Strongest Player of The Great Desolate Chapter 978


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As soon as Chuan Lingbing’s words fell, the lord of Silla was in a daze, and the entire royal court of Silla was in an uproar.

“How is it possible! They are so good, why are they rebelling?” A Silla country general said with a look of disbelief.

When a Civilian Court Official from Silla Kingdom heard this, his face suddenly sank, and then fiercely said fiercely:

“Does the rebellion still need a reason? Even more how the rebellion is a stranger, so there is no need for a reason.

These damned strangers were originally disobedient to discipline, not compliant, each and everyone arrogant, since Great Accomplishment, I felt that sooner or later they would mess up.

Look, they really rebelled. “

“Now is not the time to discuss why foreigners rebelled, but how to suppress them!” The Great General of Silla Kingdom heard this, coldly snorted, and then shouted.

As soon as the words of the Great General of the Silla Kingdom fell, the entire royal court suddenly became quiet, and the Lord of the Silla Kingdom sitting on the Dragon Throne also recovered at this moment, and then “tight” suddenly and stood up. Screamed:

“Great General! Send soldiers to the solitary and eradicate all foreigners! In addition, I will sue the world, all foreigners in the Silla Kingdom will be relegated to criminals! Everyone can be condemned!”

The Lord of the Kingdom of Silla is completely angry at this moment.

Originally, the Lord of the Kingdom of Silla was terrified because the Great Han alien army blocked all passages, and the envoys of Great Han could not go to Great Han.

Now it’s alright. The strangers in Silla dared to jump out at this time and create his opposition. How could he not be angry.

As soon as the words of the Lord of the Silla Kingdom landed, the system prompt sounded in the ears of all Silla Kingdom players.

“Ding, you are convicted as a criminal. Once you die, return to zero and kill your people, you can get ten times experience rewards.”

As soon as the system’s prompt sound ended, the players of Silla Kingdom who were slashing the natives of Silla Kingdom in the capital of Silla Kingdom were all taken aback, and then each and everyone broke out in an instant.

“Motherfucker, these damn natives! We are really convicted!”

“What’s the matter, fortunately, we directly acted and killed all the spies sent out by this damn native country leader.

Otherwise, this shit-like indigenous country lord, hearing the news of Ye Chen’s arrival, must surrender again. Once Ye Chen accepts it, we will be attacked by these damn indigenous people and Ye Chen together. . “

“Yeah, what’s so special, this bastard native country lord, who didn’t even dare to fight, was so scared to acknowledge allegiance to Ye Chen just by hearing the news. It’s simply a shame of our Dabangzi Republic!” /p>

“Shit! Criminals, Lao Tzu has become a criminal! Oh, after being killed, the level is cleared! I knew it, I shouldn’t listen to the bewitched and participate in the rebellion!”

“Fool, think about what happened to the tens of millions of compatriots. These damn natives don’t take us as inappropriate. If they don’t listen to their orders, they will punish us and condemn us as sinners. You want to continue to give Aboriginals work hard? Be their lackeys?”

“You idiot, put away your ignorant and selfish thoughts, and follow us to kill the natives! And now it is useless for you to regret it. You have become a criminal. After being killed, the level is cleared!”

“It’s him, continue to kill! Kill the imperial palace and take over the damned aboriginal lord, so that our country will be controlled by our players. At that time, there will be no punishment for criminals. Up!”

“Yes! Keep killing! Don’t be afraid! Dabangzi Republic can only be controlled by our players, and can only be saved by our players!”



Players of Silla Kingdom in the capital of Silla Kingdom, you finished speaking with one word, and then carrying your weapons, moved towards the Imperial Palace of Silla Kingdom again and rushed away.

Samsara Immortal City, City Lord Mansion.

Ye Chen, who had directly covered the entire Silla Kingdom because of his army divided his troops to attack the Silla Kingdom, his eyes lit up when he saw the chaos in the city of Silla Kingdom.

What’s special, I was thinking about how to get another group of “criminals” out before. Didn’t expect that the Lord of the Silla Kingdom was so “cooperating” and directly turned all the players of the Silla Kingdom into criminals. Up…

Now it’s okay. After the soldiers of Lao Tzu who have not yet advanced to Saint Grade generals, after slaughtering all the players of Silla Kingdom, it is estimated that they will all be advanced to Saint Grade generals…

Not bad, not bad…

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn’t help but smile.

In the territory of the Silla Kingdom, the Samsara Immortal City army, which divided the troops and swept across the Silla Kingdom, attacked the city and plundered the land, creating four bloody cities one after another.

During this period, no matter how hard the indigenous army of the Silla Kingdom resisted, how desperate, or spared their lives, begging to surrender, it had no effect at all.

No matter who it is, as long as you encounter the army of Samsara Immortal City, there is only one result, and that is, death!

With the continuous fighting of the Samsara Immortal City army, the continuous siege of the city and the land, the blood-reeking qi on the Samsara Immortal City army is getting stronger and stronger.

The natives of Silla Kingdom gradually gave up resistance, each and everyone desperately scrambled for the Transmission Array, and then passed the Transmission Array, moved towards the capital of Silla Kingdom, and continued to transmit.

The capital of Silla Kingdom.

The sky-shaking screams of killing, the sound of weapons colliding, constantly sounded.

The players of Silla Kingdom, each and everyone like crazy people, desperately hacked and killed all the natives of Silla Kingdom, no matter they were civilians or nobles, as long as they were natives, regardless of their age, they were all attacked by Silla players. Crazy hack and slash.

Just when the players of Silla Kingdom slashed and killed the natives of Silla Kingdom, the Great General of Silla Kingdom mobilized a large number of defense organizations and began to attack the players of Silla Kingdom.

Just at first, the Great General of the Silla Kingdom could still harvest the lives of many players in the Silla Kingdom, but soon, his attack became a decoration.

Because the Silla Kingdom became a zero-level Silla Kingdom player after being killed, and after being resurrected, he took the initiative to act as a meat shield.

And this also made the attack of the indigenous army of Silla Kingdom useless.

At this moment, the horror of the player is reflected.

Endless to kill, endless to die!

The Great General of Silla Kingdom, who noticed this, had a cold face, but its color changed.

As time goes by, the army of players from the Silla Kingdom moved towards Imperial Palace is advancing faster and faster, becoming more and more very ruthless.

In the capital city of Silla Kingdom, when the player and the natives were fighting each other, a nobleman of Silla Kingdom used the Transmission Array to teleport to the Imperial Palace of Silla Kingdom, and then hurriedly moved towards the Imperial Palace great hall. go with.

At this moment, it’s night, and oil lamps have been lit in the Imperial Palace great hall of Silla Kingdom, and hundreds of burning braziers are lit up outside the great hall.

moved towards Imperial Palace great hall The nobles of the Silla Kingdom running fast, were quickly discovered and then taken to the Imperial Palace great hall.

Imperial Palace great hall.

Looking at the pale face of the nobleman of the Silla Kingdom, the original gloomy expression of the Lord of the Silla Kingdom sank again.

In the next second, the Lord of the Silla Kingdom did not wait for the nobles of the Silla Kingdom to speak, and directly asked Complexion Ashen:

“In the city where you are in town, other people have also rebelled, haven’t they?”

“Another person is rebelling?” When the nobles of the Silla Kingdom heard this, they were first taken aback, and then shook the head, and then said:

“Lord of the country, no…it’s not a betrayal by another person, it’s…the Great Han King of You, it’s coming…”

“What!” The Lord of the Kingdom of Silla narrowed his eyes sharply when he heard this, and then shouted with a trembling voice.

As soon as the exclamation of the Lord of Silla landed, the entire royal court shivered involuntarily.

At this moment, tension, fear, and anxious breath broke out directly in the great hall.

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