Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1313


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Feeling the excitement of Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus, Ye Chen also showed a slight smile inadvertently.

At this time, with the extinction black lotus as the center, a huge huge vortex composed entirely of black thunder has been formed, and the black thunders are rolling fiercely around this extinction black lotus, and the huge and cold destruction energy is constantly Emerging from this huge black vortex, the energy in it is still so abundant. This continuous destruction energy is being injected into the world-destroying black lotus at a rapid rate, and the terrifying scene of the world-destroying is very terrifying.

At this moment, Ye Chen can only watch from the sky, and continue to input such a huge amount of destruction energy to destroy the world black lotus. Ye Chen can’t help at all. He can only watch from the side and pay attention to ten grades. 2 In the event of annihilation of the black lotus, if there is anything unexpected, he will immediately take it back.

While the Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus is constantly absorbing the destruction energy, it has formed an energy Formation with several ten zhang heights around it!

The peripheral zone of this energy formation is completely black, while the ten Grade 2 black lotus within it is constantly emitting brilliant and brilliant light!

Surrounded by countless black thunders, this Formation looks very powerful and solemn, and it is constantly exuding terrifying coercion!

Ye Chen didn’t know what happened to the black lotus of the extinct world, and immediately released Divine Consciousness, wanting to investigate it carefully, but found that his Divine Consciousness could not pass through the black energy belt on the edge of the Formation!

As soon as his Divine Consciousness touches the black energy belt, it is like clay ox entering the sea, and there is no news.

“Can you absorb the probe that swallowed Divine Consciousness?…”

Such an amazing effect made Ye Chen unexpected, and at the same time he was even more looking forward to the upgrade of the Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus.

At this time, around the Samsara dynasty, Monster Kings large and small outside the Jieyun were already ashen-faced by this terrifying Heavenly Tribulation.

Such a huge formidable power, and the unpredictable horror Heavenly Tribulation, don’t say they have seen it, they have never even heard of it…

And the huge cloud in the sky, at this moment, seems to be a humiliated and angry terrifying demon. After a flash of lightning and thunder, I saw an extremely large number of black thunders, rushing down from the clouds!

噼噼pa pa! Click! …

This wave of black thunder attacks, formidable power is at least ten times stronger than before!

In an instant, countless black thunders struck on the Formation of the Destroying Black Lotus at the same time, but they couldn’t shake the Formation at all. In the end, they could only merge into the black lightning vortex around the Formation, and they were slowly passed by Grade 2 The extinct black lotus swallows and absorbs…

Seeing the Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus, showing such a natural phenomenon under the siege of the black thunder, Ye Chen’s eyes kept flashing with excitement and worry.

“I don’t know why these Ten Grade 2 Black Lotuses will be promoted in the end…”

The situation of advanced magic weapons is very rare, and it is almost impossible to meet.

Under normal circumstances, if there is no special opportunity, it would be a great opportunity to be promoted to the First Rank in trillions of years, but didn’t expect Ye Chen crossing the tribulation to meet such a good opportunity.

It can be seen that the Good Fortune Dynasty’s help to Ye Chen is absolutely indispensable.

It only took him a few months to get the Black Lotus of Destroying the World, and within such a short period of time, he was given the opportunity to advance. This kind of luck, I don’t know how much might be jealous of him.

At this time, Monster Kings, large and small, who have been outside the scope of the robbery cloud, are all deeply shocked by the spectacular sight that is rare in all ages. While shocked, they are also talking to each other, wanting to inquire about the robbery cloud The origin.

“Tiger brother, why is this terrifying Heavenly Tribulation in front of you so weird? Where have you seen this Heavenly Tribulation come to this world before?”

“Heavenly Tribulation natural phenomenon on such a scale, I have never seen Old Tiger since I started cultivation. Look at the black thunder vortex under the cloud, full of death and destruction aura, if we go closer , It is estimated that it will definitely die.”

After listening to the Tiger Demon’s analysis, the faces of the Monster Kings nearby showed obvious horror at the same time.


I don’t know how many black lightning baptisms have been suffered. Ye Chen is wondering how many black Thunder Tribulation attacks these ten Grade 2 black lotus can withstand, but suddenly feels that it seems to be coming from within the realm. There was a slight fluctuation in consciousness.

Receiving this consciousness fluctuation, Ye Chen suddenly became curious, and divine sense immediately tried to communicate with this weak consciousness.

Once the two consciousnesses came into contact, Ye Chen was overjoyed, because this weak and immature consciousness was nurtured by Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus.

This is equivalent to saying that the Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus already has an Artifact Spirit!

Although this Artifact Spirit is very immature and weak, it is a qualitative leap!

The weak Artifact Spirit is still unable to communicate with Ye Chen. Ye Chen just feels that it seems to be very excited now, and seems to be waiting for a big happy event.

“Does this young Artifact Spirit already feel that he is about to advance to success?…”

Ye Chen was puzzled, but suddenly saw the Formation outside the Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus suddenly burst open, and all the black thunders were instantly absorbed!

At the same time, a group of extremely dazzling five-color lights burst out over the Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus. As soon as these five-color lights appeared, they immediately formed an extremely mysterious star design with five angles.

This pentagonal pattern shows five magnificent colors of red, blue, gold, green and yellow at the same time, which is very mysterious and dazzling.

And under the bright light of this gorgeous pentagram, the black lotus of Ten Grade 2 is even more holy at this moment, and the imposing manner is soaring!

At this time, the five-pointed star design grew bigger and bigger, already covering the Ten Grade 2 Black Lotus.

Then, under the continuous shining of colorful light, the pentagram star design immediately started high-speed rotation. In that moment, Ye Chen appeared in front of Ye Chen with a five-color light ball with super high-speed rotation!

Just when Ye Chen was attracted by the dazzling sight in front of him, he suddenly noticed the robbery cloud above the sky. After the appearance of the five-pointed star design, it seemed that he had been strongly stimulated by the endless black thunder and lightning. Once again began to gather extremely fast in the robbery cloud, and the movement this time is obviously much more terrifying than the previous Thunder Tribulation…

“hong long long ……”

Countless thunders in the sky sounded intensively. The majestic power and the terrifying sight were simply appalling. Ye Chen felt that this Thunder Tribulation was at least much more terrifying than all previous Thunder Tribulations combined. .

And just when he was extremely shocked, the black cloud vortex in the sky suddenly flashed black glow, and at the same time thousands of buckets of black lightning were dropped!