Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1011


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Li Mengyao was taken aback after hearing Ye Chen’s sound transmission.

She thought that Ye Chen might make such and other requests, and also thought that the demands made by Ye Chen might be very demanding and difficult to complete.

After all, Ye Chen is the Great Han King of You, the player Number One Person, regardless of strength or power, all matchless in the world.

If Ye Chen has any needs, it won’t be much smaller.

But as a result, Ye Chen’s request is very simple, that is, let all the Meirenmeng all sign slave contracts with Ye Chen and become Ye Chen’s slave.

What is the slave contract, Li Mengyao has never heard of it, but this does not prevent her from being shocked.

You know, she had the idea of ​​becoming Ye Chen’s subordinate or even Ye Chen’s woman very early.

However, she knew very well that her thoughts were destined to be fantasy.

Because Ye Chen has always shown that he doesn’t trust any players, even women, and they are very beautiful women, Ye Chen will not take them seriously.

This can be easily seen from the fact that Ye Chen has never played any member of the Beauty League.

But even so, Li Mengyao still thinks uncontrollably, becoming Ye Chen’s subordinate, and even Ye Chen’s woman.

Because only to become Ye Chen’s subordinate, or become Ye Chen’s woman, can she obtain a stable living environment under the protection of Ye Chen.

In this way, she, as well as all the members of the Beauty League, will no longer be humiliated by others, and will no longer live a precarious, life-and-death life.

In order to achieve this goal, Li Mengyao and all members of the Beauty League are willing to give everything.

No matter what Ye Chen asks her to do, or what the Beauty League does, they will accept it willingly, and then do it wholeheartedly.

Although this is somewhat utilitarian, the problem is that in the real world, only following Ye Chen is the way out for her and all the members of the Beauty League.

Li Mengyao knows this very well, as do the members of the Beauty League.

Of course, the Meirenmeng is willing to do anything for Ye Chen, not all because following Ye Chen can get a safe living environment.

They are not so cheap to survive, they are willing to give everything.

Otherwise, not long after the game started, the entire Beauty League was annexed by the Yanhuang League.

After all, the strength of the Yanhuang League at the time was much greater than that of the Beauty League.

This point can be seen even by Ye Chen.

Of course, this is not important. What’s important is that the key reason why the Meirenmeng is willing to do anything for Ye Chen is that Ye Chen has rescued the Meirenmeng, and even helped it several times.

Under this premise, plus Ye Chen himself, he is very handsome, and his strength is matchless in the world. The power is the best in the world. The members of the Beauty League, without exception, are all unconsciously. The whole heart was captured by Ye Chen’s strong and domineering.

In fact, even if it is not the League of Beauty, but other female players, they will be impressed by Ye Chen. Although it is not all, it will exceed 50%.

No way, in the real world of weak are prey to the strong, existence like Ye Chen is so lethal.

To be more precise, Ye Chen at this moment is all female players without men, in mind “True Fated Son of Heaven”, none of them.

Otherwise, the young women like Meirenmeng would not fall in love with Ye Chen one by one after Ye Chen watched them, let alone the idea of ​​”willing to do anything for Ye Chen”.

Although this is a bit bloody, this is the true portrayal of all the members of the Beauty League.

If it were not for this reason, all members of the Beauty League would not have “no hostility resentment”.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that Li Mengyao completely didn’t expect that the long-awaited “happiness” will come so suddenly.

After came back to his senses, Li Mengyao immediately rushed to the direction of the pothole and cried out with joy:

“We are willing, we are willing to all, no need to discuss.”

Ye Chen inside the lava, after hearing Li Mengyao’s cry of joy, the corner of his mouth was involuntarily twitched.

This is so special…

Really, it’s a bit painful…

Didn’t expect, I can also meet a group of nympho…

What did Li Mengyao and the backbone of the Beauty League think in their hearts? Ye Chen, who had already used Divine Consciousness to probe their souls, could not know.

It is precisely because of knowing that Ye Chen felt the pain because of Li Mengyao’s words.

After all, Ye Chen simply has no love for the members of the Beauty League, let alone love them.

The problem is, these women are all nymphomaniacs, admiring Ye Chen, like Ye Chen, and want to be Ye Chen’s women.

Although there is a “utilitarian heart” in this, but their desire to become Ye Chen women is real and there is no false element.

In this way, even if Ye Chen uses the Book of Ancient Contracts to accept all members of the Beauty League as slaves, there is no guarantee that these women will not engage in “night attacks.”

Yes, it was a night attack and let Ye Chen take the initiative.

Know that the slave contract only restricts them to not violating Ye Chen’s orders, not to plot against Ye Chen, and to undermine Ye Chen, but it does not restrict them from becoming Ye Chen’s women.

Of course, their probability of success is not great.

Because next to Ye Chen’s Diamond Grade game warehouse, Flame Tiger Ye Lin sits in town. Without Ye Chen’s order, no one should approach.

Of course, except for Ye Chen’s women and men.

It’s just that, even so, women with deep “resentment” from the Beauty League will find ways to become Ye Chen’s women.

No way, who let Ye Chen capture their hearts unconsciously.

In this way, the real world and the game world will become lively.

To be more precise, these women of the Beauty League will actively approach Ye Chen one by one when Ye Chen is in the game world, and Ye Chen will do the same when Ye Chen is in the real world.

In short, trying every means to become a Ye Chen woman is the greatest “desire” of the members of the Beauty League in the depth of one’s soul.

Otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn’t be so painful.

After all, their idea, can’t be called “murder”, what Ye Chen can do is to order them not to do so.

However, the binding force of this command is really weak for the slave contract.

How could Ye Chen, the owner of the Book of Ancient Contract, not know this.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen sighed long, then looked towards the Alliance Leader, Li Mengyao, on the ground, and said:

“Go offline and notify the members of the Beauty League, go online collectively, and then wait for me here.”

“Yes! Lord King of You! I’m going offline!” Li Mengyao heard Ye Chen’s order, wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes because of excitement, and loudly shouted.

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