Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1315


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The world announcement, three times in a row, instantly detonated the entire Three Kingdoms novice zone.

“Fuck! Fuck! The League of Beauty has also soared!”

“Ai, women are inherently superior. You see, the Beauty League followed Ye Empress, not only changed all the equipment, but even ascended, they ran ahead of us.”

“Envy has something to do, who makes us not women.”

“wu wu wu, I am a woman, I am also beautiful, but Ye Chen big brother, don’t want me…”

“You can pull it down, you are a woman, this is not fake, you are beautiful and not fake, you are so special, you are not a place, but I know how many times you have sold for equipment.”

“Go! Trash, my old lady is happy, are you in charge of it?”

“Ciao, you slut, don’t let Lao Tzu meet you, otherwise, Lao Tzu will tear you up!”

“Don’t be so noisy, don’t you find that the Beauty League has also benefited a lot?”

“Fuck, why didn’t I find it, but I found it has something to do with it, you can fly now?”

“Dam, I knew that I used more snacks before, worked harder, and killed more strangers. I am already a Saint Grade military commander. Just like him, I can get to Shedding Mortality.”

“I am a military commander of Emperor Grade, but it is only one step to be a military commander of Saint Grade. It is not difficult to think of Shedding Mortality, but unfortunately, it is only one step away…”


Great Desolate world, south of Samsara Holy City, three hundred thousand li.

A colorful light group suddenly appeared, and then I saw the Alliance Leader, Li Mengyao, appearing here.

After a brief dizziness, Li Mengyao, standing on the lush grassland, looked at all around vigilantly.

Ye Chen once reminded that the Great Desolate world is more cruel than the Three Kingdoms world.

Li Mengyao naturally dare not care.

At this moment, one light group after another appeared beside Li Mengyao.

The light group dispersed, Hu Xiaoyue, Wang Mengmeng, Li Qian and the others appeared one after another…

“Wow, the air here is so good!”

“That’s right, the Spiritual Qi here is so abundant. Living in the Great Desolate world, even a pig can fly directly into the sky.”

There are many enchanting females beside Li Mengyao. It didn’t take long for all the tens of thousands of Beauty League players to ascend successfully.

Hu Xiaoyue stood beside Li Mengyao, her little face still could not hide the excitement, she asked: “elder sister, our sisters are all here, what should I do next?”

Li Mengyao glanced over the distance with a pair of phoenix eyes, and calmly said: “First of all, we must figure out where we are now, and then meet the master as soon as possible. Besides sending two pairs of scouts to inquire about the news, tell the sisters not to go around .”


Hu Xiaoyue immediately turned around and gave Li Mengyao’s order down.

At this moment, a cold, unpleasant sound like a shovel rubbing an iron pan sounded: “jié jié, there are so many delicious things here, it is really lucky today!”

Assaults the senses while talking.

Immediately afterwards, a thick mist appeared in the all around of the Beauty League, completely covering the grassland.

In the black mist, some huge red lanterns are faintly flashing.

After Li Mengyao saw these things clearly, he felt that his scalp was a little numb, and a chill rushed straight into his forehead from the soles of his feet.

Where is the red lantern? It is a pair of blood-red eyes.

They are surrounded by a group of terrifying Monster Wolf!

Li Mengyao long sword came out, and she shouted: “Line up! Ready to fight!”

The tens of thousands of players in the Beauty League are not afraid of danger. From rookies to Shedding Mortality, none of them has experienced countless bloody battles, and their nerves have been honed incomparably tenacious.

At this time, in the thick fog, eighteen huge silhouettes slowly emerged, which were some terrifying monsters with wolf heads.

Among them, Wolf Monster exudes his imposing manner unscrupulously, and his fishy saliva keeps slipping from the corner of his mouth.

It looked greedily at the players of the Beauty League, jié jié said with a smile: “It is the most delicious young female cultivator in Human Race. Not only can you have a good meal this time, you can also sell the rest. Those pig monsters are cauldrons, they can surely sell for a good price!”

Hu Xiaoyue and the others were a little bit bleak, she bit her lip tightly: “Damn it, incarnation stage monster!”

The war is about to start!

In the Samsara dynasty, Ye Chen, who had just successfully become Heavenly Immortal from Transcending Tribulation, also noticed the general announcement on the world channel.

There was a smile on the corner of his mouth, and the Beauty League came. Li Mengyao was as careful as before, waiting for him to get the first prize before all soaring.

At this moment, the address book suddenly sounded, and Li Mengyao’s hurried voice came out: “Master, we are besieged by a group of Monster Wolf. The number of Monster Wolf in Shedding Mortality is unknown, but there are ten. We are afraid that we will not be able to withstand the eight transformed Monster Kings.”

Ye Chen’s star eyes suddenly sent out two cold lights, he said solemnly: “Don’t panic, tell me your location.”

“We don’t know, this seems to be a plain, now covered by thick fog.”

“Hold on, I’ll be there soon!”

Ye Chen hung up the communicator, and when his mind moved, the huge Divine Consciousness was released instantly, but in the blink of an eye, it covered a radius of two thousand ten thousand li.

In the next second, Ye Chen opened his eyes sharply.

Monster Race Miscellaneous in Dog Day, anyone dare to move!

Thinking of this, Ye Chen stepped forward and then disappeared.

South of Samsara Holy City, three hundred thousand li, the space was suddenly distorted, and then Ye Chen stepped forward and appeared straight here.

At the same time, Wolf Monster appeared in front of Li Mengyao in an instant, and the wheel-sized palm was moved towards her!

Li Mengyao screamed: “The animal will die!”

A cold glow flashed by, the air burst, and the sword in his hand pierced forward like a dragon-like swimming in the water.

Li Mengyao’s sword has reached Peak in terms of speed and angle. There is nowhere to be found, such as antelope with hanging horns.

“pu! “

A sword pierced Monster Wolf’s wrist accurately, but it couldn’t go further into it anyway.

“Woman, are you tickling me?”

Monster Wolf smiled grimly, and continued to grab Li Mengyao.

Li Mengyao smirked in his heart, didn’t expect to be killed as soon as he soared?

Hu Xiaoyue and the others saw this scene with eye socket cracked, but it was too late to rescue them, and the other Monster Wolf couldn’t wait to rush out, they couldn’t take care of themselves.

Li Mengyao closed his eyes and waited for death, but nothing happened after waiting for a long time.

She opened her eyes and saw the scene of unforgettable.

The Monster Wolf’s head the size of a house was pierced with a single shot.

The tip of God Slaying Spear’s gun protruded from the wolf’s mouth, dripping blood continuously.

Ye Chen’s silhouette slowly turned out, and a cold voice resounded throughout the audience: “My woman dares to move, wait for courting death!”