In the clouds, there was a roar, and everyone guessed that it was the giant who was screaming, but no matter how the other party barked, his other foot could not fall anyway.

“The Holy Assembly will send you such waste to come and talk to me?”

A familiar voice, such as the real spirit, suddenly resounded through the Heaven Heaven and Earth.

As soon as this statement came out, the emotions of the giant seemed to be calmed down, but then it was its more fierce resistance!

“It’s the sound of North Profound.”

The face of Zhenling and others has become very weird.

In front of this Titan Race cultivator is actually sent to the Holy Assembly to negotiate with him? What to talk about? When did the silhouette of their minds have the qualification to negotiate with the Holy Assembly! ?

“Ning North Profound, you don’t want to be proud. It’s just that I am a avatar. If my true body is not because something can’t come, how can you stop me at the moment??”

Split? !

This Titan giant is just a avatar? !

The black wind hole main expression becomes very frightened. If the expert who is suspected of being a nine-turner is only a avatar, what is the strength of the true body?

Is the other party…

Perhaps in order to answer their guesses, the giant in front of the people once again issued a coldly snorted: “I am a member of the Holy Assembly, and now I am here to discuss with you personally. Shouldn’t you treat each other with courtesy? ”


Really a member of Parliament!

This Titan cultivator is really the avatar of the MP!

All around countless cultivators shocked and looked at this scene.

“Spiritual Sir, I didn’t expect him to let the members of the parliament come to talk, his strength will not be…”

“Don’t guess.”

The true expression of dignity: “Let’s look at the situation first. There may be a battle today. At this level of battle, we can’t stand too close, so as not to affect ourselves!”



“When you come, you have to break the mountain gate of this place. Is this your sincerity? I am too lazy to kill you, you are rolling, let more sincere people come, I am only waiting here for three days, after three days, See you again next time, not you die, or I die.”

Let the members of the Holy Assembly roll! ?

The emperors who had been guessing which antiques were in the Stars Pavilion were unable to tremble.

This is no longer a guess. There is a silhouette in their minds. The silhouette of this silhouette has long been known to everyone. The things that happened in the original buried bones could not be concealed!

This is the seventh step of a new advance!

There is only the seventh step, so that the Holy Assembly can treat each other as equals, and send the same members to discuss the existence of the members!

The giant was silent, probably silent for five or six interest hours, and then the body shape changed in vain, turned into a silhouette similar to the size of ordinary people, quietly standing in the void.

“The rest of the people are not empty, I am sincere enough to talk about it!”

“walk in.”


“If you don’t leave, you will roll.”

“Good! I am leaving!”

The Titans were sneered, pressing on their inner humiliation, falling on the mountain range and walking towards the Taikoo Stars Pavilion.

If it wasn’t for King Qilin and others, why should he be so pretend politeness and compliance, “The group of fellows is too timid. If they come together, how can he stop it! How can it be blocked!”


“Spirit Sir, what should we do now?”

“Go in and see.”

After the true spirit meditated, he made a decisive decision and flew in the direction of the Taisho Stars Pavilion.

During this time, the Holy Parliament first reconciled with the Dark Council, giving them the qualification to walk the gods in the light.

Then the Holy Week sent people to talk with Ning Qi, and in a short period of time, some changes about the gods and gods.

All of this makes the real spirit uneasy and can confuse him. Nowadays, there is only a small fellow that was once cultivated by him as a descendant.

“Who are they?”

Almost the thirteen holes of the Lord came here, and their eyes swept over the real spirits and others, and there was a glimpse of doubt in the depths of their eyes.

look unfamiliar.

And dare to go to the Taikoo Stars Pavilion, not afraid to disturb the two powers?

“You, or do we have to look at it?”

“They dare to go, can we go too?”

“I advise you not to die.”

Suddenly, three consecutive silhouettes appeared in front of the main caves.

The black wind cave look at the trio, then said with a sneer: “Yue Dadi, Feng Dadi, Wei Dadi, what wind has blown you?”

The head is as big as a bucket, but the body is like a child’s Yue Dadi screaming: “Where do we want to go, can you manage it?” yuyV

“The Taikoo Stars Pavilion has undergone an unknown change. You are all waiting here, don’t bother.”

Feng Dadi said coldy.

After talking, her expression complex look at the Taikoo Stars Pavilion, the Archaic Stars Pavilion, has always had four major family of younger generation in cultivation.

During this time, the changes in the Stars Pavilion in Taikoo did not make too much concealment, so they knew it, but they were still not sure about this matter.

The trio tried to use the life light to find the disappearing fragments, and the result was that they couldn’t determine their position. Therefore, they planned to take a look at themselves and see if the information that the discipline first came back was true or false.

Just now, they saw the avatar of a suspected member of the Holy Assembly and wanted to come here to discuss with the person.

This has caused the doubts in their hearts to dissipate seven or eight points. It is possible for the Holy Assembly to have a good discussion. Is there really any kind of unpredictable means?

“It’s just obvious that someone has gone in.”

“They’s cultivation base is not enough. I just want to give you a reminder on the emperor who is too far away. If you insist on going, please feel free.”

Feng Dadi’s faint road.

Yue Dadi and Wei Dadi were also lightly smiled, and they did not particularly care about their actions. This suddenly made the major cave owners somewhat amazed.

“Okay, tentaively believe you once, the seventh step cultivator is rare to show up, if I lose this rare opportunity to ask for advice, I will not have a second time in this life.”

Black wind hole main said solemnly.

At this moment, suddenly a voice blew in the ears of everyone, and the smile on the face of Lady Latte, who had been laughed, suddenly froze, and the subconscious star watched the Taisho Stars Pavilion.

“You heard it too!?”

The black wind cave is a big surprise.

The expression of the people is weird nodded.

“Since Senior is invited, what are we waiting for, let’s go!”

The black wind cave took the lead and went to the Pacific Pavilion Pavilion breaking space.

Feng Dadi and others saw it and quickly kept up, not willing to lag behind!

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