of Empire have the cultivator-like ability to stand firm in this world in the future.”

“Then contact the surrounding cultivator first?”

The federal president has not had the calmness and decisiveness of the past, because every decision he now has is related to the lives and futures of hundreds of billions of people.

“You can try, hope that we have what they want in the hands, so at least under the warning of Sir, we can make a slightly equal deal with these cultivators.”

“That’s it. It’s right, just that Sir seems to say that this place belongs to the Taikoo Stars Pavilion? Who can think of a way to retrieve all the information about the Taikoo Stars Pavilion? Maybe we already have a strong enough backing!”

The federal president suddenly remembered this matter, and there was a hint of light on his face.


After leaving the Federal Empire, Ning Qi did not return to the Divine Transformation domain, but returned to the Taikoo Stars Pavilion. He believed that his own movements this month should have been known to the Holy Assembly, and then it was a negotiation stage!

When Ning Qi waited at the Stars Pavilion in Taikoo, there was a huge change in the Dark Parliament. I didn’t dare to walk the dark cultivator in the gods and gods, one by one and left the original place.

“I didn’t expect the Dark Council to have this day.”

The true spirit stood on the land of the gods and the world with the cultivator of the fifth district, and made a sigh.

“Spiritual Sir, I heard that the Supreme Council has compromised Mr. Heaven, so it seems that the strength of Mr. Tong Tian is also the seventh step of the legend!”

“Don’t ask me, I don’t know if I ask, it’s the same surprise for me.”

The real spirit smiles and shakes one’s head.

Paused, “The dark parliament suddenly disbanded like this. It’s quite uncomfortable. You think, where can we go?”

“I heard that North Profound is at the Taikoo Stars Pavilion…”


Eyes shined, Ning Qi But the Secretary-General of the Dark Council in the Divine Transformation domain, also from his fifth district, this time do not go to the thigh, when to report?

Although everyone is not sure that Ning Qi is not at the Taikoo Stars Pavilion at the moment, they only have this clue, so under the leadership of the real spirit, everyone flies in the direction of the Taikoo Stars Pavilion.


“What do you think?”

King Qilin regained his gaze on the crystal ball. On the seat of the White Dragon, he was already sitting on another old man in a gray robe.

“Does he really have that means? Can he bring people into the Divine Transformation domain?”

Feng Wang did not understand.

Everyone is also Divine Venerable, and the Divine Venerable’s means are deep enough, let alone take people into the Divine Transformation domain, even if they personally go out, they can’t walk that channel.

“I think it’s a fake, this child must be tempting me to wait, don’t bother him!”

Titans shaking one’s head. yuyV

A few of the remaining members agreed, but most of them did not say much.

The eyes of Qilin Wang finally fell on the gray robe old man who had been silent for a long time: “Tongtian, what do you think?”

“it is true.”

A faint road.

“How could it be true! You are also Divine Venerable, and you should be aware of our Divine Venerable!”

Titan’s coldly cast a glance at the sky, “Don’t open your mouth.”

“Do you want to play with me?”

Tongtian look towards the Titans, the mouth is slightly raised, there is no anger in the eyes, but the battle intent is full.

When Qilin Wang saw it, he immediately started talking: “The matter has not yet been determined. We should not quarrel first. Instead of guessing it, it would be better to ask the past to ask clearly. If he really has such a means, then our future layout will change. A change.”

“hehe, my avatar is already on the road, and I am going to the Swire Stars Pavilion right away.”

The Titans smirked.

The people were a little surprised, and the expression suddenly became a bit strange.

“Don’t provoke him.”

Qilin Wang explained.

“I have my own way of doing things.”

The Titans did not like to smile.


When Shining and others have seen the Archaic Stars Pavilion, a giant foot like a sky suddenly descends from the sky, directly smashing the ban on the Stars Pavilion, and slamming on the mountain range, time and place. Moving the mountain, the entire mountain range is constantly falling.

“what happened!?”

“someone is working on the Taikoo Stars Pavilion!?”

Not only the real spirits and others were shocked, but even because of the movement of Ning Qi, the big-level expert of the major influences observed by the Federal Empire was attracted by this foot style!

a path of silhouette instantly appears in void.

“That is Titan!”

“It seems to be the Great, and at least four turns!”

“No, this aura, more than four turns! I have been to the land of Taikoo, even if the Emperor eight turns, there is no such momentum!”

“Is it the Great Emperor’s nine-turn expert!? He came to the Taikoo Stars Pavilion and what is it?”

In the eyes of everyone’s shock, another giant foot like a sky, once again fell, but this time, he stepped into the air, but found that in any case, can not land …

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