Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1015


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At the foot of the Changbai Mountains, the remaining members of the Beauty League are still struggling to resist the attacks of World Society players.

However, their number is still shrinking.

Standing at the World Society Sect Leader behind the World Society player army, he found that the members of the Beauty League were fighting hard and would rather die than let the World Society players approach the pothole behind them, and his eyes flashed. , And then shouted with excitement:

“Hurry up! Go hard and kill these little ladies, there are treasures in the pit behind them!”

What is in the pothole surrounded by the players of the Beauty League, World Society Sect Leader at first thought it was Hu Xiaoyue’s inheritance.

The problem is, Hu Xiaoyue is not at all in the pothole, but fights with the players of World Society outside.

What does this mean, it’s very simple. The Beauty League “I would rather die than let World Society players approach the pit”, there is “treasure”!

Otherwise, Hu Xiaoyue must go directly to the pothole and take inheritance instead of staying outside the pothole and fighting with the World Society players.

Although this “discovery” surprised World Society Sect Leader, it did not prevent World Society Sect Leader from being surprised.

Because inheritance can be snatched from Hu Xiaoyue’s hands, even he can’t be 100% sure, but treasure is different.

If this kills all the Beauty League, 100% of the treasure in the pit will become his World Society Sect Leader.

Even, he can not only obtain treasure, but also intercept Hu Xiaoyue’s inheritance by the way.

It is precisely because of this judgment that the Sect Leader of the World Society is so excited and so excited.

As soon as the words of World Society Sect Leader fell, the faces of the remaining members of the Beauty League changed suddenly.

“Can’t let them come near! Use jade talisman!” After an angry shout, Li Mengyao directly took out a scarlet jade talisman, and the other members of the beauty league who were still alive took out scarlet jade talisman one by one. .

As soon as the members of the Beauty League activated the scarlet jade talisman, a big black gun suddenly flew out of the pothole and then appeared on the ground.

At the same time, Ye Chen’s voice suddenly rang in the ears of all the remaining members of the Beauty League.

“Quickly lose it!”

In the underground space of three 1,000 meters underground in the Changbai Mountains, Ye Chen of Supreme-Yin True Fire was refined, and the Beauty League was also not expected. He actually got the “Blood Soul Explosive Element” called the Self-destruction Divine Item. symbol”.

Once this thing is used, it will directly suck up all the energy the player possesses without falling, and then explode, attacking all objects within a radius of 1000 meters.

After this, people who use “Blood Soul Explosive Talisman” will not only lose the zero level of their realm directly, but also their soul will be greatly damaged.

In this way, those who use the “Blood Soul Explosive Yuan Talisman” will lose their path of cultivation.

It can be said that no one is willing to use the “Blood Soul Explosive Talisman” before as a last resort.

Because it is used to desperately, hurt others, and hurt yourself more.

If you say that Ye Chen, because this is the game world, he has no special feeling about the behavior of the members of the Beauty League against the World Society player army.

So now, Ye Chen can be considered as a complete approval of these women from the Beauty League.

After all, they took out the “Blood Soul Explosive Talisman” one by one without the slightest hesitation, and activated them.

If they are allowed to continue, the women who are still standing at the foot of the Changbai Mountains at this moment will not die, but the path of cultivation will be 100% cut off.

Ye Chen doesn’t want to accept a group of slaves who can’t fight for themselves or do things for themselves.

It is precisely for this reason that Ye Chen, while approving the female players of the Beauty League, made a sound in time to stop them from continuing to use the blood element.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, I heard Ye Chen sound transmission, and at the same time saw Ye Chen’s exclusive dark and thick God Slaying Spear’s beauty league female players, all of them were taken aback, and then they suddenly showed excitement. The inexplicable rays of light.

In the next second, the female players of the Beauty League who took out the “Blood Soul Explosive Talisman”, one by one without the slightest hesitation dropped the activated “Blood Soul Explosive Talisman” on the ground.

Within three seconds after the activation of “Blood Soul Blast Talisman”, the user can freely choose whether to continue or give up.

If you continue, most of your energy and Soul Power will be drawn away within one second.

If you give up, you only need to throw away the “Blood Soul Explosive Symbol”.

However, it must be thrown away within three seconds.

Because, “Blood Soul Explosive Talisman” doesn’t care what the user thinks, if you don’t throw it away, it will still draw away the energy the user possesses, as well as most of the Soul Power.

The female players of the Beauty League suddenly discarded the action of “Blood Soul Explosion Talisman”, and the expression of ecstasy on their faces was seen by many World Society players who besieged the female players of the Beauty League In the eyes.

At this moment, an idea called, “The female players of the Beauty League have powerful items, plus they have to fight hard”, instantly appeared in the hearts of many World Society players.

At the same time, the faces of the players who crazily besieged the World Society of the Beauty League, all stiffened, and then they saw each of them withdraw and retreat without the slightest hesitation.

Just kidding, don’t you step back at this time, waiting for the weird scarlet jade talisman to attack them.

This is what the players of World Society think in their hearts, and it is also the reason why they immediately gave up attacking the female players of the Beauty League and then retreated.

World Society players gave up the siege of the beauty league, not at all caused too much reaction from the World Society Sect Leader, because he was not involved in the battle, and he was staring closely at this moment, suddenly from the pit behind the beauty league players The big black gun that flew out of the hole.

“Boss! There is a baby!” Followed by the World Society Sect Leader, the unneeded youth who was also not involved in the battle saw God Slaying Spear’s eyes brightened, and then hurriedly looked towards World Society Sect Leader and said.

Hearing the World Society Sect Leader, who didn’t need a surprise reminder from young people, he suddenly regained his senses, and then frowned.

In the next second, the World Society Sect Leader with the silver white gun in his right hand, asked with some uncertainty:

“Doozi, this big black gun, do you have a familiar feeling?”

“Familiar?” The young man didn’t need to hear this, and then looked towards God Slaying Spear flying out of the pit again, and then he was taken aback.

After came back to his senses, there is no need for the youth to narrow his eyes sharply, and then said in surprise:

“Old…Boss, this gun…Isn’t this gun…Isn’t it Ye Chen’s gun…”

“What!” The World Society Sect Leader who was suspicious of this in his heart, heard this, involuntarily shaking his body, and then shouted in shock.

“Old…Boss…I didn’t take a closer look just now. Now I take a closer look. This…this big gun…really looks like Ye…Ye Chen’s gun…”No need for the youth to hear this,” Gudong” swallowed, and then spoke.

The World Society Sect Leader’s pupils shrank sharply when he heard it. At the same time, the surroundings heard the World Society Sect Leader and the World Society players who didn’t need youth to talk, and their bodies froze fiercely.

At this moment, intense and extremely fearful emotions involuntarily rose from the hearts of World Society players, and then directly erupted.

“That…is that Ye Chen’s gun?”

“No…I don’t know, but it looks like the gun with Ye Chen is really good…like…”

“To… if it really is… then… that doesn’t mean…”

“Ye… Ye Chen is… here, and in that pit!”


Frightened and inexplicable discussions continued to sound, and the atmosphere of panic became stronger and stronger.

The name of the person, the shadow of the tree, and the name of Ye Chen have long become taboos in the hearts of players.

No matter whether it is a hidden force, a large force, or an individual player, none of them are not afraid of Ye Chen or Ye Chen.

Be aware that Ye Chen had already killed tens of millions of players before Shedding Mortality, and Ye Chen personally killed it.

Among them, whether it is the game world or the real world, there are millions of players who have completely died!

And now, Ye Chen, who has been through the Transcending Tribulation period, is so scary, just think about it, and you can know a pretty close.

It is precisely for this reason that the players of the World Society, just because of speculation, gave birth to boundless fear, where there is the idea of ​​robbing the League of Beauty.

At this moment, the World Society players, if it weren’t for the World Society Sect Leader hadn’t spoken yet, they would have turned around and ran away. It is basically impossible to stay here, endure the suffering, and even the life and death crisis that may come at any time. .

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