Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1010


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Ye Chen saw this, and flew straight into a pit as deep as several hundred meters, and then disappeared into the sight of the members of the Beauty League.

Looking at the huge pothole of the flashing fire, the Alliance Leader Li Mengyao bit his lip a few times, then looked towards Hu Xiaoyue and said:

“Xiaoyue, sorry…I…”

“Sister Yaoyao, you are not sorry for me, I am the one who drags Sister Yaoyao, not me, and the Beauty League will not let Ye… Ye King of You, dissatisfied…” Hu Xiaoyue smiled sadly when he heard this. Then he said.

“Why did the Ye Chen big brother refuse to help us, he…he obviously…has…” Meirenmeng has been following Li Mengyao’s Little Luoli. Hearing this, he looked puzzled and sad.

“He doesn’t believe the players…including us…” After hearing Little Luoli’s words, Li Mengyao looked straight towards the huge pothole where the flames were getting red, and then said quietly.

“Why, we obviously…we are all seen by him, how can we be regarded as the women of Ye Chen big brother…” Little Luoli heard this, suddenly became anxious, and then said directly.

A backbone of the Beauty League, hearing this, suddenly laughed at himself.

“Look, what can we do, we haven’t really become his women.”

A slender figure, a woman who looked like a model before, smiled bitterly when she heard this, and then said:

“He is the Great General White Steed of the Great Han Empire, the pastor of You Prefecture, and the player Number One Person, and we are just a group of struggling women who want to survive.

For him, it didn’t work, because he wanted women, and he could easily find thousands of women who were more beautiful than us, and all of them were loyal to him and would not betray. “

“Actually, he despises us from the bottom of his heart, despise us, even if… even if we are willing to acknowledge allegiance him, be his dog, be his slave, he would not want us! We are dirty!” A woman who was only about 16 years old glanced at the burning pothole, raised her hand to wipe the tears from the corner of her eye, and then roared angrily.

“Enough!” Li Mengyao’s face suddenly sank when he heard this, and then shouted sharply. After speaking, Li Mengyao turned and looked towards the backbone of the beauty league, angrily said:

“We are women, in this damn world, struggling, women who want to live, no one is dirty. If anyone mentions this word in the future, just give it to me and leave the beauty league by himself!”

As soon as Li Mengyao’s angry words landed, the backbones of the Beauty League suddenly stopped speaking and said nothing.

In the huge pit, the body was wrapped by Supreme-Yang True Fire, and in the lava burned out by Supreme-Yang True Fire, Ye Chen, who sank, suddenly frowned upon hearing the words of the members of the Beauty League.

Is this deliberately told to me, or they are deep in one’s heart…

The dialogue between the members of the Beauty League revealed endless resentment towards Ye Chen. Moreover, what the members of the Beauty League said makes people listen to the idea of ​​”sympathy”.

It is for this reason that Ye Chen thinks so.

Ye Chen doesn’t want to be plotted against. To be more precise, Ye Chen doesn’t want to see one thing, that is, the dialogue of the Meirenmeng just now because of “strategy”, or “plot against”.

If this is the case, Ye Chen must be impossible to ignore.

To be more precise, once Ye Chen confirmed that the dialogue of the Beauties just now was “plot against”, he would take a shot without the slightest hesitation, killing all the members of the Beauties.

Search for Soul…

Forget it, although this method can detect their memory in the depth of one’s soul, the soul-searched person will directly become an idiot, and it will also damage the Heaven and Earth Good Fortune on my body……

If the judgment is correct, there is nothing, if the judgment is wrong, this will become my Heart Demon……

Although there is red lotus karma and I am not afraid of Heart Demon, there is always some influence, although this influence is slight to completely negligible…

Thinking of this, Ye Chen was silent for a moment, and then looked straight towards Li Mengyao on the ground, Chuanyin shouted:

“Open your soul, don’t resist, I want to search your memory.”

Ye Chen used to search for souls before, because the person being searched for souls is Ye Chen’s serious enemy, and here in the Beauty League, Ye Chen is not yet able to determine his enemies or friends.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would not tell Li Mengyao like that.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, Li Mengyao, who was about to take the members of the Beauty League to leave here, was taken aback. After came back to his senses, Li Mengyao hurriedly faced the pothole and shouted:

“Well, I don’t resist!”

As soon as Li Mengyao’s words fell, the members of the Beauty League were all taken aback.

“Sister Yaoyao, what’s the matter?” Hu Xiaoyue asked with a puzzled face.

“Sister Yaoyao?” Little Luoli called after him.

At this moment, Ye Chen’s Divine Consciousness digs straight into Li Mengyao’s head, and then flips through Li Mengyao’s memory and the hidden information in the depth of one’s soul.

After a few breaths, Ye Chen retracted the Divine Consciousness that had penetrated Li Mengyao’s head, and then fell silent.

Ye Chen was silent because in Li Mengyao’s soul, he saw all the memories and thoughts of Li Mengyao about Ye Chen.

In Li Mengyao’s memory, from the surprise of knowing Ye Chen’s existence, to the desire to cooperate with Ye Chen, to the memory of wanting to use Ye Chen to smooth out the threats in her safe city, Ye Chen and I don’t like it.

But later, Li Mengyao was shocked by the power of Ye Chen, and then convinced. Because of Ye Chen’s help, he was enamoured. He wanted to rely on Ye Chen, follow Ye Chen, for herself and for the memory of everyone in the beauty Although Ye Chen didn’t like it, it also clearly explained her transformation.

Of course, if only this is the case, Ye Chen will not be silent, because she is the only one.

However, in Li Mengyao’s memory, the entire Beauty League thinks like this.

What they said just now, there should be no element of plot against…

Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked towards Hu Xiaoyue and other members of the Beauty League, and said again through voice transmission:

“The same goes for you, don’t resist, I want to search your memory.”

Ye Chen finished speaking, Divine Consciousness was released directly outside, and then it penetrated into the heads of Hu Xiaoyue, Little Luoli and other members of the Beauty League.

After a few breaths, Ye Chen exhales long.

It’s not wrong, they really didn’t have the idea of ​​plot against just now…

But their resentment towards me is also true…

This is so special, if it is an enemy, it will be killed directly, and it will be a hundred, but this is a special group of hostile women, how can I start this…

Ye Chen has killed many people and never shows mercy, so Ye Chen is not a good person.

The problem is that Ye Chen is not a murderer.

For those who are not hostile to Ye Chen, Ye Chen will not do it casually.

Accepting them and making them members of Samsara City is impossible…

But you can use the Book of Ancient Contracts and collect them as slaves…

In this way, the resentment of these girls should also disappear…

Ye Chen thinks this way. It is not that Ye Chen’s heart is softened, but because the resentment of the Beauty League is too special.

No hostility, and single.

Such resentment is not the same as ordinary resentment. Ordinary resentment is hostile, and the resentment of Beauty League is not at all hostile.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is that there is no hostility and a single resentment will turn into obsession after the owner of it dies, and then let the soul of its owner linger in the world, unable to Samsara.

It’s nothing short of time. Over time, obsessions will be invaded by various Qi of Evil Yin, and then turned into demonic thoughts. After that, the soul that possesses it will become a very special demon among the ghosts. spirit.

The existence of the devil is different from the wraith that is transformed from normal resentment. It is very special. It not only comes and goes without a trace, but is also extremely offensive.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is that the devil will choose to make it such an existence and retaliate.

Whether it is the Lord or the people involved in the Lord, they are all targets of their revenge.

At this point, even if Ye Chen has the red lotus karma, he can easily kill the devil, it is useless.

Because Ye Chen has many subordinates, a large number of people.

If the demon realizes that Ye Chen not to be trifled with, specifically targeting Ye Chen’s subordinates and Ye Chen’s people, then Ye Chen will not be afraid of the demon and it will be useless.

Because of time, it is too late.

It is precisely for this reason that Ye Chen decided to use the ancient contract book after confirming that the Meirenmeng did not have plot against his own mind, and all of them were resentful of “not hostile”.

Just do it…

If they don’t want to, let them hate me, be hostile to me, or just use God Slaying Spear…

In any case, they should not be allowed to have “no hostility” resentment…

Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked straight towards the Alliance Leader Li Mengyao on the ground, and then shouted:

“Supreme-Yin True Fire, after I refining, I can give it to you, but there is a requirement, how to decide, you can discuss it yourself.”

“No matter what the request, we will agree!” Li Mengyao was overjoyed after hearing Ye Chen’s transmission, and then hurriedly shouted.

Ye Chen heard this and said directly:

“Everyone in the Beauty League, all be my slaves and sign a slave contract with me.”

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