Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1048


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Ye Chen heard what the young surnamed Sun, or Sun Qiang, said like an “old friend”, he glanced at Sun Qiang faintly, and then said:

“I thought about who is behind this new Yanhuang League, but I didn’t expect that the power behind this will be your Sun Family.”

Sun Qiang’s family belonged to an unusual family before the Great Desolate game came. However, Sun Family good luck, before the meteor fell, got a special chance, got a cultivation technique and some precious items.

It is precisely for this reason that the Sun Family, which was originally unusual, jumped up and became one of the mysterious forces. Although it can’t be called how strong it is, it is not something that ordinary forces or large forces can provoke. .

In Ye Chen’s previous life, Ye Chen knew that the Sun Family became one of the hidden forces. It was a year after the Great Desolate game was launched, outside the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains of Great Desolate World, to besiege a little Monster King of Monster Race time.

At that time, Ye Chen saw Sun Qiang and even the tens of thousands of players led by Sun Qiang.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that Sun Qiang, Ye Chen’s “old classmate”, hit his mind on Ye Chen.

This fact is somewhat ironic. After all, Ye Chen, who was reborn, has not communicated with players too much in order not to be plotted against.

As a result, Ye Chen was not only plotted against, but also against by a former “old classmate”.

Although, Ye Chen had seen many of these things in his previous life, and they were obviously very close, but stabbing a knife in the back, but it happened to him, and it was always a little uncomfortable.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, Sun Qiang and the Alliance Leader of the new Yanhuang League changed their faces. Then they saw their bodies and froze in place.

“Ye Chen, what are you talking about, how can I not understand?” After Sun Qiang tried to stay calm, he looked towards Ye Chen with a “lost” face, and then asked.

Ye Chen heard this and took another look at the former classmate, then sighed for a long time.

“Sun Qiang, you are still the same as when you were in school before, with one on the surface and one on the back. Unfortunately, what you think is brilliant, but in fact, it is very inferior, because paper cannot contain fire.”

Sun Qiang is a classmate of Ye Chen and lives in the dormitory next door. However, because Ye Chen has to work part-time to earn living expenses and tuition, and does not live in a dormitory, Ye Chen has not much contact with Sun Qiang.

But even so, Ye Chen still knows what Sun Qiang is like.

No way, Sun Qiang was so contrived. The “great accomplishments” of “one thing on the surface and another on the back” spread throughout the class half a year after he enrolled.

Otherwise, Ye Chen wouldn’t say so.

Sun Qiang’s face changed suddenly when he heard Ye Chen’s words, but he immediately regained his composure.

The next second, Sun Qiang smiled suddenly, and then asked:

“Ye Chen, I said, I really just want to pursue our monitor, Hu Xiaoyue, do you believe it?”

At this moment, Sun Qiang has already made one thing clear, that is, Ye Chen has heard all his conversations with the new Yanhuang League Alliance Leader, and Ye Chen has also estimated Sun Family through this conversation .

Otherwise, how could Ye Chen come up and say, “The hidden force behind the new Yanhuang League is the Sun Clan family.”

Since Ye Chen heard it all and calculated it on Sun Family, if he continues to say something, “I don’t understand”, then it seems naive.

It can be admitted directly that Sun Qiang would not do this to plot against Ye Chen.

even more how, in the conversation he just had with the new Yanhuang League Alliance Leader, he simply didn’t mean to plot against Ye Chen. It was only because he was afraid of “misunderstanding” Ye Chen.

This is Sun Qiang’s confidence and the reason why he is still calm now.

Ye Chen heard this, helplessly shook the head, and then said:

“Sun Qiang, although we are classmates, you don’t know me.”

Ye Chen said, right hand moves, the dark and thick God Slaying Spear instantly appeared in Ye Chen’s hands.

At this moment, Sun Qiang and the Alliance Leader of the new Yanhuang League narrowed his eyes.

Dangerous, dangerous, Ye Chen is about to do it!

This is what Sun Qiang and the new Yanhuang League Alliance Leader have in mind at this moment.

“Who I want to kill does not require human evidence, material evidence, and no need to listen to any explanation. If I believe who should die, whoever must die, no exceptions.”

Ye Chen said this, right hand God Slaying Spear lifted up and then pointed at Sun Qiang, and then said:

“Also, although Hu Xiaoyue has become my slave, she is not my woman, but even so, it is not someone who can get involved, including you.”

Sun Qiang heard this, the heart that was beating violently because Ye Chen suddenly took out the God Slaying Spear, suddenly beating more frantically.

“Ye Chen! I apologize! The letter has not been delivered yet, I will burn the letter and swear that I will never have this idea again!”

As soon as Sun Qiang’s words fell, the Alliance Leader of the new Yanhuang League “pu Tong” knelt on the ground, and then cried out in horror:

“Master King of You! The villain didn’t call your name on purpose just now, but was frightened! And the villain is just a subordinate who obeys orders and cannot refuse Sun Qiang’s order at all, Lord King of You, Mingjian!”

The voice of the new Yanhuang League Alliance Leader is full of panic. At this moment, he has long lost the thought of plot against Ye Chen, and some are just deep regrets, and how from Ye Chen’s hands, Live!

Who is Ye Chen, the Great Demon King who kills without blinking an eye, tells Ye Chen the reason, the reason, nonsense, all nonsense.

Ye Chen You need a reason to kill, you just need to feel wrong, kill if you want, no matter who you are.

If there is Regret Medicine, the Alliance Leader of the new Yanhuang League, they are willing to pay everything and then buy it without the slightest hesitation.

After hearing Sun Qiang and the new Yanhuang League Alliance Leader begging for forgiveness, Ye Chen dismissed curl one’s lip, and then said:

“I have said it, I don’t need a reason, and I don’t need an explanation, so let me die!”

Ye Chen finished speaking, his eyes suddenly opened, and the right hand God Slaying Spear immediately stabbed forward.

“pu chi” came, and the dark and thick God Slaying Spear instantly pierced Sun Qiang’s head, and then he saw the red and white ones flowing directly from the hole in Sun Qiang’s head.

The new Yanhuang League Alliance Leader shuddered abruptly when he saw this, and then screamed at Ye Chen:

“Master King of You! The villain is willing to be your slave! The villain is willing to tell the location of the Sun Family, and the villain is willing to tell the plots of the Great Family!”

At this moment, Sun Qiang, who was shot to death by Ye Chen, exploded with a “bang”, and then splashed with pieces of flesh and blood.

For a time, strong blood-reeking qi directly flooded the entire lobby of the City Lord Mansion in New Yanhuang City.

There was a sound of “wow,” and a large number of items exploded directly from Sun Qiang’s storage space.

Ye Chen took a look, lifted his right hand, and then took a photo.

There was a sound of “sou”, and then two wooden dolls were caught by Ye Chen.

“Ding, congratulations to the player Ye Chen for getting the puppet X2.”

As soon as the system’s prompt sound ended, Ye Chen opened his eyes abruptly, and a violent killing intent burst out instantly.

Motherfucker’s, this Fucking Dog Sun Qiang, this is to use a puppet to control Hu Xiaoyue, and then get my blood through Hu Xiaoyue, so as to control me as a puppet…

Puppet doll: After absorbing the blood essence of others, it can manipulate the body of others, the upper limit, Transcending Tribulation period, time, permanent.

Originally, Ye Chen thought that Sun Qiang just wanted Hu Xiaoyue to “repay the kindness”, and then through Hu Xiaoyue plot against himself, who came to mind, the appearance of this puppet directly told Ye Chen, one of the most accurate fact.

That is, Sun Qiang’s goal is not to kill himself, but to control himself with a puppet.

Such an idea is not insidious, of course, it is also the most suitable for Sun Qiang.

Because Ye Chen, who can be controlled, is more valuable than Ye Chen who was killed.

As long as you control Ye Chen, Sun Qiang can not only get everything about Ye Chen, but also let Ye Chen play for Sun Qiang and win the world for Sun Qiang.

Yes, I thought Sun Qiang was sinister enough, didn’t expect his sinister degree, beyond Laozi’s expectation…

Thinking of this, Ye Chen waved his right hand, and a ball of Fireball appeared in an instant, and then exploded into a small Fireball with a “bang”, and then attached to Sun Qiang’s flesh and blood pieces.


After the extremely dense sound of burning flesh and blood sounded, Sun Qiang’s flesh and blood pieces burned out instantly.

Cheap this grandson…

Thinking of this, Ye Chen looked straight towards the new Yanhuang League Alliance Leader, and shouted: