Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1223


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The world announcement was repeated three times, and the entire world channel was instantly detonated.

“Fuck! Fuck! What’s the situation? Didn’t Ye King of You finish the Five Elements Spirit Physique before? How come after a long time, he becomes Five Elements Divine Body? Did Root Bone enter So easy?”

“It should be easy, otherwise Ye King of You keeps advancing…”

“It’s simple and easy. Five Elements Spirit Physique is the same as Level 1, and Five Elements Divine Body is obviously above Five Elements Spirit Physique. How can it be easy?”

“I think so too. What’s more, if the Root Bone advancement is simple, someone has already followed up the world announcement. Don’t forget, every time Ye King of You advances Root Bone, it’s always There is a world announcement.”

“Ciao, then why, Ye King of You advanced to Five Elements Divine Body all at once?”

“What is special, do you need to ask? Don’t forget, who is the advanced Five Elements Divine Body, this is normal, OK?”

“Oh, constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry, Ye King of You is really worthy of the title of the first player, everything is so extraordinary and refined……”


“You all stop, let me add, Ye King of You, Dian Wei went to my territory to snatch the Spirit Stone, do you know this? I didn’t do it right with you, nor thought about it. I will fight you for supremacy, I swear!”

“Ye King of You, I have also been robbed here. Zhao Yun robbed me. No Spirit Stone was left to me. Can you return it? Let me talk about it first. I definitely didn’t do it right with you. “

“Since you all said it, let me also say, Ye King of You, I was also robbed. I was robbed by a Little Loli. I still dare not give it up. I don’t want to explain it to you. Without the guts, I just want to ask, can I return a part of the Spirit Stone that I robbed. Without Spirit Stone, the speed of improvement is too slow.”


“Damn, what is the situation, how did it suddenly become a complaint meeting?”

“How do I know, but, it seems, Ye King of You started in the real world…”

“It’s Ye King of You’s subordinates, not Ye King of You. If Ye King of You does it, these complaints will be dead long ago. Don’t forget, Ye King of You doesn’t make a move. Just blood flowing into a river.”


The world channel is constantly refreshing. After taking a look, Ye Chen was stunned, but Ye Chen didn’t expect that there are Spirit Pets such as Flame Tiger Ye Lin, Treasure Hunter Ye Xiaoyu, etc. Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Guan Yu, and the others rob the player lord of Spirit Stone, and they will suddenly “complain” on the world channel.

After came back to his senses, Ye Chen thought, and then directly said something on the world channel.

“Before, I was rushing to the right, and there was a crime of income. Please forgive me. In addition, within ten minutes, the people who provided Spirit Stones will gather in West Beiping County and report the number of Spirit Stones. I will One after another send it back to everyone, remember to make a false report, otherwise, die!”

Ye Chen This is another apology and full of killing intents. As soon as he landed, the lively world channel instantly boiled over.

“Let me go! What did I see, Ye King of You, it turned out that Ye King of You spoke!”

“Damn, didn’t expect, Ye King of You actually spoke, and he recognized it.”

“What do you mean by acknowledgment, what’s so special? Didn’t you hear what Ye King of You said? I don’t understand this? Besides, Ye King of You didn’t kill and take it. Hao Duo, what are you talking about?”

“That is, if you change to me, as long as I know that it is Ye King of You, I will offer it directly with both hands without hesitation at all.”

“I was surprised just now, why Ye King of You suddenly advanced to Five Elements Divine Body. If you look at it this way, it should be related to Spirit Stone.”

“You are so nonsense. Spirit Stone can only be used for cultivation. It has nothing to do with the advancement of Root Bone, okay?”

“Fuck off, it’s okay, how could Ye King of You’s men just… um… borrow the Spirit Stone?”

“There may be a relationship, but the specific relationship is not clear, but it is not important. The important thing is that Ye King of You must return the Spirit Stone.”

“Hehe, you said, will those who ask for Spirit Stone be killed by Ye King of You?”

“Are you insulting Ye King of You’s character?”

“Don’t pay attention to this idiot, he is himself, there is no need to mix.”


The world channel was boisterous, constantly refreshing the screen. After Ye Chen glanced again, his mind moved, and the space in front of him was instantly distorted.

After a glance, the distorted space, Ye Chen stepped in, then disappeared.

West Beiping County, the teleportation point, the space was suddenly distorted, and then Ye Chen was seen stepping out and then appearing here.

At this moment, a few exclamations suddenly sounded.

“Ye…Ye King of You…”

After hearing the exclamation, Ye Chen took a look, and the player who was nervous because of seeing himself, immediately looked towards Transmission Array.

At this moment, Transmission Array suddenly lit up, and then I saw a group of players coming out of it.

When the players who sent over saw Ye Chen, they all were taken aback, and then they hurriedly bowed to Ye Chen and said:

“Meet Lord King of You!”

Ye Chen heard this, took a look at these players, and then said:

“I provided Spirit Stone, stay, no, leave immediately.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, the players sent to West Beiping County hurriedly left Transmission Array one by one, leaving only three.

Ye Chen saw this, then looked towards the three players, and asked:

“How many Spirit Stones have been lost, report it.”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words landed, the three players shivered involuntarily.

Obviously, they are very nervous and scared at the moment.

After a short hesitation, one person gritted his teeth and then said:

“Master King of You, I lost 18,000 low grade Spirit Stone.”

Ye Chen heard this, nodded, with a wave of the right hand, 18,000 low grade Spirit Stone instantly appeared at the feet of the player who spoke.

After talking about the number, the player whose heart hung up, saw this place, and he was amazed.

But he didn’t expect, Ye Chen really gave him 18,000 low grade Spirit Stone.

After came back to his senses, this player hurriedly bowed to Ye Chen and said:

“Many thanks King of You! Many thanks King of You!”

The two people on the side heard this, glanced at each other, and then said a number one after another.

“Eleven thousand and twenty-eight yuan.”

“Nine thousand six hundred and fifty-six yuan.”

Ye Chen heard this, with a wave of his right hand, two piles of Spirit Stones instantly appeared at the feet of two players.

The two players were immediately overjoyed when they saw this, and then hurriedly turned to Ye Chen and bowed in prayer:

“many thanks King of You!”

Ye Chen heard this, waved his hand, and then said:

“If you get the Spirit Stone, leave quickly and don’t affect the people behind.”

“Yes! Lord King of You!” Upon hearing this, the three players hurriedly put away the Spirit Stone under their feet, and then hurriedly left here.

The three people do not at all lie. If they lie, Ye Chen’s Divine Consciousness will immediately detect the abnormality. After that, Ye Chen will kill them all without hesitation, and will not give them a second opportunity.

The three lord players who arrived in West Beiping County first received “compensation” and left. The lord players who had not been compensated came here one after another, and then received compensation from Ye Chen .

Eight minutes later, Ye Chen made up the Spirit Stone that was lost by the last lord player. After filling it up, he looked in the distance and surrounded a large area of ​​players, then stepped out and disappeared.

Ye Chen is cruel, ruthless, and ruthless. This is true, but Ye Chen follows Ye Chen’s own rules. He will not rely on his strong cultivation base and power to do anything to do what he wants.

Otherwise, Ye Chen would not “return back” the Spirit Stone that he and Spirit Pets grabbed from these lord players before.

Of course, this is also thanks to these lord players, who did not fight against Ye Chen, and did not plot against Ye Chen. Otherwise, Ye Chen will not only give the Spirit Stone, but will directly take action to kill them all. .

Samsara Immortal City, City Lord Mansion, the space was suddenly distorted, and then Ye Chen stepped out and appeared here.

As soon as Ye Chen appeared, the voices of Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong, Guo Jia, Pang Tong, Jia Xu and the others suddenly sounded.

“Meet the lord!”