Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1222


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As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, Hu Xiaoyue and Li Mengyao all lit up.

After seeing the expressions of the two women, Ye Chen shook the head helplessly.

Ye Chen is not disgusted to let the women conceived by the Beauty League conceive babies. After all, they have decided to accept it, and there is no need to stop this.

A little bit of time passed, little Ye Chen left under Wang Mengmeng’s unwilling gaze, Hu Xiaoyue and Li Mengyao on the side hurriedly caught.

As soon as the time for a cup of tea was over, Ye Chen took a look, and the three women with their legs raised on the quilt, said:

“I have gone to the game world. You have to be free and go online. The Dong Zhuo chaos is about to start. When the time comes, there will be a lot of tasks. It’s a good thing, but don’t force it.”

“Okay, master, wait another half an hour and we will be online.” Li Mengyao, Hu Xiaoyue, and Wang Mengmeng heard this and all responded.

Ye Chen heard this, glanced at the three women, and then said:

“Well, you guys lift it first… well, rest…”

Li Mengyao, Hu Xiaoyue, and Wang Mengmeng heard this, the raised legs were unnaturally tightened, and then all their faces were flushed.

Seeing this, Ye Chen slightly smiled, and then left the house straight away.

The three girls want to be pregnant with Ye Chen’s child, which is basically impossible. Their fleshy body is much worse than Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, and Mi Zhen, and their realm is also two great realm lower.

Even Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan are not pregnant, the three girls are even more impossible.

This is not to say that Ye Chen can’t make women pregnant, have physical problems and so on, but because this is one of the effects of embarking on the path of cultivation.

Otherwise, it won’t happen. With the existence of Great Desolate World, it takes hundreds of thousands of years, or even thousands of years of hard work, to give birth to a descendant.

Of course, this is not important. What is important is that if you want to be pregnant with Ye Chen’s child, the realm cannot be much lower than Ye Chen, and the fleshy body cannot be too weak.

If must say, who is most likely to be pregnant with Ye Chen’s child, that’s the Great Empress Ferocity daughter. In addition to the daughter, Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Cai Yan, Mi Zhen, Huang Yueying, Zhen Mi and the five sisters Da Qiao has followed Huang Wudie.

Samsara City, City Lord Mansion lobby.

As soon as Ye Chen entered the door, he didn’t know when he came to Flame Tiger in the lobby. Ye Lin immediately got up and looked towards Ye Chen and shouted:

“big brother…”

As soon as Flame Tiger Ye Lin finished speaking, her nose sniffed involuntarily.

The next second, Flame Tiger Ye Lin said strangely:

“The big brother seems to have a weird smell.”

“cough cough…that what, good cultivation.” Ye Chen finished with a smile. With a thought, a stream of water appeared out of thin air. After washing Ye Chen’s body again, he flew straight out of the City. Lord Mansion.

Flame Tiger Ye Lin was slightly taken aback when he saw this, and then nodded:

“Well, I will cultivation well, big brother.”

Ye Chen heard this, nodded, at this moment, Ye Chen suddenly thought of something, and then moved his mind, five crosses with storage functions appeared instantly, and then flew straight to Flame Tiger Ye Lin.

“This time I was able to advance successfully, thanks to you, these crosses are held, and will be distributed to Xiaoyu, Xiaogui, Xiaojin and the Black Emperor.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, Flame Tiger Ye Lin couldn’t help but smile, and then said:

“Big brother, this is what we should do.”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but feel warm when he heard this, and then touched Flame Tiger Ye Lin’s small head, and said:

“Okay, remember to share it with them. Also, it won’t be long before you can return to that world and fly up with me. When the time comes, you don’t have to stay in this world every day.”

Flame Tiger Ye Lin is responsible for guarding the road back to the city in the real world, protecting Ye Chen’s fleshy body, and when Ye Chen is soaring across the country, Flame Tiger Ye Lin must return to the game world and follow Ye Chen’s rise to Great Desolate. One thing can be guaranteed, that is, being in the same position after ascending.

Otherwise, Flame Tiger Ye Lin will ascend on her own, then I don’t know where to go. When the time comes, Ye Chen will have a hard time finding Flame Tiger Ye Lin.

After all, Great Desolate World is too big, even if Flame Tiger Ye Lin is Ye Chen’s Spirit Pet, and Ye Chen is telepathic, it’s useless.

In this way, Flame Tiger Yelin, who has ascended to the Great Desolate World, can only “take orders” by herself. When the time comes, any little demon can bully Flame Tiger Yelin.

Even if Flame Tiger Yelin is Divine Beast, it’s useless, the realm is there and can only be abused.

Ye Chen doesn’t want to see such a situation.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would not say, let Flame Tiger, Ye Lin, follow her and fly to the Great Desolate World together.

As for Ye Chen, Flame Tiger Ye Lin doesn’t have to look forward to it in the real world, and the reason is not complicated.

Because, after the ascent, Ye Chen and Ye Chen’s subordinates, realm will be 100% fast.

Under such circumstances, the Samsara City in the real world, as long as Ye Chen’s men are guarded, it is enough. You don’t need Flame Tiger Ye Lin at all and continue to stay in the real world.

Furthermore, if Flame Tiger Yelin is not allowed to follow to the Great Desolate World, Flame Tiger Yelin’s realm will not be so easy to improve.

In this way, the realm of Flame Tiger Yelin will be caught up by the players in no time, and after that, Flame Tiger Yelin can do nothing.

Ye Chen doesn’t want to see this kind of situation, so Flame Tiger Ye Lin must follow Ye Chen to ascend to Great Desolate, and she will cultivate in Great Desolate world from now on.

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, Flame Tiger Ye Lin’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then nodded with excitement:

“en. ”

Flame Tiger Ye Lin is naturally not tired of being in the real world and protecting Ye Chen’s fleshy body, but she also wants to stay with Ye Chen and do things for Ye Chen.

If the real world is still dangerous and Ye Chen’s fleshy body will still be threatened, Flame Tiger Ye Lin will follow Ye Chen as soon as they take off, and then they will return to the real world and sit in Samsara City.

Of course, this is just an assumption. In fact, as soon as Ye Chen soars, whether Ye Chen or Ye Chen’s subordinates, in the Great Desolate world environment, plus the blessing of the Good Fortune dynasty, realm will soar All players can’t catch up with the horse.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile when he heard this. After touching Flame Tiger’s little head, Ye Chen went straight to the Diamond Grade game.

There was a “creak”, and the door of the Diamond Grade game room opened.

Seeing this, Ye Chen stepped in, then lay down straight.

At the same time, the door of the Diamond Grade game warehouse was closed, and Ye Chen also closed his eyes at this time.

Game world, Samsara Immortal City, City Lord Mansion lobby, a Heavenspan beam of light suddenly appeared, and then Ye Chen appeared directly here.

At this moment, the world announcement suddenly sounded.

“Ding, congratulations to player Ye Chen, the first advanced Five Elements Divine Body, special reward for player Ye Chen, Innate attribute point X3000.”