Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 977


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A little bit of time passed, and the wailing and crying in Flowing Cloud City, the giant border city of Silla Kingdom, gradually subsided.

At the moment when all the wailing sounds were completely subdued, Flowing Cloud City was quiet except for Huang Zhong and hundreds of Samsara Immortal City soldiers who were still alive.

At this moment, it was the setting sun, and the only remaining afterglow of the setting sun was shining with the scarlet blood flowing freely all over the city, and the corpses of the natives of Silla Kingdom spreading across the streets.

Flowing Cloud City at this moment has become the city of death.

The breeze blows, and the already strong blood-reeking qi agitates directly, and then moved towards the distance, dispersing wantonly.

This is war, this is death, there is no mercy, and there is no sympathy, some are just merciless killings, and either you will die or i will die ending.

Samsara Immortal City, City Lord Mansion.

Ye Chen of Flowing Cloud City, whose divine consciousness envelops Flowing Cloud City, saw this, nodded with satisfaction, and then looked towards Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Huang Zhong and other generals, sound transmission shouted:

“Split the troops ten divisions, sweep across Silla Kingdom, and gather in the capital of Silla Kingdom!”

“Yes! Lord!” In order to allow Huang Zhong to train soldiers, Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Gao Shun, Zhang Liao and other generals who deliberately did not participate in the Flowing Cloud City battle, heard this, Qi Qi was right Facing the direction of Samsara Immortal City, he bowed and said loudly.

At the same time, in Flowing Cloud City, Huang Zhong, who had just wiped out Flowing Cloud City, had a serious expression on his face, and then bowed and said loudly to Samsara Immortal City:

“Yes! Lord!”

After Huang Zhong finished speaking, he led the hundred thousand army and rushed directly out of Flowing Cloud City, then chose a direction and hurried away.

Not long after Huang Zhong left, Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Gao Shun, Li Yuanba and the others led their troops into Flowing Cloud City one after another, and then dispersed.

“hong long long ……”

ten thousand horses galloping, the earth roars.

Where the army of Samsara Immortal City passed, smoke and dust billowed and blood shook the sky.

Samsara Immortal City, City Lord Mansion.

I saw Ye Chen, who was leaving the army, slightly smiled, and then moved his mind to the Samsara immortal island carrying the Samsara Immortal City, then moved towards the hinterland of Silla Kingdom and flew slowly.

Not long after Ye Chen left, the army of Eastern players came to Flowing Cloud City.

Looking at the dead bodies in the city, the blood on the ground, the players who have seen it many times, are used to it, and the players who saw the result of the battle of the Samsara Immortal City army for the first time, each and everyone suddenly stunned. .

“Fuck, Ye King of You is attacking the city. At this time, I don’t even have to keep alive…”

“I used to know that Ye King of You was ferocious, and I also heard Ye King of You slaughter all sides, killing many people. Now I saw it with my own eyes, and I realized that I heard news about Ye King of You before. Without exaggeration…”

“Nonsense, I will serve one person in this game now, that is Ye King of You.”

“Damn, it is said that killing one is a crime, killing Wanfang as a male, killing 9 million is a male Zhongxiong, Ye King of You, this is not as simple as a male Zhongxiong…”

“That must be, who is Ye King of You, that is our number one player in the East, and also the number one in the world. The male and female are not worthy of Ye King of You.”

“Hehe, you guys are talking, I’m going to clean the battlefield first, I don’t know what good things I can get this time.”

“My second Olympics, wait for me!”


The players in the East started to “picking things” mode after a moment of emotion because of the dead bodies in the city and the blood on the ground. Each and everyone had the slightest equipment and the blood on the cultivation technique, which was called One effort.

The Imperial Palace, the capital of Silla Kingdom.

The Lord of the Kingdom of Silla also has the entire royal court each and everyone with a worried face, looking towards the great hall door from time to time, no one speaks, no one speaks.

If it were in the past, at this time, the Lord of the Kingdom of Silla and the minister of civil and military in the great hall have already been sitting at home or going to some elegant places with flowers and buildings, and now, no matter it is the country of Silla, The Lord, or the entire royal court, had no such thoughts.

“Frontline, why hasn’t the news come?” The Lord of the Kingdom of Silla, sitting on Dragon Throne, retracted his gaze at the gate of the palace that he did not know hundreds of times, and then looked towards the great hall, standing for a long time. The civil and military minister of the Silla Kingdom asked with anxiety.

After hearing that Ye Chen had destroyed the two countries, he skipped the entire royal court and acknowledged allegiance to Ye Chen. Unfortunately, Ye Chen simply ignored him.

Although the Lord of the Kingdom of Silla is very angry when he is aware of this, he is more afraid and frightened.

For the sake of the Silla Kingdom not being destroyed like the Dongzhou Kingdom and the Three Kingdoms, and also for his own life, the Lord of the Silla Kingdom finally made, “Send an envoy to the Great Han, acknowledge allegiance Emperor of the Great Han Dynasty Liu Hong” decision.

Unfortunately, the day was not fulfilled. The messenger he sent out, the Great Han “foreign (player)” army who attacked Silla, blocked all the way to Great Han, and finally failed to go to Great. Han.

The Lord of the Kingdom of Silla, who sensed this, immediately mobilized heavy troops, and also summoned foreign players from the Kingdom of Silla to the border.

As for the purpose, one is to resist the attack of Great Han’s alien players, and the other is to try to open the way to Great Han, so that the messenger of the Silla Kingdom, with his credentials, go to Luoyang Imperial Palace and meet Liu. Hong, and then conveyed to Liu Hong the news that Silla is willing to acknowledge allegiance and to be a Great Han Subsidiary Country.

However, since he made these decisions, it has lasted for several hours, and there is no news from the front line. How could the Lord of the Kingdom of Silla sit still?

As soon as the words of the Lord of the Kingdom of Silla landed, the entire royal court, each and everyone, look at me, and I look at you, that’s a daze.

They also want to know why no news came back, and they also want to know what happened on the front line, but no one told them at all.

“Waste! It’s all waste!”

The anger of the Lord of the Kingdom of Silla immediately sounded along with the silence of the entire royal court.

“Your Majesty, wait a minute, the war involving tens of millions of people is not going to end so soon.” The Prime Minister of the Silla Kingdom heard this, sighed, and then went out and bowed in prayer.

When the Lord of the Kingdom of Silla heard this, his face suddenly sank, and then he sternly shouted:

“What didn’t end so quickly, the Ye King of You of Great Han wiped out Dongzhou Kingdom, the Three Kingdoms, and the Polar Bear Empire in less than a day. Tell Gu, these three countries’ How many people in my defense organization and foreigners are there!”

“Your Majesty, Ye King of You is Ye King of You, Great Han alien is Great Han alien, both are not at all comparability.” The Prime Minister of Shilla heard this, sighed again, and then spoke. Said.

The Lord of the Kingdom of Silla looked even more ugly when he heard this.

“The only thing I want is news, news! How many hours have passed since I was sent to Flowing Cloud City, and the people who passed the news back at any time, one by one, there were hundreds of people, but now, no one has passed the news alone. Come back, tell Gu, why is this!”

As soon as the Lord of the Kingdom of Silla landed with a grim expression, a messenger suddenly ran over and bowed and said loudly:

“Reporting to the Lord, the strangers of Silla Kingdom, all rebelled!”

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