Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1014


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No need for the youth to hear this, he was taken aback for a moment, and then shivered abruptly.

The next second, Needless Man asked nervously:

“Old…Boss…No…Don’t you mean Ye Chen has nothing to do with Beauty League?”

“Others say it’s okay, do you think it’s okay?” When the middle-aged man heard this, without the slightest hesitation, he slapped the head without the slightest hesitation, and then continued:

“Use your head, think about it, how many times has Ye Chen helped the Beauty League?

If it’s okay, the Beauty League will keep saying good things for Ye Chen?

If it doesn’t matter, how did the Yanhuang League get killed?

If it doesn’t matter, can the crisis of the beauty league survive? “

“But… but, Boss, if Ye Chen has a relationship with the Beauty League, why didn’t Ye Chen let those little ladies of the Beauty League go to Samsara City?” The youth without needing to hear this, suddenly froze, and then Asked in astonishment.

Hearing this, the middle-aged man took a deep breath and exhaled it for a long time, then said earnestly:

“This is Ye Chen’s sinister and most perverted place. He did this in order to let the little ladies of the Beauty League follow him desperately.

Think about it, how dangerous the world is in reality, those little girls, even if they can fight and resist, they won’t be dead.

Wait for a while, they will definitely not be able to hold on, when the time comes is not going to beg Ye Chen.

In this way, even if Ye Chen let them be bitches, they will be willing to cooperate obediently, without the slightest resistance. “

There is no need for the young man to hear this, he stayed for a while, and then said with a shocked look:

“Boss, Ye Chen’s trick is too poisonous, and it doesn’t have to be strong to achieve the goal.”

“Nonsense, can it not be poisoned? He just wants to be a soldier without fighting! This is the thought of the superior!” When the middle-aged man heard this, his eyebrows were raised involuntarily, and his face changed. “Educated” said.

You don’t need to hear this, it’s nodded, and then speak:

“Boss, I will send the order, let the brothers, all wear masks.”

“Go ahead, speed up.” The middle-aged man heard this, nodded, and then spoke.

Once the words of the middle-aged man land, there is no need for the youth to turn around and run to convey the middle-aged man’s commands.

Not long after, World Society nearly hundreds of players, without exception, all used clothes to make a simple mask, and then wrapped their faces.

The middle-aged man saw all his subordinates wearing masks, then lifted the right hand, and then moved towards the location of the Meiren League with a wave.

In the next second, the World Society nearly hundreds thousand players, and then moved towards the Beauty League and surrounded them.

At the location of the Beauty League, tens of thousands of female players in the Beauty League stood quietly one by one, with their eyes closed, not say a word, as if they were already asleep.

Even the World Society players have appeared not far from them, and none of them opened their eyes.

The World Society Sect Leader who noticed this weird scene was taken aback for a moment, then hurriedly raised his hand to stop his men from approaching.

“Boss, what’s wrong with these little ladies, they seem to have their eyes closed?” The needless youth then retracted his gaze to observe the Beauty League, and then looked towards World Society Sect Leader, said with a dazed expression.

When World Society Sect Leader heard this, his already frowned brow wrinkled again.

At this moment, the advanced aura suddenly rose from the female players of the Beauty League one after another.

At the same time, the world announcement suddenly sounded.

“Ding, congratulations to player Hu Xiaoyue, the second advanced Saint Grade general, special reward player Hu Xiaoyue, Innate attribute point X2.”


“Ding, congratulations to player Li Mengyao, the third advanced Saint Grade general, special reward player Li Mengyao, Innate attribute point X1.”


The world announcement was repeated three times, and the entire world channel was instantly detonated.

“Fuck! These two advanced Saint Grade generals seem to belong to the Beauty League?”

“It is from the Beauty Alliance, Li Mengyao is the Alliance Leader, and Hu Xiaoyue is the Vice Alliance Lord.”

“Why not, I shouldn’t. I clearly remember that Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue were both Sovereign Grade generals yesterday. Why are you here today as Saint Grade generals…”

“How can Saint Grade generals drop? Don’t forget, Ye King of You has already been in the Transcending Tribulation period, Ququ Saint Grade generals are not even in Shedding Mortality, but Ye King of You is just like an ant. Exists.”


The world channel became lively because of the advancement of Hu Xiaoyue and Li Mengyao, and the players of the World Society at the foot of the Changbai Mountains were directly on the spot.

The world announcement is that Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue have advanced to Saint Grade generals, but World Society players know that there are not two advanced Saint Grade generals, but a special group!

Looking at the players of World Society, who are constantly advancing, and constantly exuding advanced breath of the beauty league female players, one by one involuntarily showed fearful eyes.

Also, they can’t help but not fear, you know, their strongest is only Emperor Grade generals, although they are only one step away from Saint Grade generals, but this step is far away.

To be more precise, the Saint Grade generals are facing the Emperor Grade generals, it is the existence of crushing.

Originally, World Society still had an advantage in numbers, and it was easy to destroy the Beauty League, but now, with the perverted advancement of the Beauty League female players, World Society has become a dangerous party .

“Old…Boss…” The youth without needing a “gudong”, swallowed, then looked towards World Society Sect Leader, and shouted.

“Use bows and arrows! Shoot them to death in a wave! They haven’t woken up yet, hurry up!” World Society Sect Leader suddenly regained consciousness after hearing the words of the youth without need, and then hurriedly shouted.

As soon as the words of World Society Sect Leader landed, the players of World Society were all taken aback, and then their eyes flashed instantly.

At the same time, the players of the World Society took out one by one without the slightest hesitation, and then drew their bows and arrows, aiming at the female players of the Beauty League.


The sound of dense arrows leaving the string immediately sounded, and then nearly hundreds of arrows were seen, shot directly from the hands of the World Society player, and then fell straight to the location of the female player of the Beauty League.

At this moment, Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue suddenly opened their eyes.

“Xiaoyue (Sister Yaoyao), protect there!”

The words of Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue sounded at the same time, and then I saw Hu Xiaoyue and Li Mengyao, and they rushed to the pit that was still emitting dim-blue rays of light.

Their idea is very simple, never let the arrows of World Society fall into the pothole.

Otherwise, the arrow is likely to affect Ye Chen who is refining Supreme-Yin True Fire.

Once such a situation occurs, not only the things that the Beauty League is looking forward to until now, it will end here, and the anger of Ye Chen will also burn to the Beauty League without the slightest accident.

This is not what Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue want to see.

Under the Changbai Mountains, three 1,000 meters away, within the dim-blue underground space.

Ye Chen, who concentrated on refining Supreme-Yin True Fire, opened his eyes sharply before swallowing.

The Supreme-Yin True Fire floating in front of Ye Chen’s eyes was instantly swallowed by Ye Chen.

In the next second, the huge Extreme-Cold Force exploded directly on Ye Chen.

But in the blink of an eye, the breath of Supreme-Yang True Fire from the most Firm most Yang followed Ye Chen.

One cold, one heat, two extreme forces, instantly neutralize.

Ye Chen, who perceives this point, the huge Primordial Spirit, moves in an instant, and then it will be swallowed by Ye Chen into the Supreme-Yin True Fire in his belly, and be directly photographed in Purple Mansion.

In the next second, several pieces of Innate Spirit Treasure floated. The Purple Mansion of Ye Chen from Innate Supreme Treasure was directly dyed dim-blue by Supreme-Yin True Fire.

Heavenly Dao Immortal Platform, Ye Chen’s Primordial Spirit on the Great Sun Red Lotus Immortal Platform, glanced at dim-blue’s Supreme-Yin True Fire, slightly smiled, and then moved by the Supreme-Yin True Fire. The power wrapped Divine Consciousness and instantly rushed into the Supreme-Yin True Fire.

At this moment, the Sound of Great Dao, which was originally singing, suddenly became high.

After a few breaths, the Sound of Great Dao dissipated, and a mysterious connection appeared between Ye Chen and Supreme-Yin True Fire.

Ye Chen who noticed this, his eyes flashed instantly.

Supreme-Yin True Fire, refining is successful!

With this, the threat of Great Desolate World to me will inevitably be reduced again…

The world is divided into Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang are stored in Five Elements. Each Attribute Power basically has the power to restrain it and its restraint.

And Supreme-Yin True Fire, attribute Extreme Cold, is also a flame, very special and extremely lethal, even Supreme-Yang True Fire can restrain, let alone other Fire Element power.

To be more precise, Great Desolate is within the realm and is good at using the power of Fire Element. In front of Supreme-Yin True Fire, 100% will be restrained to death.

It is precisely because of this that Ye Chen would think so.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that Ye Chen’s ability has been added again, and it is also Great Desolate World, Supreme-Yin True Fire that can be ranked in the top rank.

The next step is to integrate the Supreme-Yin True Fire into the Big Day Red Lotus Immortal Platform, the Immortal Platform of Advanced Avenue!

Thinking of this, Ye Chen glanced at the ground, and was directly killed by the World Society by at least 80% of the arrows, but they fought hard one by one. Although they were constantly injured, no one retreated and no one escaped We, then looked straight towards the World Society player army where dozens of hundreds of people besieged a female beauty player.

Just now Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue’s subconsciously reaction, not bad…

The reaction of the members of the Beauty League can be considered okay…

Although because of the game world, their approach requires a lot of discounts, but fortunately, they all react subconsciously…

Normal refining things are impossible to freely release Divine Consciousness. We must refining with all our strength, especially the existence of refining extreme danger, and we must concentrate attention completely.

The problem is that Ye Chen uses Dao Comprehension Stone to enter the enlightenment mode. In this mode, Ye Chen refining, even if Divine Consciousness is released, will not be affected.

It is precisely for this reason that Ye Chen was aware of World Society when he appeared in World Society, and even heard their conversations. At the same time, Ye Chen also noticed that the Beauty League Alliance Leader Li Mengyao and Hu Xiaoyue Subconsciously reaction after discovering danger.

However, Ye Chen can’t take action casually, because Ye Chen is at the key of refining Supreme-Yin True Fire. If Ye Chen does it, the result of refining Supreme-Yin True Fire is One, that is failure.

Now, Ye Chen refining Supreme-Yin True Fire, naturally there are no restrictions.

Those ants, although they came here because of the Beauty League, but these bastards shouldn’t arrange Laozi casually…

Furthermore, the Beauty League can be regarded as Lao Tzu’s men, although they are all slaves…

Thinking of this, Ye Chen right hand moves, the dark and thick God Slaying Spear, appeared in an instant, and then saw God Slaying Spear, which turned into a beam of black light, and disappeared in a flash.

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