Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 975


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As soon as the lieutenant of the city defended his words, the native soldiers of the Silla Kingdom on the city wall suddenly widened their eyes, and then showed inexplicable excitement.

They all know about the Great Han Empire Great General White Steed, Ye Chen, and the news that the Three Kingdoms have been destroyed in one day. It is precisely because they know that they will tell Ye Chen and Ye Chen’s troops who have not yet seen it. , Produced a sense of panic.

After all, Ye Chen, the Great Han King of You, left the Great Han Empire and went abroad to fight. In any case, he aimed to destroy the country and then expand the great territory for Great Han.

Of course, this is not the key. The most important thing is that Ye Chen, the Great Han King of You, will destroy all the countries bordering the Great Han Empire.

Unfortunately, the Silla Kingdom borders the Great Han Empire, and for the native members of the Silla Kingdom, how can they not be afraid or panic.

Now it’s good. The defending lieutenant will find a chance for them to “live”. There is no need to fight with the army of the Great Han Empire King of You Ye Chen, and there is no need to worry about death. How could they not be excited, how could they not be excited .

“Long live the general! Long live!”

“General, let us do it!”

“Yes, General, Ye King of You’s army, it won’t be long before you will be here, let us do it!”


The native soldiers of the Silla Kingdom on the city wall, because of the chance to survive, and you shouted and yelled every word.

At this moment, a native aristocrat of Silla Kingdom, wearing luxurious robes, stepped onto the city wall.

The native soldiers of Silla Kingdom who were still “carving” just now quieted down one by one.

The lieutenant who noticed the abnormality was first taken aback, and then hurriedly looked towards the location of the soldiers who quieted down first.

When the lieutenant of the defending city saw the person coming, who was the Flowing Cloud City City Lord, his eyes suddenly opened.

In the next second, the lieutenant defender, right hand long sword moved towards Flowing Cloud City City Lord with one finger, and then shouted sharply:

“The chance to survive is right here, kill him!”

“Don’t listen to him, kill him. Not only will you not have to bear the serious crime of offending the nobleman, but you can also live!” When Flowing Cloud City City Lord heard this, his eyes shrank sharply, and then shouted loudly.

Flowing Cloud City City Lord will come to the city wall, naturally to find an opportunity to kill Flowing Cloud City defender General Jin Zhongtai, and then surrender to Ye Chen.

But what he didn’t expect was that when he was about to board the city wall, he heard the general of the defender Jin Zhongtai and the lieutenant of the defender. He also heard the general of the defender Jin Zhongtai before his death. roar.

Originally, the Flowing Cloud City City Lord was happy. After all, Jin Zhongtai was dead. He could directly take Jin Zhongtai’s head, open the city gates, and offer the city to Ye Chen.

Who came up with the idea, the deputy general of the defending city actually plot him against him, trying to kill him, and then took his head and the head of the defender General Jin Zhongtai to offer the city to Ye Chen in exchange for his life Opportunity.

At that moment, Flowing Cloud City City Lord was frightened and wanted to leave immediately, but at the suggestion of his staff, he forcibly dispelled the idea, and then directly boarded the city wall.

Because he has an advantage that the defending lieutenant does not possess, that is, he is a nobleman in the Silla Kingdom.

The defenders of Flowing Cloud City, after hearing the words of the Flowing Cloud City City Lord, each and everyone look at me, and I look at you, and their faces coincidentally showed struggling and hesitating expressions.

The lieutenant defender saw this, his face suddenly sinking, and then hurriedly shouted:

“Don’t believe his nonsense, he is a nobleman of the Silla Kingdom. Killing him will better reflect our sincerity!”

When the Flowing Cloud City City Lord heard this, his eyes suddenly opened, and then he roared:

“Fart! The military commander is the most unstable factor. Only by killing the military commander can Ye King of You truly be assured of us, and it can reflect our sincerity! Otherwise, open the city gates to offer the city, It’s just empty talk, it’s impossible to succeed!”

The native soldiers of the Silla Kingdom on the Flowing Cloud City city wall heard this, each and everyone was once again taken aback, and then each and everyone involuntarily locked their eyes on the defending lieutenant.

Apparently, the soldiers believed the words of Flowing Cloud City City Lord more at this moment.

“You forgot, it was the chance I gave you to survive!” The lieutenant of the city who noticed that the soldiers’ eyes were wrong, his face suddenly turned pale, and then shouted with anger.

Flowing Cloud City City Lord heard this, coldly smiled, and then shouted:

“You give them a chance to survive? It’s ridiculous! Even without you, they won’t die because I planned it early in the morning to get rid of one person in exchange for a chance for everyone in Flowing Cloud City to survive!”

The native soldiers of the Silla Kingdom on the Flowing Cloud City city wall, hear this, each and everyone, look at me, I look at you, and then I saw the soldiers around the city’s lieutenant, all taking up their weapons together , Moved towards the lieutenant defender stabbed in the past.

“pu chi, pu chi, pu chi…”

Dozens of sounds of body piercing suddenly sounded, and then I saw the lieutenant defending the city, being pierced by dozens of bloody holes by the native soldiers of the Silla Kingdom on the city wall.

“You…you…will die…definitely!”

The curse, full of unwillingness and aggrievedness, immediately rang from the lieutenant’s mouth, and then everything returned to tranquility.

Seeing this, the Flowing Cloud City City Lord suddenly exhaled a long breath, then looked towards the soldiers on the city wall and shouted:

“Cut off the heads of Jin Zhongtai and this bastard, and then follow me down the city wall! Open the city gates, present the city!”

As soon as the words of the Flowing Cloud City City Lord fell, the two native ten thousand chiefs of the Silla Kingdom stepped forward, and one man one blade cut off the heads of the General and the Vice Admiral, and then Follow the City Lord of Flowing Cloud City and go down the city wall.

Samsara Immortal City, City Lord Mansion.

Divine Consciousness enveloped the entire Flowing Cloud City Ye Chen, and glanced at the direction of Flowing Cloud City, curl one’s lip disdainfully.

If other people from the Great Han Empire come here and encounter such a situation, it is really possible that you will not kill you as you think, and will even give you a big reward…

Unfortunately, I am not them…

Outside Flowing Cloud City.

“hong long long ……”

ten thousand horses galloping, the earth roars.

When the Samsara Immortal City army came to 2000 metres outside Flowing Cloud City, Zhao Yun, Dian Wei Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Gao Shun and other generals, Qi Qi let the army slow down, and Huang Zhongze directly led his hundreds of hundreds of troops, rushing towards Flowing Cloud City without any reduction in speed.

Just after Huang Zhong walked forward several hundred meters, the Flowing Cloud City city gate opened with a “creak”, and then I saw that the Flowing Cloud City City Lord was carrying Flowing Cloud City’s native soldiers of Silla Kingdom. An inch of iron came outside Flowing Cloud City city gate.

“pēng pēng pēng ……”

A series of kneeling sounds instantly sounded. I saw the Flowing Cloud City City Lord, his staff, and all the native soldiers of Silla directly kneeling on the ground.

“Welcome to the Great Han Empire, Lord King of You enters the city!”

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