Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1312


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When they reached the peripheral zone covered by the robbery cloud, they dared not move on.

Although the strength of the girls is only in the Shedding Mortality realm, they are afraid that they will enter the Jieyun range and cause greater trouble to Ye Chen Transcending Tribulation, so they can only choose to look far away from the Jieyun range.

“Zhao Yu elder sister, do you think something will happen to the emperor?…”

Diao Chan looked at the cloudy sky, frowned and said worriedly.

“Don’t worry, the emperor Heaven helps the worthy, I believe he will go through this tribulation safely…”

Zhao Yu is very determined and comfortable.


Samsara Holy City Imperial Palace, above the Grand Plaza.

Ye Chen levitated and in midair. After continuously absorbing dozens of cyan Thunder Tribulation, the tribulation cloud in the sky temporarily calmed down. The huge vortex vortex in the sky did not disperse, and it seemed that it was brewing to become more powerful s attack.

At this time, Ye Chen felt the tremendous changes in his body and Sea of ​​Consciousness, and he was even more delighted.

After repeated tempering of these cyan tribulation thunders, Ye Chen’s Primordial Spirit has been tempered and solidified, at least ten times stronger than before!

The physical body was also strengthened by tempering in this Thunder Tribulation. At this moment, he felt that his body was filled with violent energy. The violent energy from Thunder was too domineering. Ye Chen felt his body Will be blown up soon!

However, with the divine ability of swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth, Ye Chen has already used the divine ability of an arm, and in the blink of an eye, he has already refined all these energies and collected them for his own use.

At this time, in the center of the huge tribulation cloud vortex in the sky, a dark thunder and lightning energy began to appear, which is rapidly growing at a speed visible by naked eye. As the black thunder and lightning energy continues to gather, one after another The terrifying black arc is constantly being bred, rolling in the robbery cloud…

These daunting pure black strange arcs intertwined with the blue lightning inside the robbery cloud. The scene is extremely terrifying. If the timid sees it, they will definitely be scared to death on the spot.

At this time, if a cultivator of Heavenly Immortal Realm passes by here, maybe he will be frightened by such a terrifying sight to suspect Xiansheng.

Such an unprecedented horror Heavenly Tribulation, not to mention ordinary cultivators can’t see it, even the various cultivation classics of the Great Desolate world in various eras, there are also impossible records.

Accompanied by the endless bursts of thunder, the black energy in the high-altitude robbery cloud was finally filled.

Next moment, only heard a loud bang between Heaven and Earth, the billowing black thunder in the black vortex, like a galaxy inverted, surged down from above the nine heavens!

pa pa! Click! …

Countless black thunders fell at the same time, blowing like a tsunami, shaking the entire Heaven and Earth.

Ye Chen suspended in midair, suddenly drowned in countless black thunder…

In the blink of an eye, Ye Chen was attacked tens of millions of times!

Black Thunder’s attack is not trivial, even with corrosive power!

“en? Thunder with corrosive function? Interesting…”

While being hit by these black thunders, Ye Chen’s swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth divine ability also displayed at the same time.


The black lightning around Ye Chen suddenly formed a pitch-black vortex, which kept spinning around him. At the same time, these black thunders were rapidly decreasing.

The corrosive power in this thunder is very powerful. If Ye Chen hadn’t swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth Divine Ability, it would have already turned into fly ash.

However, after this corrosive baptism, Ye Chen’s body is undergoing qualitative transformation, and its tenacious level has made a huge leap compared with before.

Seeing that this wave of tribulation thunder was about to be absorbed by Ye Chen, the robbery cloud in the sky seemed to be stimulated, and suddenly became bulging, like a huge balloon that was blown up in an instant.

Next moment, thousands of thunderbolts descended from the high sky at the same time, countless thunders shook the sky, and in an instant, between Heaven and Earth was once again filled with countless black thunders, like black hell descending into the world!

These thousands of black thunders, with boundless destruction aura, were all attacked by Ye Chen at the same time!

Split pa pa! Click! …

The endless Destruction Strength erupted instantly, and even the surrounding space was quickly corroded.

“swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth !”

Faced with such a terrible attack, Ye Chen face doesn’t change, his heart is ecstatic, and the speed of devouring it is getting faster and faster.

These black thunders are really rare. They have unexpected effects on their Divine Physique improvement and Divine Soul training.

Ye Chen knows that this kind of good thing will never happen again in the future, so now he wants to swallow it as much as possible.

Feeling that his Divine Physique is becoming stronger and stronger at an incredible speed, Ye Chen suddenly have a thought, what will happen if the Destruction Strength of this black thunder is incorporated into the Ten Grade 2 Destruction Strength effect?

With this idea, Ye Chen immediately took out ten Grade 2 Black Lotus, and injected part of the devouring energy into the Black Lotus.

As soon as the Black Lotus came into contact with this destructive energy, he immediately reacted.

I saw Ten Grade 2 Destroyed Black Lotus, and suddenly the black light soared, and I was very eager for this destruction energy. Just in a flash, it absorbed all the destruction energy input by Ye Chen.

Not only that, after the Destroying Black Lotus absorbed the destruction energy injected by Ye Chen, it seemed that it was still unfinished, and it flew to the high altitude automatically to meet those black lightning!

噼pa pa! Click…

After the Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus flew high in the sky, it began to spin non-stop. It turned out to be like a magnet, and all the black thunders were attracted.

In an instant, all the black thunders gave up Ye Chen, and all attacked the black lotus in the air.

But these seemingly terrifying black thunder and lightning, as soon as they come into contact with the extinct black lotus, they are instantly absorbed.

The speed of absorption is much higher than Ye Chen’s swallowing the heaven and devouring the earth.

Fuck! what’s the situation? The black lotus that destroys the world is going to swallow Heavenly Tribulation on its own initiative?

fuck, don’t swallow it all…

Thinking about this, Ye Chen hurriedly flew to the top of the black lotus of extinction to intercept some black tribulation thunder.

Although it worked, it only attracted a small part of it. Most of the black tribulation thunder was still attracted by the extinct black lotus.

It seems that this black Thunderbolt Fruit is naturally close to the Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus.

The magic weapon has a very close connection with the owner. In addition, the Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus is the Innate Supreme Treasure. There is already a sign of spiritual wisdom. Ye Chen can feel the excitement of the Black Lotus at this moment. He Xinxi, that was an emotion he had never felt in Desperate Black Lotus before.

To put it simply, it is Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus, very excited, and this excitement clearly tells Ye Chen one thing.

That is, Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus, may have to be advanced.