Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1043


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A dinner was over with the performance of the girls “gobble up”.

Ye Chen enjoyed the whole process and was also happy.

Because the girls like to eat and they are very happy, the reason is that simple.

When the maids brought down the food, Ye Chen held the Great Empress Ferocity and accompanied the girls to the back house.

City Lord Mansion, back house, inside the pavilion.

Ye Chen, holding the Great Empress Ferocity, talked to the girls, and then looked towards Great Empress Ferocity, who was sitting quietly in his arms and listening to him talking to the girls, and said:

“Nun, in the future, you will live here temporarily, and these elder sisters will also accompany you in the future, okay?”

“Husband, don’t you accompany your daughter?” Great Empress Ferocity, who was only three years old, heard this, clutching Ye Chen’s two small hands tightly, and then hurriedly asked.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile when he heard this, then touched the little head of Great Empress Ferocity, and said:

“Of course I am here, but the soul of Husband is going to another world. In this case, you Husband and I are just like falling asleep, and then I can’t speak with my daughter.”

“The Husband is here. As long as I can be with the Husband, my daughter is not afraid of anything.” When the three-year-old Great Empress Ferocity heard this, he immediately relaxed, and then said seriously.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but warm up when he heard this, and then kissed Great Empress Ferocity’s little cheek, and then said:

“This is also temporary, because in that world, the nun can’t go to the world for the time being. After Husband’s affairs in that world are solved, you can take the nun to the new world.”

The New World mentioned by Ye Chen is naturally Great Desolate World. If someone else says this, it is 100% big talk.

Because other people simply do not have the ability to bring “special characters” into the Great Desolate world from the real world.

And put Ye Chen here, this is not empty talk, big talk.

Because Ye Chen has a Small World that can grow indefinitely, as long as Ye Chen decides to soar across the country and directly receives the Great Empress Ferocity daughter into Small World, he can do this easily.

Otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn’t talk to Great Empress Ferocity like that.

Great Empress Ferocity, who is only three years old, smiled sweetly after hearing Ye Chen’s words, and then said:

“You can go anywhere, as long as there is a Husband.”

Ye Chen’s heart warmed again when he heard this. At the same time, the bits and pieces between Ye Chen’s previous life and Great Empress Ferocity came to mind again.

Great Empress Ferocity and I seem to have a very special bond…

In my previous life, because of a look in my eyes, I chose her, she chose me…

In this life, I know her, she doesn’t know me, but because of a confrontation, the future Great Empress Ferocity easily and firmly chose me…

Although I don’t know the reason for this, she said from the bottom of my heart, just like the previous life, let my heart touch it as always…

Ye Chen just thought of this, sitting on Ye Chen side Zhao Yu, suddenly glanced at Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen, Huang Yueying and other women, then looked towards Ye Chen and said:

“Husband, let’s stay here with my daughter from now on.”

Ye Chen felt warm after hearing Zhao Yu’s words, and then said:

“Okay, but pay attention to safety. If there is any danger, call me offline in time. Also, if you go out, don’t be far from Samsara City, and bring Ye Lin and the others.

If you meet someone, don’t hesitate to kill them. No matter what they say, it’s pitiful and there is nothing wrong with it. “

Zhao Yu suddenly said that she wanted to stay in the real world with Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen, Huang Yueying and other women, in order to take care of the three-year-old Great Empress Ferocity, 囡囡.

How could Ye Chen fail to see this.

It is precisely because of what Ye Chen said.

After all, the real world is different from the actual game. In the real world, Ye Chen can be said to be enemies everywhere.

Whether it is a Monster Race player or a Human Race player, the attitude towards Ye Chen, apart from fear, is hatred, or just wants to flatter.

Among these, few are pitiful who are friendly to Ye Chen.

If Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen, Huang Yueying, the five sisters of Zhen Mi and Huang Wudie, and Da Qiao stay in Samsara City in order to take care of the Great Empress Ferocity, there is nothing short of time. If the time is long If so, they must have been “holding” in Samsara City.

Just like in the Samsara Immortal City, the novice area of ​​the Three Kingdoms, when the women’s cultivation, they often go out together to look at the flowers and grass and enjoy the beauty of the Samsara forest.

So, Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen and other women, in the real world, it is impossible to stay in the Lord Mansion of Samsara City City.

Ye Chen also didn’t want to restrict the women, so that they would feel like being in jail.

At first glance, Ye Chen’s approach is inconsistent.

Be aware that before, Ye Chen led the army out to fight, and the girls came to the real world from time to time to visit Ye Chen. Ye Chen said at the time, but “Don’t let the girls leave Samsara City.”

In fact, this is not a contradiction.

Because at that time, Ye Chen’s strength was not strong, and the women had no power to restrain the chickens. Ye Chen had no choice but to keep the women from going out.

Otherwise, the women said that when they encounter danger, they encounter danger. Ye Chen doesn’t want to see such a situation happen.

Now it’s different. Ye Chen has become the Number One Person among the players, and the girls not only have the strength that surpasses all players except Ye Chen, but also each have a set of Spiritual Artifact. Level-class armor, Magical Treasure Level long sword, players want to hurt the girls, it’s just a dream.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that in the real world, there is no longer any threat to the girls. Ye Chen can’t make the decision to continue restricting the girls and not let them go out.

As soon as the women go out and walk around, it is difficult to guarantee that they will not appear and be discovered.

Once the girls are discovered by “people”, all kinds of conspiracies and plot against will inevitably follow.

Of course, this so-called conspiracy and plot against are basically from Human Race players, and Monster Race players basically attack directly.

Ye Chen is not worried about direct attacks, but the problem is that crafty plots and machinations, various plots against, are not the same as direct attacks.

This method is more insidious and more destructive.

If Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen and other women are seen by Human Race players and recognize their identities, then the plot against Ye Chen will be drawn up in no time. One hundred kinds.

Why does this happen?

It’s very simple, threaten Ye Chen! Then get everything about Ye Chen!

Ye Chen is now awesome, no one dares to provoke, no one dares to confront, but Ye Chen’s women are different.

They don’t have the strength to make everyone desperate.

For this reason, as long as someone notices that Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan and other women have arrived in the real world, then “plot against” will inevitably follow.

Ye Chen doesn’t want Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan and other women to meet other people’s plot against, and then stupidly won the trick.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would not tell Zhao Yu, “If you see someone, just kill him”.

As for Ye Chen’s decision, is it too cruel, too ruthless, and too cold-blooded? Ye Chen doesn’t care.

For Ye Chen, the safety of the girls is what Ye Chen cares about most. Ye Chen doesn’t care about the lives of others.

What’s more, Ye Chen’s decision was not entirely unreasonable.

Be aware that Ye Chen told all players on the world channel of the game world a long time ago.

Samsara City is forbidden to build a city or approach it within a hundred miles.

Ye Chen said so bluntly, and there are people who dare to come to Samsara City. This is not because of ulterior motives.

As for whether he was forced to go to Ye Chen to avoid trouble and so on, Ye Chen simply didn’t care.

If you dare to come, don’t be afraid of death, or don’t come.

This is Ye Chen’s attitude, and it will not change because of anyone.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, Zhao Yu without the slightest hesitation’s nodded responded:

“Husband, don’t worry, This Consort understands.”

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