Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1224


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Ye Chen heard this, nodded, then went straight to the main position and sat down.

In the next second, Ye Chen looked towards a group of men and asked:

“But Luoyang, there is news?”

As soon as Ye Chen’s words fell, Guo Jia nodded, and then took a step forward and bowed in prayer:

“The lord, according to the report from the spies, the imperial physician in the Luoyang Imperial Palace has gone to the Weiyang Palace as usual. It must be less than three minutes before Your Majesty will return to heaven.”

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows involuntarily when he heard Guo Jia’s words, and then moved his mind. Divine Consciousness was released instantly, but in the blink of an eye, Luoyang, which was outside the ten thousand li, enveloped it.

Luoyang Imperial Palace.

“You and others will give the miscellaneous family’s best treatment to Your Majesty, otherwise, the miscellaneous family will let you and the whole family fall on their heads!” Looking at Liu Hong, Zhang Rang’s face became whiter and paler, and Zhang Rang, who kept swinging his body, repeatedly called to no effect. After that, he immediately looked towards the imperial physician who was consulting Liu Hong on the side, and shouted.

“Palace Attendant Zhang, Your Majesty is critically ill. You are yelling here, how decent you are, don’t you give me back!” Empress He narrowed his eyes after hearing Zhang Rang’s words, and then coldly said.

When Zhang Rang heard this, his body stiffened abruptly, then he hurriedly bowed and said:

“Empress Empress, the slave and the servant convict, but the servant is worried about Your Majesty, please forgive Empress Empress.”

Liu Hong doesn’t seem to be good at first sight. Zhang Rang, who relies on Liu Hong for energy, would dare to follow Empress He 100% and give tit for tat if he kept it in the past.

Because Liu Hong was still there at that time.

Now, Liu Hong is about to hang up. Zhang Rang dare not do this.

You must know that Court Eunuch’s energy comes from the emperor. The emperor recognizes that Court Eunuch can “call the wind and summon the rain”. If the emperor is gone, then Court Eunuch’s energy source will disappear.

If you want to continue to gain energy, you can only please the next generation of emperors and gain the recognition of the next generation of emperors.

At this moment, the Great Han Empire is most likely to inherit the throne, and that is Liu Bian.

Empress He is Liu Bian’s biological mother, so Zhang Rang, who used to be arrogant and overbearing, dare not talk back to Empress He now.

As soon as Zhang Rang’s words fell, Empress He glanced at Zhang Rang, and then looked towards Zheng brow beaded with sweat, rescue Liu Hong’s imperial physician, and asked:

“Executive doctor, try your best to treat Your Majesty. You should understand if Your Majesty cannot be treated, what will happen.”

“This small official obey…” The imperial doctor turned pale when he heard this, and then said with a trembling voice.

Empress He heard this, nodded, and then looked towards the maid, and gave the maid a look.

The maid who received Empress He’s eyes saluted, and then hurriedly left Weiyang Palace.

Zhang Rang on the side saw this, his face suddenly sinking.

Empress He’s personal maid left, obviously going to find Great General He Jin. This is what Zhang Rang doesn’t want to see.

However, at this moment, Zhang Rang is simply powerless and can only do something in a hurry.

At this moment, a violent cough sounded suddenly.

“cough, cough…”

“Your Majesty!” Empress He came to the edge of the bed with “surprise” at this time, then sat down on the edge of the bed and personally lifted Liu Hong who had just woken up.

“Imperial Father!” Liu Bian stood by. Liu Xie saw this and shouted.

As soon as the words of Great Han two princes fell, Zhang Rang burst into tears, then knelt down to Liu Hong’s bed, and said inexplicably excitedly:

“Your Majesty! You finally woke up, wu wu wu…”

Liu Hong, who just woke up with a pale face, took a hard breath when he heard this, and after slowly exhaling, he looked towards Zhang Rang and asked:

“Let father…you…King of You, where did King of You go?”

Empress He holding Liu Hong’s face suddenly changed when he heard this.

Liu Hong just woke up and didn’t talk to him, but talked to Zhang Rang. How could her wife feel better.

Liu Bian at the side stayed for a while, but he didn’t expect, his Imperial Father, and simply ignored him.

And Liu Xie, who was standing with Liu Bian, showed a trace of disdain, but he immediately returned to normal.

Liu Xie got the memory of Li Mubai and knew the historical trajectory, but he was interrupted by Ye Chen just as he started his “sabotage plan” and then turned into a slave.

It is precisely for this reason that Liu Xie has a disdainful look at Liu Hong.

Because, he knew very well that Liu Hong said nothing was of no use, damn it or die.

Of course, it’s not important. What’s important is that Liu Xie knows better that his master, Ye Chen, is waiting for Liu Hong to hang up. It is useless for Liu Hong to ask 10,000 times.

As for Liu Xie is Liu Hong’s son, there should be a feeling of father and son between Liu Hong and Liu Hong. There is no such thing as such a look.

You must know that Liu Xie already knows the historical trend of Great Han from Li Mubai’s memory.

To be more precise, from the moment Liu Xie knew that Liu Hong would pass the historical fact to Liu Bian, the father and son relationship between him and Liu Hong broke.

Liu Bian is weak and incompetent, and has no appearance of an emperor. Although Liu Xie is young, he is mature and capable of literary and military skills. Even if he inherits the throne, it should be Liu Xie, not Liu Bian.

This is what Liu Xie thinks in his mind, and it is also the reason why he broke off his father and son relationship with Liu Hong.

Of course, even if there were no such factors, his status as a Ye Chen slave would make him think so.

Otherwise, the slave contract will punish him fiercely.

At the moment when Liu Xie showed disdain and then passed by, Zhang Rang’s face turned pale, and then he cried and said:

“Your Majesty, Lord King of You’s mentor, summon Lord King of You back to sect. Now Lord King of You has gone to the deep mountains and old forest, and I don’t know where to go…”

“You…King of You and Master?” Liu Hong’s eyes lit up when he heard this, and then he hurriedly asked.

“reporting to Your Majesty, yes, Lord King of You went missing this time, just to visit his teacher.” Zhang Rang heard this, nodded, and then spoke.

Liu Hong heard this and hurriedly looked towards Zhang Rang and said:

“Quickly, speed up the manpower to find King of You for me, let… let him take his Master, come… come to Luoyang, and heal me!”

“Your Majesty, the maidservant has already sent more people to investigate.” Zhang Rang heard this, wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, and then spoke.

“Hundred Flowers Wine, is Hundred Flowers Wine brewed?” Liu Hong heard this, nodded, and then said.

Ye Chen said before that Hundred Flowers Wine can nourish the body and prolong life, otherwise Liu Hong would not say that.

To be more precise, Liu Hong doesn’t want to die, and his hope of living is all placed on Hundred Flowers Wine.

No way, who made the doctors unable to recover his body? He can only pin his hopes on the Hundred Flowers Wine mentioned by Ye Chen.

As soon as Liu Hong’s words fell, Zhang Rang burst into tears.

“Your Majesty, Lord King of You’s Samsara City turned into ruins overnight, a hundred…Hundred Flowers Wine is gone…”

Liu Hong’s eyes widened suddenly when he heard this, and then he spurt a large mouthful of blood with a “pu”, instantly dyeing the clothes in front of him.

“Your Majesty (Imperial Father)!” Empress He, Liu Bian, Liu Xie, Zhang Rang, they all cried out in shock when they saw this.