Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 1392


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Li Mengyao, Hu Xiaoyue, Wang Mengmeng and the others each have a set of Magical Treasure Level equipment, Immortal Artifact level main weapons and bows and arrows, and twelve Qing Ming Spirit Pills each.

This kind of treatment can be said to be quite generous, Li Mengyao, Hu Xiaoyue, Wang Mengmeng, etc. The favorite of these beauties is the Qingming Spirit Pill. The cultivation base of every player in the Beauty League has arrived, Transcending The Tribulation device will not last long, and each of them can reach the cultivation base of Human Immortal.

Ye Chen really stayed at the Meirenmeng’s residence these two nights. When Chang Hengru Ye Chen left the Meirenmeng’s residence on the 2nd day, his footsteps were a little floating.

Above the Golden Luang Temple, An Xiaoxi walked in from the outside quickly, one-knee kneels, and said crisply: “Master, I have been monitoring the flamingo clan these days, but I finally found out that they actually pressed Zhong is related to Chiyue Ridge in the north of our northwest Yun Prefecture. It can also be said that apart from the Flamingo, the other three Monster Races that attacked us are all under the jurisdiction of Chiyueling. These evidences can prove that this time Chiyueling commanded them to attack us!”

Ye Chen was frowned immediately and asked: “Chiyue Ridge?”

“Master, Chiyueling has a radius of ninety-nine thousand li, a vast area and boundless. The legend of Chiyue King of Chiyueling is the Monster God cultivation base. Chiyueling has thirty-six Great Demon Kings by his side. There are also four great demon. Monster Race under his command is billions!”

After Ye Chen listened to it, a trace of hideousness appeared at the corner of his mouth, said with a cold laugh: “The strength of King Scarlet Moon is not bad. There are 36 Great Demon Kings under his command, and there are four great demon he thinks this way. Did you act wilfully?”

The civil and military officials on the Imperial Court heard the intelligence brought back by An Xiaoxi were filled with outrage. The impatient Zhang Fei took the lead to stand up and cup one fist in the other hand, loudly said: “Your Majesty, every injustice has its perpetrator, now that we know the master behind the scenes, we must not sit back and watch. At the end of the day, I will lead a vanguard to go straight into the lair of the Scarlet Moon Collar and bring you back the head of the Scarlet King!” [ 19459002]

Guan Yu stood up in time and raised his long lying silkworm eyebrows, coldly said: “Yide, don’t worry, Your Majesty has its own arrangements. I only need to follow the command line when I wait.” [19459002 ]

Although Zhang Fei is reckless, Guan Yu can’t. The information from An Xiaoxi has already stated quite clearly. This Chiyueling Chiyue Great King Keshi Monster God cultivation base has four great heavenly monsters and thirty. Sixty-five Great Demon King.

Not to mention anything else, just a Monster King has Golden Immortal’s cultivation base. Zhang Fei is now just an Earth Immortal of trifling. If he brings a vanguard into the lair of the Scarlet Moon Ling, Didn’t that rush to deliver food?

Facing the gazes of civil and military officials, Ye Chen slowly stood up, carrying his hands on his back, and said coldly: “Through my will, the whole army will set off in three days!”

“Chen, lead the decree!”

At the junction of Chiyue Ridge, a city of the Great—Wild Goose Sect Pass was erected overnight!

As an oriental, no one does not know what Wild Goose Sect is about?

Ye Chen named this male city Wild Goose Sect, and also fully expressed his determination that he would never let a Monster Race pass the Wild Goose Sect.

The news that the Samsara dynasty set up a city here was also discovered by those Monster Race spies and sent back to Chiyue Ridge in time.

In a huge palace in Chiyueling, King Chiyue is sitting on a bronze throne. On both sides of him, there are the four great heavenly monsters, and underneath is the 36th Monster. King.

The King of Scarlet Moon had two horns growing on the head, his face was gloomy, he stretched out his dry and slender fingers and tapped on the table, coldly said: “Everyone, you have also heard that, the northwest Yun Prefecture is at the border with me What do you think about the fact that a city was built overnight?”

One of the Monster Kings stepped up and said nonchalantly: “Majesty, in my opinion, these Human Races in Yun Prefecture in the northwest are obviously scared. They thought that building two cities would be able to block our attack. It was just wishful thinking. Let’s launch another attack and we must be able to defeat them!”

“I don’t think it is necessary. These Human Races in Yun Prefecture in the northwest are fierce enough. Although the cultivation base is not good, their equipment is quite sophisticated. Don’t forget that our exploratory attack has lost a lot of money. , And those terrorist killers who appear and disappear unpredictably. Don’t forget, those Monster Races in Yun Prefecture in the northwest were killed by this group of people.”

“This statement is wrong, now and then, the idiots in Yun Prefecture in the northwest are just a mess of sand. What kind of shit alliance they formed, there is no battle strength at all, how can it be compared with our Chiyueling? , Chiyueling has the wise rule of the king, it is like a piece of iron, it is as easy as pie to destroy the northwestern Yun Prefecture!”

King Scarlet Moon suddenly became furious and slapped the table fiercely: “Shut up, this king is asking what you think about their city building, don’t talk too much nonsense to me, if you have any good suggestions, hurry up. Bring it up!”

Suddenly, these Monster Kings keep quiet out of fear. They stood there obediently without saying a word.

At this time, a celestial demon beside the Scarlet Moon Monster King said: “My lord, it is better for us to cope with the changes and send 20 million troops to the front line. Let’s not take the initiative to attack. Let’s take a look at these first. What sly plan Human Race is playing before making a decision. If they are just bluffing, we will kill them directly in a spurt of energy. When the time comes, Northwest Yun Prefecture is our territory.”

“That’s it, send an army of 20 million to the front!”

The King Scarlet Moon gave an order, and the 20 million Monster Race suddenly rolled up the sky of smoke and dust, and rushed to the border of the northwest Yun Prefecture.

Ye Chen stood on the high city wall of Wild Goose Sect, watching the smoke and dust billowing in the distance like covering the heavens, shielding the sun

Although this Wild Goose Sect was built overnight, it is tens of thousands of times larger than the largest city in the history of the East. Several millions of soldiers have stood on the ten thousand zhang high city wall with stark eyes. Staring into the distance, standing at the height of the city wall, even if the flamingos attack from the sky again, they can easily shoot them down.

Ye Chen gently turned the Universe Ring on his fingers, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Why did he wait until three days before the whole army set off? One must be in order to prepare for the site selection for the construction of the Wild Goose Sect, and the second is Ye Chen in order to incubate the Nether Mantis.

Because Ye Chen discovered that the Nether Mantis can successfully hatch in Great Desolate World, he ordered a Nether Mantis to return to the Misty Swamp, find Xiao Hei, and sent a hundred thousand eggs of the Nether Mantis.

One hundred thousand ghost mantises have been successfully hatched in three days, and they have been fed to more than two meters.

Nether Praying Mantis over two meters can be successfully invisible.

Then under Ye Chen’s order, the thousand giant ghost mantises brought these 100,000 small ghost mantises, and they all entered the inside of the scarlet moon neck before the arrival of the guard organization of the scarlet moon neck.

Along with them disappearing, there is also Ye Chen’s mount, Fire Dragon King of Lava.