Strongest Profind Sect System Chapter 1068

pu Tung. ”

Lin Lei’s turn away, boy child panic, directly on the ground, with a pleasant opening, “sir, please… teach me not to be bullied.”

“I know you’re very strong, except you, and I don’t know who else wants to talk to me about this and the others.”


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But the person in front of him is different, at least not in his eyes, a person willing to help a stranger, if not a good person, at least not a bad person.

And that’s why he kneeled down on his knees, not just for him, or for those who were able to protect themselves.

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Lin Lei, the boy’s move, never thought he’d kneel down and beg him.

However, Lin Lei would not be silly enough to answer to the boy’s request, after all, that his disciple would need to be talented and, in these low places, even if it were given to him, what would happen if he was rehabilitated?


you go with yourself?

Obviously, it’s impossible, even if it’s refined, to do it all in this world.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

“I’m gonna be strong.”

It says, strong enough, strong in the heart of this moment, strong in the heart of the boy, and he’s going to be trembling, bullying them, becoming manipulated, becoming ignored by others and becoming stronger.

If a person shows faith, then that person has a stronger capital, and Lin Lei thinks so, and only one person has faith and a person who wants to protect will be able to become stronger.

If there’s no faith, then that man can’t fix it any more than a normal cultivator that’s all.

Look at the boy child, Lin Lei’s heart was picked up, but…

This is not enough to allow him to take it as an accomplice, because this boy has some hatred in his heart.

Hate this thing would be a good thing if it were properly exploited, but if it was not good, Lin Lei, if it was true, would end up harming boys and putting this low rank in a dangerous situation.

In the same vein, Lin Lei did not think he was a good man, but at least he was not a bad man, and although the barrier would not appear on him, he was promoted to Saint and was reluctant to see a boundary destroyed.

pu Tung. ”

Lin Lei has not spoken, and now the mood is full of lost little girls, seeing Lin Lei not talking, and his big brother kneels on the floor for a while, somehow, the ghost makes God kneel down.

Dong dong dong dong dong


sound of the head goes into Lin Lei’s ear, “Mr. Big, please, promise Big brother, please.”


The little girl’s moves, and she’s totally pissed Lin Lei off, and he never thought it would happen. You know, she’s not two or three years old.

“Dong dong dong dong dong” looks at himself younger sister so that he, the boy, cries all over again and gives Lin Lei his head up, “sir, please help me, I don’t want younger sister to get in danger, please?”

Crying, at this moment, the boy child cried, at the girl’s head, as Big brother’s he cried.

He hasn’t cried since a year ago, even when it hurts again.



two of them, undoubtedly, made Lin Lei a little harder, but they just aroused to look at it, and they didn’t expect to be assessed.

He’s a good boy, but he can hate each other, and this is where he taunts, and you know what kind of situation it is if it’s a hate trend.

And little girl, seeing him, Lin Lei couldn’t help thinking about her granddaughter.


sighed then say, the face of compromise flashes, smiles, “You guys.”

Say, sit down and help the two, “Although I don’t want to be in these low ranks, … forget it, forget it.”

“So… did you promise us?” Hear that, boys are not idiots, and that’s very obvious.

“No.” Lin Lei shakes his head.

The words “…” Lin Lei again disappointed men and children who had been born with hope.

“I need to see how your roots are, whether it’s appropriate to refining the cultivation technique I teach, see if your body is fit for refining, so, before that, everything is empty.”

And then again, disappointed boys have renewed hope, and then repeat nodded, “Yes, yes.”

“Oh, Big Brother agreed!”

The little girl who was still confused saw her big brother smile on the face, and didn’t know how, jumped, and the real face on Lin Lei had a heartache that day, especially Red Seal on the little girl’s head, and knew it was just about the head.

“Come on, I’ll show you!” Say, stretch your hand, one hand behind the boy child, one hand behind the girl, and Spiritual Qi released it instantly, saying that two people were in the body.

Divine Consciousness was released, saying Spiritual Qi was searching for both bodies, but the adulterer was a very serious matter, especially Lin Lei, and if there was no bone, what if he gave you cultivation technique?

Close, look at the two in the body, and Lin Lei is very serious at this point, and he’s afraid of mistakes, and after all, cultivation base is too low, trying to find out at once, and obviously can’t.

hong, a red flame like that appeared in front of Lin Lei, and a burning breath came out of that regiment of red, and that aura was very ancient, as if it were from ancient times, and Lin Lei was shocked.

Fuck, no way! ”

Feel this burning, Lin Lei’s heart is unbelievable, except for shock, and this aura is very familiar, because it’s spiritual root.

“fire attribute spiritual root, or upper product,” it is surprising that Lin Lei was able to meet these spiritual root in this lower position.

“Oh, wow.”

And just as Lin Lei felt burnt, suddenly a soft breath came from the other direction, and here’s not the same space that was burned before, here is a forest, a place where life is so vibrant and resilient to wanting to live.

ao wu ”a dragon roar sounded out of the depths of the forest and sounded deaf as if he wanted to get out of this cage.

God, I can’t see it again! One second to remember, Ramadan Court.

“Dragon spiritual root?”

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