Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1012


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After hearing Li Mengyao’s words, Ye Chen glanced at the beauties on the ground who had no idea what was going on, then looked towards Hu Xiaoyue, sound transmission said:

“Although the Primordial cultivator belongs to the special profession, the path of cultivation is extremely difficult. Starting from the Purple Mansion realm, every time the realm improves, Heavenly Tribulation will come.

If the Transcending Tribulation fails and your soul is dead, you have to think carefully before deciding whether or not to use Supreme-Yin True Fire to complete the inheritance test of the cultivator. “

As soon as Ye Chen’s sound transmission landed, he was about to wait for Li Mengyao to take the initiative to explain, “Why did you suddenly speak to Ye Chen, and what Ye Chen said?” Hu Xiaoyue was taken aback.

After came back to his senses, Hu Xiaoyue faced the pothole where Ye Chen was located without the slightest hesitation, and shouted:

“I am not afraid of death, I am afraid of continuing to be an ant.”

Ye Chen took a look at Hu Xiaoyue after hearing what Hu Xiaoyue said, then sound transmission shouted:

“Yes, when I finish refining Supreme-Yin True Fire, I will give you one, allowing you to complete the test of Taikoo cultivator inheritance, but you have to remember one thing.

Once you become a Taikoo cultivator, you must swear in the name of Dao, always be loyal to me and never betray, otherwise, I will directly destroy your fleshy body and soul! “

Swire cultivator is a special profession among players. The process of cultivation is abnormal, and after cultivation success, it becomes even more abnormal.

As for why Ye Chen knew this, it was not because Ye Chen was born again, but because Ye Chen himself is a Taikoo cultivator.

So Ye Chen knows exactly how abnormal the Taikoo cultivator is.

As for why Ye Chen had to say this to Hu Xiaoyue, it is because the special profession of Taikoo cultivator has a chance to prove it.

And the book of the ancient contract, the highest is the Great Principle Golden Immortal, surpassing Da Luo Sword Immortal, the contract of the book of ancient contract will be invalid.

In other words, if Hu Xiaoyue breakthrough Great Principle Golden Immortal becomes a quasi-sage, then the slave contract she signed with Ye Chen will be invalidated.

In this way, Hu Xiaoyue will become a free man, not under the control of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen doesn’t want to cultivate a powerful player who is completely uncontrollable.

It is precisely for this reason that Ye Chen asked Hu Xiaoyue to swear in the name of Dadao to always be loyal to Ye Chen and never betray.

Only in this way can Ye Chen feel at ease with Hu Xiaoyue.

This is not to say that Ye Chen is not confident, but because all players are unstable factors, and what changes will happen to their hearts, even if Ye Chen is so powerful, he cannot control it.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would not have confiscated any player as a follower until now.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, Hu Xiaoyue without the slightest hesitation, facing the pothole where Ye Chen was, solemnly bowed and said:

“Yes! Lord King of You!”

Hu Xiaoyue said very simply, without the slightest hesitation, and in the words, there was a strong sense of joy. Ye Chen who sensed this, sighed secretly, and then burned again in the Supreme-Yang True Fire The lava that came out sank.

Ye Chen stopped talking. Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue waited for a while. After confirming this, they glanced at each other, and then all smiled happily.

At this moment, Little Luoli looked towards Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue expectantly, and asked:

“Sister Yaoyao, Xiaoyue, Ye…what did Ye Chen big brother just say?”

As soon as Little Luoli’s words fell, the members of the Beauty League around them looked towards Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue one by one, waiting for their answers.

At this moment, Li Mengyao glanced at Hu Xiaoyue, and then said:

“Xiaoyue, you speak first.”

Hu Xiaoyue heard this with a happy nodded face, and then said:

“Ye King of You, promised to give me Supreme-Yin True Fire.”

“Very good! I knew Lord King of You would not be so merciless.” A backbone of the beauty league heard this, his eyes lit up, and then said with excitement.

“Qianqian, you just said that Ye King of You hates us. Look, Ye King of You really agreed.” A backbone of the Beauty League who looked like a model, at this moment, Looking towards the side with a smile, the girl with a sluggish face spoke.

Little Luoli heard this and suddenly showed disappointed eyes.

Obviously, this is not the answer Little Luoli wants to hear most.

Beauty League Alliance Leader Hu Xiaoyue smiled uncontrollably after seeing Little Luoli’s expression, then touched Little Luoli’s head and said:

“In fact, Ye King of You told me something else.”

“What’s the matter?” Little Luoli heard this and hurriedly looked towards Li Mengyao and asked.

Hu Xiaoyue on the side, as well as the backbone of the Beauty League, all were taken aback, looking towards Li Mengyao in unison.

Li Mengyao coughed when he saw this, and then said:

“Ye King of You promised to accept us! However, we have to sign a slave contract with Ye King of You.”

As soon as Li Mengyao’s words fell, the members of the Beauty League were all taken aback.

The next second, all the members of the Beauty League present, their eyes widened.

“Really…really?” Little Luoli looked towards Li Mengyao excitedly and asked.

“Sister Yaoyao, you…you didn’t lie to us…”

“Sister Yaoyao, today is not April Fool’s Day!”

“Sister Yaoyao, our sisters have come all the way, and it’s really not easy to live until now, you… don’t lie to us…”


The backbones of the Beauty League, you say everything to me, without exception, all of them are full of excitement and eagerness to get a positive answer.

Li Mengyao heard this, exhaled for a long time, and then said seriously:

“It’s true, but you are going to sign a slave contract with Ye King of You. I agreed on behalf of all of you, no one objected, right?”

“What’s against, haven’t we all said before, as long as Ye King of You is willing to accept us, that is, to be her slave, we are all willing, as if Mengmeng is the fiercest shout.” The backbone, upon hearing this, shouted without the slightest hesitation.

“very good, my wish has finally come true!”

“Such a long prayer finally came into effect, very good……”

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and sign a slave contract with Ye King of You…”

“But, Ye King of You has gone down, not up…”


Li Mengyao heard the discussion of chirp chirp twitter twitter from his subordinates, exhaled for a long time, and then said:

“Okay, don’t say anything, now you are offline, and all of our people are online and come here to gather.”

As soon as Li Mengyao’s words landed, the backbone of the Beauty League closed their voices, and then one by one went off the assembly line with excitement, to inform the members of the Beauty League that they all came to the foot of the Changbai Mountains.

Under the Changbai Mountains, Ye Chen, who was constantly diving in the lava burned by the Supreme-Yang True Fire, soon came to the space above 3000 meters underground.

“oh la la” came, a large amount of lava immediately fell 3000 metres underground, in the space of dreary ice-cold.

“Hey, yell…”

A large amount of water vapor, as the lava landed, instantly rose from the ground of the underground space.

At the same time, Ye Chen, who was covered with Supreme-Yang True Fire, appeared in the underground space.

Glanced at the underground space full of dim-blue Wannian Xuan icicles, Ye Chen immediately looked towards the black boulder in the central area surrounded by Wannian Xuan icicles.

When Ye Chen saw the dim-blue flame in the groove of the black boulder, his eyebrows raised involuntarily.

Supreme-Yin True Fire ……

After refining it, go directly to the Immortal Platform!

Thinking of this, Ye Chen body moved and then came directly to the sky above Supreme-Yin True Fire.

Looking at the beating Supreme-Yin True Fire flame, Ye Chen lifted his right hand, and then the void was a shot.

The sound of “Woo” spread, and the Supreme-Yin True Fire flame of dim-blue flew away from the black boulder in an instant, and then came to Ye Chen’s hands.

Supreme-Yin True Fire, although it is a fire, the temperature is Extreme Cold, one of the top ten flames with a score of Great Desolate.

If an ordinary person encounters Supreme-Yin True Fire, 100% will be directly frozen to death, while for immortals, without Celestial Immortal cultivation base or Spirit Treasure Level armor, they will also be frozen to death, and It is the kind of body and soul, all dead.

This is the reason why Supreme-Yin True Fire can become one of the top ten flames of Great Desolate.

Now, Supreme-Yin True Fire, one of the top ten flames of Great Desolate, is caught in the hands of Ye Chen, who only has the Transcending Tribulation period.

If someone sees this, one thing will be immediately reflected, Ye Chen has Supreme Treasure body protection.

Actually, Ye Chen not only has Supreme Treasure Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow Exquisite Pagoda body protection, but also Supreme-Yang True Fire!

If there is no Supreme-Yang True Fire, Ye Chen would not even dare to fight Supreme-Yin True Fire even if he has Supreme Treasure body protection.

Unless, Ye Chen takes the Supreme-Yin True Fire picture in Hu Xiaoyue’s hand, uses it, and then refining the Supreme-Yang True Fire as before using the Supreme-Yang True Fire picture, refining the Supreme -Yin True Fire is also tempered.

Of course, this is just a hypothesis. The real situation is that Ye Chen not only has Supreme-Yang True Fire, but also completely refining it.

So, Ye Chen doesn’t need Supreme-Yin True Fire diagram at all.

Looking at the Supreme-Yin True Fire, which was constantly beating in the right hand, constantly exuding dreary and cold aura breath, Ye Chen went directly to the black boulder, and then sat cross-legged.

Start refining Supreme-Yin True Fire, then advance to Immortal Platform!

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