Strongest Profind Sect System Chapter 1063

Badmin, the feathers came home to find his father, as City Lord, and only he was able to mobilize his family power, City Lords Mansion.

In City Lords Mansion Hall, feathers listen to their daughter feathers about the whole process of her encounter with Lin Lei, full of darkness and fear in the face of feathers.

Yes, fear, fear of unknown power, from hearing is just an eye, and he can’t do it in any way.

“Father, did you say the man was telling the truth?” The feathers have spoken until now, and she still doesn’t believe it.

Hey, a little less! I like to ask you to collect the fastest speed of renewal of the Ramadan Court.

“It should be true. After all, there’s no need to lie to you, isn’t there?” As soon as it comes out, the mind of the feathers is pounding, and it’s pale.

“Well, what about it? I’ve never heard of these medicine ingredients, not even in some ancient books!” For these medicines, she has heard them, but some have not heard them, let alone now.

Shit, a little less! Ramadan Court, update the latest chapter!

When you hear from your daughter, the feather is a feather, “Show it to your father, I’ll be told to go on and find you these medicine ingredients in three days, and make sure one’s fine.”

“Great, great.” Got a positive answer from dad, a smile on the face of the feather, but brows slightly wrinkle, a grief hidden in it, saw the feathering heart of the screen, and he loved the daughter the most in his life, whatever she wanted, and if he could do it, he would do nothing but do it.

This father’s love is really there, though it’s not as good as it is.

“All right, you go down and get some rest for a few days, and I’m gonna go get another very, very good pharmacist, and although that guy is sure, we’re gonna have to look at it, and if we can’t see it, we’ll follow that guy’s approach.”

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

The feathers knew how dad did it, and that’s what she was worried about.

“Go on!”

Lin Lei did not know that the feathers’ fathers and daughters were still skeptical and that Lin Lei did not know about his diagnosis and, of course, even if he knew it, disappeared after all.

In the room, Lin Lei was sitting on the knee of the bed, and Spiritual Qi, a distance from ten thousand li, was under Lin Lei’s control, a little bit in the body.

Dry meridian, in the moment of feeling Spiritual Qi, the method has been normal and well flushed, perhaps even if Lin Lei restraint is not the way to moan.

On the other hand, the blood spirit looks like Patriarch’s son, and his heart is so despicable, “Fuck you, I’m working with you, and I’m working on a sweater.”

“This is how every refining works, and then swallowed around Spiritual Qi, and I don’t know what you are, and the refined cultivation technique is so strong.”

Feel nothing left in the air around Spiritual Qi, the unhappy one in the blood heart.

“Why don’t you grab some from him?” As soon as the idea emerged, it was immediately restrained back.

“No, if so, there’s no difference between seizing food from the tigers mouth, maybe Spiritual Qi didn’t get it, and it’s got to end up with this guy.” Thinking, the body trembles, not from a low head, and the face comes to a corner of the bed, weird not thinking.

Close your eyes and start to remember the memories inherited from his head, and without Spiritual Qi, the fear of his refining is only the inheritance of his brain.

In a rush of time, a round of red days in the sky has come down, not just the red day, but the black clouds have been replaced by the black clouds, and the sky has fallen.

Night, cool, rolling around every body in the streets, somehow for the night of the town of bluffing.


A shock, spread out of your arms, that Lin Lei, who is being rehabilitated, thinks it’s hallucinations, so it’s not up to me to go back to God World now, but as a saint Formation Master, as long as you cultivate base to reach it, it’s not with no difficulty.


Two more shocks appeared in the arms, and this time Lin Lei felt real, no hesitation.

“What’s going on?” Ask questions above.

The tight twins were suddenly open, and the two bright flashes passed away from their faces, and the whole human spirit, not at all, was also distressed.

“The shocks just now are…” thinking, with confusion, of looking down.

Just see, a big Little Jin coffin lying there, like nothing happened, and nothing happened before the shock.


Difference vanished, Lin Lei had no idea, but it was certain that the shock did come from the arms.

And it’s like just Little Jin’s coffin, and there’s nothing else in it, and there’s an idea coming up, and then it’s going back to the eye, and cultivation base is going to work, and then it’s going to happen again.

weng weng

The vibrating feeling came back, and this time Lin Lei was very sure that the vibrating sound was coming from Little Jin’s coffin.

“Oh, little thing, see how I catch you.” Speaking of which Divine Consciousness was released instantly, while releasing cultivation technique on the one hand, he feared that his cultivation technique would be disconnected and that the sense of shock would disappear again.

weng weng

The vibrating feeling that Lin Lei can determine at this moment that Little Jin coffin shocks are indeed inextricably linked to his cultivation technique.

When Little Jin coffin shocked, Divine Consciousness of Lin Lei had covered Little Jin coffins and, in his mind, the picture of Little Jin coffin appeared.

“What the hell is it that can make a difference with my Primal Chaos Heaven?”

Despite some uncertainty, that uncertainty had led to Lin Lei’s curiosity, and he wondered what it was, but how could Lin Lei not be curious to know that his cultivation technique was given by the system, and how he now met with something in his presence here and with cultivation technique.

cultivation technique keeps running, Divine Consciousness, like the air, is going to change when a seamless search of Little Jin coffin shocks.


hu… ”

As for Divine Consciousness of Lin Lei, although you cannot retreat, the response to Divine Consciousness is more surprising than the cultivation base.

Look at what happened to Little Jin coffin, and finally, an opportunity came up, and only when the cash coffin was shaken, one of them would have a little crack at the time of the shock.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

Now, maybe that’s why.

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