Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1311


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In the sky, as the tribulation clouds continue to gather, just listen to the rolling thunder resounding through the sky, in the pitch-black as ink tribulation cloud, countless lightning flashes back and forth, the terrifying scene, like the end of the day!

Seeing that in the robbery cloud above the sky, the pure energy that keeps gathering is growing at an extremely fast speed, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile.

His swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth divine ability has been practiced to Great Accomplishment, he can swallow the world all things, small tribulation thunder, and naturally nothing difficult.

Now this great opportunity can come in handy.

“Why don’t you come down quickly, your tribulation thunder? Brother waited so much that the flowers were all thanked…”

Ye Chen, who had been waiting for a long time, was already a little impatient. Looking up at the sky for so long, it was really boring.

“Papa pa pa!”

It seems to be irritated by Ye Chen’s words, I saw that in the black vortex, the immense and majestic energy burst out in an instant. With a loud noise, the bottom of the black vortex suddenly dropped an extremely violent one. Cyan lightning struck straight at the top of Ye Chen’s head!

“swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth !”

Ye Chen, who had been looking forward to it for a long time, immediately raised his hand to greet him as soon as he saw the lightning strike down!

At the moment when his body was in contact with Heavenly Tribulation, Ye Chen only felt the majestic and tyrannical pure energy, which was being poured into his body quickly!

Feeling the purity and rareness of this vast energy, Ye Chen immediately ran the secret art to quickly refining the most refined and pure energy that entered the body.

“hahaha… let the wind and rain come more violently!…”

Ye Chen received the energy of this lightning, and he was in a good mood, and shouted to the sky again.

pa pa! ——

It seems to be very dissatisfied with Ye Chen’s cocky fart. The black cloud vortex in the sky once again lowered a huge formidable power stronger horizontal lightning, and fell straight on the top of Ye Chen’s head!

“Wow!… So cool…”

This time, Ye Chen directly became an electric man, with all kinds of electric arcs all over his body. At this moment, he felt that his body was completely filled with violent energy. This feeling of pain and happiness is really It’s so wonderful, Ye Chen is so cool and doesn’t want to stop.

swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth divine ability to work to the extreme. This feeling of energy filling makes Ye Chen unable to stop. He feels countless thunder and lightning are constantly tempering his body, and his strength is rapidly increasing.

In the sky, the terrifying thundercloud became more violent, and it seemed that True Fire had moved.

Next moment, only a loud noise was heard, and a thick bucket of cyan lightning fell from the sky with lightning speed, and the middle leaf was looking for the top of the head!

Ye Chen only felt an extremely cold, weird energy spread all over his body instantly, and even an extremely overbearing energy, directly penetrated into the depths of his Sea of ​​Consciousness!

“en? It turned out to be the Thunder Tribulation attacking Divine Soul? Interesting…”

After discovering that this was a Thunder Tribulation attacking Divine Soul, Ye Chen immediately sank his consciousness into the Sea of ​​Consciousness. Sure enough, as soon as he entered the Sea of ​​Consciousness, he saw the lightning attacking Divine Soul, rushing towards it. Own Primordial Spirit!

But Ye Chen has Azure Lotus treasure flag and Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow Exquisite Pagoda, which protects the Supreme Treasure of Divine Consciousness. How can this lightning move?

The lightning attack several times in a row, but was firmly blocked by Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow Exquisite Pagoda. Ye Chen saw that the time had come and ended the battle directly.

“swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth !”

As soon as this move came out, the lightning that attacked the soul was immediately swallowed up by Ye Chen in the Sea of ​​Consciousness!

Having swallowed this energy, Ye Chen felt that his Primordial Spirit had grown a lot!

Although the crisis was easily resolved, the lightning that attacked the soul in Thunder Tribulation surprised Ye Chen.

This kind of Thunder Tribulation lightning is usually extremely rare, maybe it was specifically for him!

Looking at the terrifying cloud that is still rolling in the sky, and the lightning that keeps gathering in the cloud, Ye Chen seems to have a clear comprehension in his heart…

Ye Chen’s guess is good. The Thunder Tribulation that attacked the soul was indeed targeted at him. In the usual Transcending Tribulation period cultivator, the area of ​​the robbery cloud is only a dozen kilometers that’s all.

But Ye Chen’s strength is so strong, it is so strong that he is abnormal. In the end, Heavenly Dao also thinks that he is an enchanting evildoer, a scourge that must be eliminated, that’s why he incurs such a terrifying Heavenly Tribulation.

While thinking about it, two blue thunders in the sky crashed down on him again!

This time Ye Chen flew directly into the sky to meet the cyan lightning blasting down.

Split pa pa! Click! …

This time the cyan lightning, the formidable power is even stronger. Although Ye Chen has been performing swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth divine ability, but the whole body has been completely surrounded by countless arcs, looking like a big Fireball!

Feeling the powerful energy, constantly injecting into his body, continuously tempering his body and Divine Soul, Ye Chen is simply crooked at the moment.

There is nothing more convenient and faster than upgrading with Thunder Tribulation.

The attack soul energy that entered his Sea of ​​Consciousness this time was also much stronger than last time, but it was eventually swallowed by Ye Chen directly and became the nutrient for his Primordial Spirit to grow.

After several powerful attacks, Ye Chen was safe and sound. At this time, Jieyun in the sky suddenly entered a violent state.

I saw one after another cyan lightning, shooting at Ye Chen suspended in midair at a speed of no money. In a short period of time, Ye Chen was hit continuously by the forty-fifty cyan lightning!

Facing such violent Heavenly Tribulation, Ye Chen not only showed no fear at all, but was rather refreshed in his heart.

In the past, Thunder Tribulation waited for a long time to drop a bolt of lightning. Even if it was over, there were only a few, basically no more than single digits, but now he has received special care from the heavens. This Thunder Tribulation even In a film, you don’t need money to sprinkle it on him, it’s so cool!

Moreover, this cyan lightning has the effect of attacking the soul. Ye Chen just took this opportunity to temper his Primordial Spirit. Such a god-given opportunity, Ye Chen didn’t want to miss it.

And because the movement he made was too big, the Samsara dynasty is all around, and Monster Kings of the size within a thousand miles are all attracted to Cave Mansion by this terrifying thunder.

They looked at the terrifying super cloud in the sky from a distance, and they were all ashen-faced in fright.

“Oh my god, who is this great power to save the catastrophe?…Too scary…”

“Look at Immortal Spirit Energy in the robbery cloud. It’s too huge and too thick…”

“Damn it, why is it not me who Transcending Tribulation? How unfair is the sky…”

“Idiot, instead of sighing here, it’s better to go back and work hard for cultivation…”


Monster Race was not the only one who was scared by this robbery.

Zhao Yu and the others just left the Samsara dynasty and saw this terrible robbery cloud shortly afterwards. Worried about the safety of Ye Chen, they returned.