“Senior Brother was laughing, and I was just seeing so many old acquaintances here, and it was exciting that the initiative was somewhat overreactive.”

After Zhao’s silence, he said with a smile: “Since he saw Senior Brother today, Junior Brother resigned.”

after talking, he was leaving, and Zhao had been watching Ning Qi’s nerves, seeing Ning Qi without stopping, relaxed in his heart.

“When I get back, please leave Divine King to kill you!”

Zhao Xiao Xiaojung thought about it.

“Did I let you go?”

Ning Qi suddenly said with a smile.

Zhao’s body was slight and then turned around looking towards Ning Qi, said with a smile: “Senior Brother, what else?”

“No major event, you just got to wait here for me, and since I got back, don’t rush away, stay here for a while.”

Ning Qi laughed, while speaking, he stretched his hand to move and was taken before Ning Qi when Peak-Stage Town, the four major Emperors of Zhao, was shot at Ning Qi.

“Far from being guests, take them down to a good hospitality.”

Ning Qi said with a light smile.

Those four great gods showed up in the eyes of frightened looking, panicking looking for the children of Zhao.

They’re subordinate to Zhao’s children, and Zhao’s children are supposed to be right for them.

Who knows what the end of a good hospitality by taking along to withdraw?

But Zhao has never been able to ignore the death of the four gods, and he just wants to know what Ning Qi wants to do to him!

“Senior Brother, I’m from the Great World, and if it hadn’t been long, there might be Divine King coming to me.”

Zhao’s silence slowed down.

“Pontitis World?”

Ning Qi’s eyes are moving. No wonder he just returned to the God’s community and felt something wrong with the aura.

It appears that the God’s community has completed complete integration, leading to the fact that the world has been able to arrive at cultivator.

Perhaps at this moment, where there is no knowledge, someone is fighting for it.

“Does Senior Brother know about the existence of the Big World? That’s good.”

Zhao’s eyes show a hint of smile.

He was also afraid that Ning Qi had no idea of the existence of a world of pneumonia, and now he knows that it is much stronger to know that the bottom of these big worlds is bigger than God.

In the big world, the world of pneumonia can rank the top ten, and the world of God has just been promoted to the big world, ranked on top of it!

“I’ve heard of it, but I’m curious that you were in the first place because you went to Pneumonia World so that you could be promoted to Divine Venerable today?”

Ning Qi said with a light smile.

“Well, after I left Zuldan on that day, I coincided to walk down the world with pneumonia, and so the cultivation base festival has risen.”

Zhao’s said with a light smile.

Ning Qi was somewhat sighted that he had come to the God’s community because of the international affair, the cultivation base had risen, while the other side had arrived directly at a big world, with a much higher starting point than him.

It is likely that, when Ning Qi just stepped on the sixth step, Zhao’s child is already Divine Venerable.

But unfortunately, there has been an increase in the cultivation speed of Ning Qi in the back, and this time countless forces have been drawn from the ghost’s mother, directly breaking the seventh step and reaching Divine King’s!

Divine Venerable, like Zhao, can easily be wiped out when Ning Qi thinks about it.

Until this moment, Ning Qi can feel the way Divine King saw him.

The ants.

Divine Venerable or four Divine Venerable, in the eyes of Divine King, is no different from the ants!

“Regrettably, Senior Brother was always Senior Brother, a thousand miles from Züstar, Senior Brother’s cultivation base, and now I cannot catch up with Senior Brother’s step even if I arrive in the world of pneumonia.”

Zhao Xiaoghed lightly, blinded in the depths of his eyes.

paused, “Senior Brother, can I go? The four limouses were taken as gifts to Senior Brother.”

“Who says you can go?”

Ning Qi said with a smile.

Zhao Tinstartled, “If I don’t go back in time, Divine King can locate my place, won’t Senior Brother be afraid?”

“Why should I be afraid?”

Ning Qi laughed.

Zhao’s face became somewhat ugly, while raising a little bit of doubt in his heart.

“I ask you, you come to God this time, but you hit the front? Is Phantom World ready to fight God?”

Ning Qi said with a slight smile.


Zhao Xiao Xiao Xiao Xiao Xiaoping, then shaking ones head: “Although the strength of the great world is weak, you have a king here, even strong in Divine King, who has agreed to make you a subsidiary world, under the war of the great world, to fight for us.”

Subsidiary World?

Fang Lengming and the others were surprised that they were in positions that were naturally unaware of decisions at the upper level.

I didn’t think that in a short time, the King and the Star Divine King had found a ‘allies’.

It can be noted, however, from the tone of Zhao’s children, that Pneumonia World has not been at all seen as allies and that it should be intended to use the Kobe as a front in fighting.

“How much do you have? How many Divine King? How many Divine Venerable?”

Ning Qi indifferently asked.

Zhao’s eyes moved, and then he was proud of said with a smile: “We have Divine King XII and Divine Venerable 100!”

paused, “It can be three respects with your king, Divine King, the power of Big Divine King, even more oppressive of your king.

I am subordinate of the twelve Divine King’s ‘Shame Divine King’, and if I hadn’t returned to the world for a specified period of time, Primordial Spirit of Divine King would have come by himself. “

“Devine King?”

Ning Qi is a little bit surprised.

He remembered the magic of front section time, and, uh, it wasn’t front section time, and he was stolen by a ghost’s mother for more than a hundred years.

“Senior Brother, it seems you’ve heard of Divine King’s great name.”

Zhao’s eyes shine out of smile.

In his view, Ning Qi, even stronger than him, was a maximum of four robberies against Divine Venerable that’s all, and since he knew the great name of Divine King, no reason had left him behind.

“Did you hear that Divine King came to the world a long time ago?”

Ning Qi expression is weird.

“I have never heard that, just in the rumours, the Divine King of Pneumonia World did come when the world was extremely strong, but then Divine King was crushed and Divine King was hard to come.”

Zhao Childhood Road.

“En, this rumor may indeed be true.”

Ning Qi laughed.

paused, “Look at me. How can you talk at the door? Come in with me.”


Zhao is staying here watching Ning Qi, “Senior Brother, are you sure you’re gonna keep me down?”


Ning Qi said with a smile.

“Aren’t you afraid of Divine King coming?”

Zhao’s Frowned, and said.

“If he comes, I’ll leave him here as a guest.”

Ning Qi, smile.

In order to understand Fang Lengming and the others’ insights in Ning Qi, an exciting guess was raised in the heart.

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